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Sequencers user reviews

  • Alesis DataDisk SQ

    Alesis DataDisk SQ - "Alesis Data Disk - All your synths now belong to us"


    So basically if you want convenience, GIG travel usefulness and simplification of your MIDI libary, buy one of these. they average about $50 on ebay. Someone said "you cannot use 1.44MB disks" That is NOT true. It supports both SD and HD 3.5" fl…

  • Arturia BeatStep Pro

    Arturia BeatStep Pro - "Easy to use, efficient and practical!"


    I’ve used in in a homestudio with a DRM1, a Doepfer modular, a Matrix 1000, a TX81Z, a SUB 37, an Alpha Juno, a Werstatt, Cubase and OSX. Once the firmware updated, no compatibility problem so far. The metal box seems sturdy, it’s heavy, the kn…

  • Squarp Instruments Pyramid

    Squarp Instruments Pyramid - "Squarp Pyramid, or how to get rid of your computer!"


    I’ve used it for a few months now for electro/hip-hop prods in a home studio, and soon in a live context where it will control an Arturia Minibrute, a Moog Sub Phatty, a Korg Minilogue, an Elektron Rytm and an MPC 2500 XL. I control the sunths using …

  • Roger Linn Design Linn 9000

    Roger Linn Design Linn 9000 - "The Secret Weapon!"


    I love sampling old bboy breaks and this machine makes them sound extremely fat! Makes my room rumble the right way, more than my other gear! Could possibly be my favorite sounding sampler... and I have plenty! I'm not into that super clean sound... …

  • Korg SQ-1

    Korg SQ-1 - "A good, small sequencer, but limited features"


    - I use it with mono and poly synths (with a MIDIpal to sequence chords), but I essentially got it for using with a Korg Arp Odyssey. - I receives it some 6 hours ago - I already have other sequencers. It's a small 2x8-steps sequencer on 2 chann…

  • Roland PMA-5

    Roland PMA-5 - moosers's review


    The Roland PMA-5 (Personal Music Assistant) is a unique portable MIDI device. I don't know exactly for what years this was made, but it has to be at least twenty years old. It's a Palm style device that sits right in your hand and contains a variet…

  • Yamaha MDP-5

    Yamaha MDP-5 - "Yamaha MDP-5 X Midi Data Player"


    I play part time professionally in a Top 40/Variety band. Not as a keyboardist, but as a bassist. On the side I also DJ (turntables,CD's/MP3's), Karaoke DJ, and play as a duo in a one man band. I achieved my goal of sounding like a 9 piece band with …

Translated user reviews
  • Doepfer RegelWerk

    Doepfer RegelWerk - " allergic southward beware!"


    there is a table faders, buttons, and an analog sequencer with control any MIDI and CV évênement gate and more UTILIZATION you must love books and know the MIDI so it is anything but intuitive and be patient. on the other hand, we buy this instru…

  • Arturia BeatStep

    Arturia BeatStep - " Extraordinary"


    J 'had bought before the Beatstep fell for this ignoble thing that is the Akai MPC element and its soft, Beatstep it does not cause any problems, you installed Midi controller, the trendy and is recognized immediately, you put a drum rack to work. Be…

  • Sequentix Cirklon

    Sequentix Cirklon - "NO COMPETITION !!"


    Connections: refer to the manufacturer's website: wholesale 5 MIDI IN / OUT, 1 port for connecting a SYNC BAR TR period, a USB port and turn it into a midi interface (can use this port to carry MIDI on USB 6 additional ports via this mode) SD …