Alesis DataDisk SQ
Alesis DataDisk SQ

DataDisk SQ, Sequencer from Alesis.

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gulgul2006 10/01/2018

Alesis DataDisk SQ : gulgul2006's user review

« Alesis Data Disk - All your synths now belong to us »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
So basically if you want convenience, GIG travel usefulness and simplification of your MIDI libary, buy one of these. they average about $50 on ebay.

Someone said "you cannot use 1.44MB disks" That is NOT true. It supports both SD and HD 3.5" floppies. (only formats in 720k regardless however)

So you are technically "wasting" a 1.44MB floppy however it can be used. You're just going to be only utilizing 720KB of it's capacity. Also keep in mind you won't need to worry about it since MIDI information is plaintext and takes up very little space.

I'd say the only CON of this unit is that the powersupply is external. BOO.