Epiphone G-310
Epiphone G-310

G-310, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Epiphone G-310

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 21 reviews )
 6 reviews29 %
 6 reviews29 %
 7 reviews33 %
 2 reviews10 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Liliana's review"Epiphone SG 310"

Epiphone G-310
I play an off-white Epiphone SG 310 electric guitar, I've been playing guitar seriously for almost a year now. Before that I played bass for 3 years. I am rhythm guitar in my band. I am a huge fan of classic 80's and 70's rock--Def Leppard, AC/DC, Van Halen, and all that. Also, Argentine Rock (El Rock de Argentina) is another favorite, bands include Ratones Paranoicos with a bit of Stones influence, and Soda Estereo, a pretty popular Argentinian band. I also love alt rock (counting crows, etc.)

I paid $250 for my SG, I bought it on Amazon I believe. I bought it because I had been playing an old acoustic for awhile, and since every other girl plays acoustic, I wanted to play electric--electric guitar has always been a lot more intruiging to me, and there is so much more one can do with it. I still love acoustic though.

I love how it looks, and the sustain is pretty good. The pickups are pretty nice but they could be better. This guitar has no real electrical difficulties aside from the plug-in spot always coming loose. However, once you screwdrive it in place, it should stay. It doesn't really affect its performance though.

I do not like the strings it came with (of course). Also, the sound of the guitar is not as 'full' as some. You really have to do a lot of comparisons between guitars to figure out what sound you like best. Compared to an old Gibson Les Paul I'm borrowing from someone, my guitar has a twangier, lighter sound that I don't like as much--it is not as full and quality sounding as the Les Paul.

It has good electronics, I've had it for about half a year and it hasn't done anything yet. The pickups are nice, they're kinda loose but they work really well and the rhythm/treble sounds are very distinctive and work well.

If you're a beginner, it's a great guitar, but if you want a better sound and quality, save up a little more.

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Audiofanzine FR11/02/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Epiphone G-310
(Originally written by snole/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

The features have been previously described and I give it a 9 because it is very good for this price range.


The neck feels very nice (much better than on the Squier I used to play) but the bolt-on neck is not the best to get to the upper frets. The body is shaped after an SG, so it looks great...


The sound is a bit muddy with distortion and the clean sound has not enough punch. But it's not so serious and overall the sound is ok. I recommend you to upgrade to Duncan pickups, the guitar sounds much better.


I've owned it since 2006 and I'm satisfied with it... Anyway I'm an SG fan. With a couple of changes the guitar becomes great so it's value for money is good. I would buy it again.

MGR/ZG's review"Epiphone G-310"

Epiphone G-310
I bought this guitar many years ago (7 years?). I have no idea what I paid for it, I think it was $2xx.xx or something. I got it at Long and McQuade in Calgary.

What I like about this unit is the Epiphone build quality and the look. Playability is also good. It feels good to play.

I didn't really like the sound of this unit. The bridge pickup is way too far aay from the bridge if you ask me. It is not a very sharp (distortion) tone at all. Alternatively, the clean tone is very, uh, weird. Lots of bottom, and good high high end, but nothing in the middle really. In short, it has lots of noise but no tone.

The construction is excellent. Hardware is awesome. It intonated well and the action, once set, is good. Tuners are not top of the line, but are useable.

Well, it's pretty east to see that I like the build quality and playability of this guitar, but the sound always bugged me. I tried SOOOOOOO many things to try and get good tone out of this guitar; nothing worked. I finally just gave up and traded it for an SG special, which, ironically, is considered a step DOWN from the G310! The special is a far better guitar however.

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MGR/Zack Russell10/30/2004

MGR/Zack Russell's review"Epiphone SG 310"

Epiphone G-310
I baught my epiphone Sg off of musicians friend because i always wanted an SG and i couldnt argue with the incredibly cheap price of $200.

I like that it has a great finish on the body and sounds pretty decent compared to other models more expensive. I really like that it is extremely easy to fret making it easier to play the kind of music i like.

I really dont like how it goes out ot tune so easy and the pickups it comes with which is why im planning on putting an EMG 81 pickup in it.It also has this dull sound that doesnt seem normal which is why i hope purchasing new pickups will help.

The body and everything on the body is nice;including the finish and pick-gaurd but the pickups suck even if you do raise them to have a cleaner sound. The neck looks awful in the woods appearence along with the frets being ueven and please note that this doesnt effect the sound.

In general this guitar has a beautiful body and the fret board construction could use some work, but, if someone baught this guitar and purchased some high quality pickups, it could surprise you how great this guitar could sound and surpass anyones rating on it.

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MGR/Joseph Molina09/29/2004

MGR/Joseph Molina's review"Epiphone G-310"

Epiphone G-310
I got this guitar for a starting to learn, and i read from other articles that this was one of the best for starting. I paid 200 dollars for the guitar but 280 in all for a package with an amp, stand, picks pretty much all the basics

The sound sounds great, The paint finish is flawless, its a bargain for 200 dollars.

I didn't like the cheap volume knobs, wished it was a little lighter, gets a little heavy after a while.I wish it had pearl inserts like the G 400 series, but what can you expect from a 200 dollar guitar?

The feel is great, The construction of the guitar makes it easy to play the higher notes, perfect for guitar solos. The quality is great, gibson definetly gave a good name for this company with great manuafacturing.

The guitar is definetly a get. If you happen to be starting to learn, this is your guitar. If not i recomment probably a fender strat. Even though the guitar is heavy, the sound is awesome and this guitar definetly exceeded my expectations.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone G-310"

Epiphone G-310
music123.com $200

for only $200 this guitar is amazing. it's lighter and sounds better than my squier Sg-copy. Has a great distorted tone and a sharp clean tone (if you turn the treble up a little). I would say this guitar makes a much better rythm guitar than a lead.

The neck. I have no problem with it, because it suits my playing style, but the neck is painted, which makes it harder to move around on. It's also HUGE. very thick. I wouldn't dare try to play some yngwie or vai on this.

Well, one of the tuners came lose the first time i changed the strings, which was kind of annoying. Also, extra thick (zakk wylde sigs for example) strings wont fit on the bridge.

I have been playing for over 2 years now and this is a great guitar to move beyond the cheap-o yamahas, squiers, and johnsons. Its good for studio and live playing, maybe even without a backup (I dont use one).

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MGR/That Kid With the Epiphone04/08/2004

MGR/That Kid With the Epiphone's review"Epiphone G-310"

Epiphone G-310
I bought this guitar at Sam Ash for 199.99. It stuck out because of the SG shape. I'd get a Gibson SG but id have to sell myself into slavery to do so.

First of all the pickups sound great. They go from clean cut jazz tone to heavy metal with ease. The neck has really nice playability. The sucker never goes out of tune and the volume knobs are sturdy.

The input jack comes loose(but it can easily be put back on). Ugh the Epiphone headstock cosmeticaly is disgusting. Also the strap button is oddly placed so when you take your hand off the neck the guitar points down.

It's made with class. Epiphone has excelent made guitars, if there is something wrong you can simply send it to the company and they'll fix it!

This is a good solid guitar. It's made to be played. Plain and simple it hauls ass.

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MGR/lightedmunkey's review"Epiphone G-310"

Epiphone G-310
I bought this Epiphone from the Soho Soundhouse for about £170.

The G310 has a nice warm sound and good variation of tone. Looks very nice (especially the head and the cherry red body) and is well suited to a number of playing styles. It has an overall chunky and nice feel.

It has a slightly "cheap" feeling to it and isnt particularly easy to play. The neck is too thick (and the paint means its slightly sticky), the fingerboard isnt very smooth and it has quite high action, even after i have lowered the bridge as much as possible before the strings start to rattle. Bit heavy as well!

Quality is very good. Ive knocked it about quite a lot and its remained virtually dent-free. Only trouble ive had with the construction and quality is the fingerboard which had various scratches and dents.

Overall it certainly isnt a bad guitar although i have a few complaints with it. Its main attributes are its sound and looks, shame about the playability of this instrument though. If your looking for a cheap guitar with good playability i wouldnt get this one (a Squier Fat Strat would be a better option in my opinion).

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone SG 310"

Epiphone G-310
I paid 200 dollars for this guitar off of musicians friend

Well first off i was a bigginer guitarist before purchasing this guitar and pretty much just wanted a guitar that looked nice and played well for around 200 bucks cosmetically this guitar is beautifull i got the cherry red one it looks like a gibson sg the finish is descent a little cheezy but what can you expect from a guitar made in indonesia for 200 bucks? so yeah the guitar is pretty looking and you can pretend its a real sg thats fun

where to start? well the neck is crap its extremly slow because of the cheezy finish on it and its sooooo freakin wide i can barley strick a chord and that is not my style of playing all od the accesories on the guitar are crap there complet cheapies the tone and volume knobs are crooked the pickup switch comes off the input jack comes loose easily its a cheasy guitar thats all i can say oh and it goes out of tune faster then a bum on a ham sandwich wich is really annoying also the pickups are weak and you cant get anywhere near the original sg sounds out of it that and the fret work is horrible practically cut myself running down the fretboard

again cheap cheap wood cheap accesories cheap pickups cheap fretwork cheap finish not a great guitar you can get better for the price i promise

cheap guitar and although it looks cool (wich it really does) you can spend your money on somthing far superior like a standard tele from fender of the schector omen 6 think before you buy it and really try it out in the music store dont buy of the internet

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone G-310"

Epiphone G-310
I got it from a local music store, new for $200.

EVERYTHING! The pickups rock. Mine is in black and it looks sweeet! The neck is awesome too!


The quality is great. Just like a gibson but with epiphone on the headstock.

GREAT, AWESOME, and GREAT sounding guitar. Rockin' on a budget? Then this guitar is for you

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