Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
Gibson SG Signature Angus Young

SG Signature Angus Young, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson SG Signature Angus Young

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Hatsubai's review"Angus' signature model"

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
One of the most iconic people to ever use the Gibson SG was Angus Young, so it's obvious that he would get a signature model. It's a bit different from the SG Standard, but it still has some of the more obvious features. It has a mahogany body, mahogany set neck with block inlays, 22 frets, rosewood fretboard, two humbuckers, two volume knobs, two tone knobs, a tremolo system and a three way switch.


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this model. It looks amazing, but there are some issues with this guitar. For one, it is pretty neck heavy. The neck is heavier than the body, so it tends to neck dive a bit, and it's a huge issue for me. It also is a bit harder getting up to the upper frets than some other guitars out there. The tremolo on this is interesting, and it stays in tune decently, but I'm not really a huge fan. I'd rather just have the normal hardtail that usually comes on these guitars.


SGs sound extremely punchy, and this is no exception. It is tonally somewhere between a Flying V and an Explorer. They have the thickness that you'd expect from something like the Explorer, but they also have that aggression and punchy sound that the Flying V delivers. This is mainly due to its smaller, light body. I'm not a huge fan of the stock humbuckers in this, so I tend to replace them with something else. Once replaced, however, this thing totally comes to life, and it's extremely versatile thanks to the control layout.


If you're a fan of Angus Young, you're probably going to look into getting this model. However, I personally prefer the SG Standard. The biggest reason is because I prefer the hardtail bridge to this tremolo. I just can't get used to it, and it's probably because I use floyds more than any other tremolos. When buying one, be sure to pay attention to both the fretwork and the nut as those are the two biggest issues with Gibsons.

djoulepunk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My opinion is mixed given the price ..."

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
any dj t say!


The stick:
adj all t also said,
except I found the handle too thin, brittle see ...
probably to be fabulous (small) hands of Angus. ... Y

CASC to treble:
SG is a so ... SIR!

For my part,
when he "falls within", it "does not agree yours"!
yet it sounds perfectly fair but at the lower portion Lead in a song, it is also very good tt-r accord, can not go without sounding rhythmic horribly wrong ... I may be falling on a bad series, the luthiers at Gibson had a rum that day l. .. go figure ...


I play without any effect the purist, just a jack of quality between the guitar and amp!


Marshall Master Volume 2203:
feedback, warm in the low + medium rather attack with lots of punch forces do not push the gain to the risk of losing the top and bottom medium rather in favor of serious ... in super crunch, she sings the blue!

Dual-Rectifier and the lead channel MarckIV:
in saturated fat is not the best ... are medium rather high noys the grave, was drooling and does not settle, the highs are tric ... idem, lowering the gain ...

The clean channel-MarckIV:
standard, rich and big punch, again, she sings the blue ...


It sounds good but do not mistake the era, guitarists fan of AC / DC who seek the sound of Live 91 for example, will make a mistake in choosing this model ... it sounds better to play the old blue than the rest ...
APRS, I have several models of SG and finally this is not what I prefer
especially because the handle is too thin and that it does not take the agreement (at least for me, the other is obviously the chance ...)

I would add that the price does not justify completely the difference between the other SG in the same brand, you really have to worship exceptional Angus Young to want to pay it, I indeed did ds leaving the silent era it or 2500 Euro ... 1600E is now, I'll lose too much sparer ...
it even when the mouth ... with a change in: Mechanical I'll talk may be when I grew old enough to get back to blue ...

I have several models of SG and years DIFFERENT DIFFERENT (custom, standard or spcial) and now I play on the lowest of any CHRE:
a simple SG spcial of 95 I mount microphones with 57 '
and curiously, the sound is much richer than the signature Angus.Y certainly less punch but spcial is stronger and richer! ...

I do not do it again the choice of any signatures,
because of price, reliability and Son, is simply not more effective ...

mca's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
Everything is said by other users who have given notice


It has been three weeks since I possde, we can say that the handle is easy. there can be no problem nicknamed the highway to hell so it's good. is by far the best I know. Access in acute is easy. this guitar is enjoyable to touch and all its components can be used without problem. The sound is immediately accessible ACDC ds long as you have a Marshall lamps. In the saturated rock is trs. the point that I tonn is excellent clear sound. With a rock look and customization by Angus amen, it still has a versatile guitar. The finish is perfect. I always pay attention to race in choosing a guitar and never touch jen'ai a handle that suits me much.


I rather play my compositions, which are my own style, not forcment hard rock, yet his grace I was able to drive sound boost. I branch on my or my peavey marshall plain saturated or she became my main guitar so it is easy to play and quality. I even tried to connect it directly to a sound system and the sound is not rotten.
In his acdc it perfect, and this is where I prfre.
Even in the face of my guitar jazz is in its best light


In three weeks I did not even do the tour as it has possibilities. I tried many guitars this price, and I came the conclusion that this price, the instrument must REPRESENTATIVES something for the musician, my SG Angus Young on REPRESENTATIVES sound of my fourteen years, the start of the riff by grave complexion of the bell or three notes of the scale followed by the minor blues angus, angus fans. it is also the effort of Bertignac and softphone. I read that The models are signing excellents.pour me this superlative is low, this guitar is exceptional. is the very first time I go out of a store without telling me I have a good quality price. The coronation I have a scratch and it is the pleasure of waiting 27 years. After two and a half years living with her, she is still as magical, I learned to tame his fiery characters, and even smooth rgal It's a good day but it's true that I the pampering. I can play with it all, even if the microphones are mounted the monster wakes up. This is a guitar that suits me. My fingers Courrent well on his sleeve. I confirm that it is more than an instrument is a masterpiece
Mc Kinnon 2108/26/2006

Mc Kinnon 21's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
American-made ... made in United States
Sleeves 22 boxes two humbuckers GIBSON
Channel super comfortable
Vibrato Gibson


The neck is super nice and its form each access to treble is natural, wood uses this guitar gives a great sound more SETTINGS signed Mr Angus Young makes a formidable weapon of a diabolical precision.


This guitar is very versatile blues from the quietest to the heaviest heavy metal with the same efficiency.
I use a Marshall MG100HDFX recess and the couple Gibson-Marshall made a misery by reiterating that all live is huge!!


I use it for 3 months and I must say that I am at angels ... And that is extremeent enjoyable to know that a guitar in the hands of a legand like Angus Young certe for this dream reality do not hesitate to ay the price 2500 euros but believe me if you have them I do not hesitate to do it again this choice without any hesitation!!

angusyoung44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
Manufactures in the USA nashville
22 frtes with trapezodaux repres, 2 humbuckers classic vintage 57 round level and angus young signing for the bridge (bcp more output than the 498)
the bridge is of type Vibrola with an engraving on behalf of angus
the settings are simple a Tone and volume for each pickup and a three-position selector like most about gibson
the handle is really thinner than sg std or faded and he is a hair longer but it's still the gibson (60'slim type)


The handle is really clean and beautiful, ultra fast because of its delicacy, the frtes are high enough permetant a very good intonation.
the access to acute could not be easier thanks to the double cutaway (the horns if you prefer) is really a model of its kind
Ergonomics is good as it is a sg no frills is ultra lightweight (more than my faded)
to get the right sound c not very complicated branches you and you did not need to because the instrument really has character.


It's perfect my style of music. I play a lot of AC / DC (normal) and rock 60 '70' and blues and really gnial c.
I play with a classic 30 customis with G12H and it's really boiling hot
I think soon aqurir a TS808 for more heat
sound: it's real gibson round warm wishes with lots of sustain and feedback and want you in here is really the queen of SG nothing to do with std
I love this guitar is the guitar of my dreams


I use it for 2 months I have tested in concert and it was really standard
Before buying this guitar I tried a faded (which I own) a les paul sg std std a faded but it has nothing to do
voil the major problem of this guitar price 2500 euros ca cold dand back it's almost the price of a les paul std but the price is so quickly forgotten when you play with that here is worth the co ca t.
Videment I would do this choice because it is my dream

acbarneydc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
- Makes the United States Nashville, TN.
- 22 boxes with mother of pearl inlays trapzes.
- Pickups: a 57 'classic with a neck pickup and AY signature in the bridge position.
- Lyre vibrato serious given name of the artist with a harp overcoming two clear of AC / DC.
- Sleeve-type bomb with a vintage devil on the head and mcaniques REPRESENTATIVES Angus Gibson Deluxe.
- Body and mahogany neck and rosewood button.
- 4 knobs: 2 volume and 2 tone.


- The handle is trs enjoyable to play: a highway to hell.
- Access in agus is a MODEL of the genre.
- Trslgre This guitar is very easy and you can play standing or sitting.
- The result of the direct AC / DC and the bridge pickup on the 57 'classic It is strictly for the wonderful blues.


- I use it for the moment with a Marshall 8240 and of no effect, but I intend to invest in an amp lights so she can express themselves better.
- The result sounds very round (it's a Gibson) with lots of sustain.
- I love all the sounds.


- I use it for some time (acquired 02/25/05) and I must say frankly that I do not regret that choice.
- To report qualitprix is ​​out of cte but given the quality of comfort and sound I would put 10/10.

AssociationFog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Signature Angus Young
So it's a Gibson guitar manufacturing forcment Nashville United States
She has 22 boxes
a micro channel Humbucker'57 Classic and Signature Humbucker Bridge Pickup Angu
The Bridge is a vibrato knob are 4: 2 volumes and2 tone
the handle is on the end SERIES Signature.
Contrary to what is displayed on the site (See below dessu prices in nine) It is not worth but uros 799 2800 ...


The handle is so enjoyable to play that one can not believe it. The varnish cellulode own a Gibson is can be for many ...
Access to acute is an ease rare (not like the Les Paul) you can play it as sitting upright without probleme.elle is also very light (always more than the Les Paul).
Just plug it into any 15 watts for a wonderful sound


I, who mainly plays the riffs of Angus I must admit qu'lle is perfect even if I never saw Angus on scne with (it is rather the '61 reissue or Standard)


I use it for almost 5 years and I like more the guitar REPRESENTATIVES myth of the guitar
I would do without this choice hsiter!
I put ten because it is the level of perfection