Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry

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SG Standard - Heritage Cherry, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson belonging to the SG Standard model.

93 user reviews

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Gibson
  • Model:SG Standard
  • Category:SG-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on:12/07/2004

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User Reviews Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry

MGR/Matt Brown06/30/2003

MGR/Matt Brown's review"Gibson SG Standard Heritage Cherry"

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry
George's Music Berwyn PA, I paid 1050 dollars for it new. I had a big problem finding one and had to drive two hours from delaware to pick it up, I wanted to buy one down here in Delaware but no one had one in stock and it takes a while to order from gibson, 3 months and up...

This guitar is simply gorgeous, I mean you have to see it to beleive that people make equiptment like this. The inlays were amazing looking, the headstock was just detailed and beautiful, its nice and light and has beautiful hardware. The finish shines perfectly, and the cherry color is just fabulous. The wood is just great looking. It came in a beautiful brown case with a pink liner...which I could have done with out, but if anyone buys an 03 or newer they get black with grey inside so that solves that one physical aspect. It sounds amazing plugged in, and I had to lower the action somewhat to get it to where I like it. It requires SOOO little force to get great tones, you could go so fast on this guitar its not even funny!

Its beauty is its greatest stregth and weakness, it requires alot of upkeep to have it look new. Heat changes really effect it too, you have to let it get used to the temp before taking it out and playing it, I have one finish check from my lack of care in the first weeks, but it is worth all the effort to own somthing this nice, I had one other problem with this guitar the notch for the sixth string is not big enough to hold it so in hard playing it pops out, you can fix it with a file or a new bridge so its basically a non issue, I love my baby none the less! Some say the neck is too thick for thier hands and its wide, but it just makes it a dream for speed. Its personal preference I guess, but I love it!

heh I described it in the what I like unit, but I would just like to say again, like fine art.

Its just such a nice guitar, some people say you can buy a cheaper gibson and its the same, my brother owns a sg voodoo seris which cost 950 only 100 less than mine, there is no binding, or laquer finish, and it feels sort of the same in your hands, just like the faded sg's, it is about the same to play, but it just feels cheaper, it no inlays, binding, glossy finish, pick up covers, headstock inlays or any of what makes the sg stand out so much, gibson on the headstock is just a decal on the voodoo, and on the sg standard its a perloid inlay that looks fantastic, I say dont go cheap, spend the 100 more dollars or even four or five depending on the pricing in your area and go for a standard, it is well worth the money. Its the best decision I have made in years, and dont listen to what gibson haters out there say, they just cant afford one so they complain about them like thier junk. I will end with this, a gibson is the greatest guitar you can purchace, and if they say its too much of a premium price I say who cares, if you keep it five years its still worth what you paid for it, its a beautiful investment that will make you smile every time you look at it.

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heads on fire11/25/2011

heads on fire's review"It's a classic for a reason."

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry
Made in the USA (Nashville, TN, or Kalamazoo, MI for the older ones)
Mahogany double cutaway body
Mahogany set in neck
Rosewood fingerboard
22 frets
Trapezoid inlays
Gibson/Kluson vintage tuners
2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way pickup selector switch
2 Gibson humbucking pickups, covered
Tuneamatic bridge and stop tailpiece, or vibrato tailpiece
1/4" output jack


Playability is a dream on an SG Standard. The double cutaways are very deep, and the neck joins the body near the end of the fretboard, closer than on most guitars, so fret access is sublime. The neck feels fantastic, as if the carve and fretboard radius were built for my hand. Controls are easy to reach, yet plugging in a straight end cable is a tad annoying, as it juts out near the controls. My guitar has a Maestro Vibrato system, and it is great for subtle Bigsby-style vibrato, with a severe helping of cool. It's a classy, yet edgy looking guitar.


This guitar is bold and aggressive, but can be smooth and subtle. The inherent acoustic resonance is undeniable - you can feel the guitar vibrate in your hand, probably more than any other guitar I have ever played. Bridge pickup tones would cut through a steel bank vault, with all the bite in the world, yet all notes and chords retain a crystal clarity. The neck pickup tone is thick and singing, which is what you hear on the early Santana records.


This guitar is fantastic, a true classic. There is a reason why this guitar is one of the most enduring and iconic designs of all time - it rocks! The SG Standard is a true winner all the way around, and I would recommend that every guitar player try one out at some point.

ericthegreat's review"good ol guitar"

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry
I have been eyeing a Gibson SG Standard for quite a while now. I picked this one off the wall at GC in Texas and I fell in love. The coil-tap is sweet but it isn't perfect and to be honest if you are truly looking for that single-coil tone then just buy a Stratocaster. What it does provide is the ability to gig with one guitar and get darn close to that true single-coil sound when you need it.


The finish is beautiful, I have the Vintage Sunburst and I love it. The sounds are bold, cutting and pristine. They shine on solos they just have that ability to cut through the band. Many of my band members thought I spent much more than the retail price. The neck is amazing smooth and comfortable. The binding is beautiful and adds to the authentic look and feel of the Les Paul. Just in genereal the feel of this guitar is great and it has a really nice color to it as well. I think this version comes in a few different colors.


The guitar is heavy don't discount that if you play long sets. I am used to a relatively heavy guitar. This LP isn't chambered. which is something that I enjoy. I feel that chambering, although reduces weight, calms down sustain. This baby will hold a note while you grab a sandwich and when you get back it will still be humming.


The overall sound of the guitar is everything you would expect from a Les Paul. Every note shines through out of this instrument. I play it through a Mesa/Boogie Mark V and it basically sounds as perfect as I had imagined it would in my head. You can never go wrong with a Gibson, I definitely recommend getting this one. The SG Gibson Standard is at the top of its class.

iamqman's review"Standard to no one"

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry
The Gibson SG guitar is a fun guitar in a very unique but comfortable looking guitar. It takes a lot of influence from the Gibson Les Paul guitars and in fact it had the Les Paul name on the trust Rod pick up cover when it was first introduced. This is a nice guitar if you want to do a lot of lead soloing on because compared to the Gibson Les Paul which is has the body in position where it's much more difficult to reach the higher frets. This guitar allows you to reach the higher frets more easily because of the shape of the contour neck heel. This guitar comes with two humbucker pickups, two volume control knobs, and two tone control knobs. It's pretty versatile guitar and a great mahogany wood body and neck. It's a little thinner tone that the Gibson Les Paul basically because of the thinner body style.


The features are pretty minimal on this guitar. They don't have pull switches or any coil tapping push pull knobs of any kind. This is a straight up rockers guitar and a pretty basic set up as you would imagine a Gibson guitar being.

The tone of these guitars are excellent for hard rock and metal playing. They have a great fine warm tone that is very reminiscent of its predecessor the Gibson Les Paul. The tone is a little bit thinner but more focused in my opinion. It's much easier to get a good clean tone from his guitar than being from a Gibson Les Paul.


I love the way this guitar sounds with a good hard rock high gain amplifier such as a Marshall amplifier, Mesa boogie amplifier, or any other amplifier they can get in the high gain saturation regions. It will take a good load of saturation very easily and be able to hear each note pretty crisp and clear because of the fine-tuning that this guitar has. Overall this is an amazing guitar an excellent look and feel.


I highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a good players guitar that can be used for recording and even large amounts of gigging. This is a great guitar for someone who needs a solid instrument for a bedroom player as well. They are readily available in the used section and classifieds. And you can also find them new online or in most guitar retailers. I love the feel of these guitars and for the price you can find them at it is a no brainer for me.

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