Accessories for Microphones Shockmounts
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Shockmounts user reviews

  • Blue Microphones Radius for Yeti

    Blue Microphones Radius for Yeti - "Is worthless too strong a word?" has images


    Very expensive, very heavy and will break instantly. This mount is not made by Blue. The set screw is made of the worlds worst pot metal and breaks on the slightest pressure. This a widely reported issue. When I called Blue they were very understand…

  • Audio-Technica AT8441

    Audio-Technica AT8441 - "Not a shockmount I'd ever buy seperately."


    Shockmounts are pretty necessary in the studio. They isolate the microphone from the stand, creating a buffer that the vibrations can dissipate through. This allows the microphone to avoid picking up the noise of the room’s vibrations, be it foot-sto…

  • Audio-Technica AT8441

    Audio-Technica AT8441 - moosers's review


    The Audio-Technica AT 8441 is a shock mount that is designed for use with a few different microphones. I've used it primarily with the Audio Technica AT 4050 microphone, which comes with the AT 8441. However, there are a variety of other microphone…

  • Neumann EA 1

    Neumann EA 1 - moosers's review


    The Neumann EA 1 shock mount is a microphone holder for a variety of different Neumann microphones but I have used it with the Neumann TLM 103 mostly.  It is only meant for use in the recording studio as I would only use a Neumann mic in the studio a…

Translated user reviews
  • RODE SM6

    RODE SM6 - " effective, solid, reassuring"


    What kind of microphone: Rode a NT2A static transistor, which I use at all (multiple directional, high-pass filter attenuator ... and I do not have another microphone) so singing cajon through the acoustic and electric guitars, bass, tin whistle ... …

  • The T.bone SSM 2

    The T.bone SSM 2 - animole's review


    This suspension system is not reliable in the medium term: the fixation at the screw is not very strong, and after a while, she can simply drop in idling. In short, a system of poor quality. OVERALL OPINION Fixing dropped after a year of moderate…

  • The T.bone SSM 1

    The T.bone SSM 1 - " Maintaining low quality screws"


    This suspension system is unreliable medium term: fixation at the screw is not sufficiently sturdy and after a while, it can simply lick, empty corner. In short, a clown quality system. NOTICE GLOBAL Used for 2 years. Other suspensions adapted …

  • Audio-Technica AT8410a

    Audio-Technica AT8410a - Bernard Ancèze's review


    Super-solid. OVERALL OPINION Mine dropped yesterday to the rivet attaching the ball and ring. I had for 25 years! I bought one. Lightweight and robust Universal. …

  • Studio Projects Suspension B

    Studio Projects Suspension B - " Quality concern"


    The topic is: Suspension for studio condenser microphone OVERALL OPINION So I do not know if my opinion is objective, but, having bought the SP B1 occasion, I received this very good mic with his suspension, but cest where it gets hot, who knows …

  • The T.bone SSM 2

    The T.bone SSM 2 - **naPOLEoN**'s review


    Very much like the SC600, the technique of push-pull spring is very satisfactory OVERALL OPINION For now, no worries, I'll come back when I ask another microphone, other than those prvus, which will make this suspension becomes interesting for an…