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Sony Small diaphragm condenser microphones user reviews

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "Sony c 35 p small condenser mic (top adress !)" has images


    The Sony C 35 P is a microphone from Sony´s golden aera. It is a cardiod, small diaphragm, top adress microphone and needs 48v phantompower.The sound is somewhere between a Neumann Km 84 i and a Shoeps Colette. There´s a side adress version,the Sony …

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "side address condenser pencil mics"


    Small diagphragm side address condenser studio mic. Aprox 300g each, these little mics are tipped with a side address capsule at the business end and the standard XLR at the other end. The handling noise is invasive, so stand-mount only. However thes…

  • Sony c-535p

    Sony c-535p - moosers's review


    The Sony C-535P is small diaphragm condenser microphone that is rare and no longer made.  The mic is best suited for the recording studio and I haven't used it anywhere else, although I don't think I would even recommend using it outside the studio. …

Translated user reviews
  • Sony C76

    Sony C76 - millefeuilles's review


    Micro-making his professional one-way long barrel (68 cm) phantom power supply that accepts a standard 48 V battery power or if your recorder or pre amp can not dlivrer. XLR, windscreen wind foam indispensable outdoors. 4 selector ring positions: off…

  • Sony c-535p

    Sony c-535p - studiodhorlebaix's review


    Fixed cardioid condenser microphone small diaphragm whose construction is impeccable. It is decorated with a small band of fluorescent orange beautiful effect ... supplied with 48 volts with a detachable XLR-type connector. It is available in matt si…