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  • Waves V-EQ 3

    Waves V-EQ 3 - "Great Program EQ"


    I received the V-EQ3 as part of the V-Series Bundle, which actually came as part of the Gold Bundle. Installation was simple because I was able to install the entire Gold Bundle at once, and all the plug-ins were ready to go, including the V-EQ3. T…

  • Waves V-EQ 4

    Waves V-EQ 4 - "Great Channel Eq"


    The Waves V-EQ4 is simple to use. If you aren't familiar with how to eq different instruments, just pull up one of the included presets. Waves does a great job of including presets that are usable with minor tweaks. This equalizer is also very eas…

  • Waves Maserati GRP

    Waves Maserati GRP - "Perfect Introduction to Bus Processing"


    This plug-in is about as simple as it gets. Insert it on your tracks and its going to make a big difference right away. I mainly use if for the 'Drums Live' and "Drums Prog' settings. Right away, these settings make your drums loud, punchy, and he…

  • Waves V-EQ 4

    Waves V-EQ 4 - "4 band vintage EQ"


    This is very similar to the V-EQ3 that Waves also has. The main difference between this and the V-EQ3 is that this has an extra band. This plugin is actually modeled after the famous 1081 EQ. Waves set out to create a plugin that has the precision…

  • Waves V-EQ 3

    Waves V-EQ 3 - "Vintage style EQ"


    The mixture of vintage sound with the precision, reliability and response of digital stuff is always something that software engineers in the music industry are working to achieve. This is another vintage style EQ that Waves has made to help people …

  • Waves Maserati GRP

    Waves Maserati GRP - "Interesting master buss finalizer"


    Tony Maserati is one of the top music engineers and producers. He's done stuff from the Simpsons to Tupac and nearly everything in between, but his major focus tends to be on the more R&B/rap/rock side of things. Finalizing mixes can be a huge pain…

  • Waves API 560

    Waves API 560 - "10 band EQ"


    This is yet another EQ that Waves has made. This time, it's modeled after the famous graphic equalizer of the time. There are ten different EQ bands on this ranging from 31 Hz to 16KHz. On top of that, there is a Q control that can either widen or…

  • Waves Maserati GRP

    Waves Maserati GRP - moosers's review


    The Waves Ltd. Maserati GRP Group Processor is the newest plug-in addition to the Tony Maserati Collection of plug-ins. There are now seven plug-ins in total included in the bundle, as this was a late addition only added a number of months ago. I b…

  • Waves V-EQ 4

    Waves V-EQ 4 - moosers's review


    The Waves Ltd. VEQ4 is a ‘vintage’ equalizer plug-in that is modeled after the classic Neve 1081 EQ’s make up. This plug-in can be had a few ways, but it’s mostly associated with the Vintage bundle from Waves that has three plug-ins in the same vein…

  • Waves V-EQ 3

    Waves V-EQ 3 - moosers's review


    The Waves Ltd. V-EQ 3 is a software parametric EQ that is available in a few different Waves bundles. It's primary bundle would have to be the V-Series bundle which also includes V-Comp and V-EQ 4. This is labeled as a 'Vintage" EQ and is modeled a…