Waves Maserati GRP
Waves Maserati GRP

Maserati GRP, Software graphic EQ from Waves in the Maserati series.

moosers 01/14/2011

Waves Maserati GRP : moosers's user review


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The Waves Ltd. Maserati GRP Group Processor is the newest plug-in addition to the Tony Maserati Collection of plug-ins. There are now seven plug-ins in total included in the bundle, as this was a late addition only added a number of months ago. I believe you can get it if you have certain bundles, but I wasn't able to at home. Like almost all Waves plug-ins, it's compatible for virtually every possible system. The make up of the plug-in is fairly simple to operate, with a series of modes to choose from that each have their own parameters. The modes correspond to a specific application, including those for drums live, programmed drums, guitars, strings, keys, background vocals, and a master channel. The parameters that it gives you control over include sensitivity, lows, mids, and highs, compression, and output level. It also has a meter that can be set to either output and input monitoring. I've never seen the manual for this plug-in...


I don't have the Waves Ltd. Maserati GRP Group Processor plug-in at home yet but have tried it out at the studio where I work. We were able to get this plug-in even though we previously purchased the Waves bundle before this was included. All of our systems are Pro Tools HD based, with our main room running everything on a MacPro desktop computer with dual 2.66 Ghz Intel Xeon processors and 10 GB of RAM. This is a great bus processor, which is the capacity that I've used it in, which is always going to save processing power. Either way I wouldn't have a problem running a number of instances of it on this system if needed.


The Waves Ltd. Maserati GRP Group Processor is a very nice addition to the Tony Maserati Collection of plug-ins. It's nice to have a one stop shop, as this is kind of all of the other plug-ins in the bundle in one combined. I probably wouldn't use this as much if I had it at home, but still wanted to mess around with it at the studio that I work at where it's available. I've got the other Maserati plug-ins at home and I won't be able to add this one unfortunately. While it's a nice add on, it's not really necessary to have if you have the others since it doesn't really bring anything new to the table and just offers up everything right in one spot. Definitely take advantage of getting it if you can and already have the Maserati Collection...