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Crate Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Crate PowerBlock

    Crate PowerBlock - "Best backup head of them all!"


    Crate has been more or less synonymous (for good or bad) with solid state guitar amplification for over two decades. It would make sense then, that they know a thing or two about making them sound good. In some cases yes, and in some cases not so muc…

  • Crate Flexwave 120 H

    Crate Flexwave 120 H - "Loud but crass"


    Solid State 3 channels - Clean, Overdrive, High Gain (with EQ) 120 watts Evolution 5 preamp DSP with separate controls for effects, including delay, reverb CD/MP3 input Effects loop Built-in tuner UTILIZATION It is easy to get a "good" sound…

  • Crate PowerBlock

    Crate PowerBlock - "Packs a mean punch for the size"


    This is a 150 watt solid state amplifier that can be run in mono or stereo. It uses the standard 1/4" guitar cable jacks with an auxiliary section with RCA inputs to plug in a CD or MP3 player. There is a headphone output, a balanced line out, and …

  • Crate GFX-1200H

    Crate GFX-1200H - "Crate GFX 1200H"


    For an inexpensive 120 amp head, this thing rocks. As with most Crate amps of the last 10 yrs they have done it again, they nailed tube tone from an inexpensive solid sate amp. I build and repair tube amps, but Crate has floored me again with the ton…

  • Crate GT1200H

    Crate GT1200H - "Crate GT1200h"


    I' ve been playing for about 4 and a half years now. I play black chaotic metal ( band ) and alot of suthing melodic stuff to please the mind. I'm mostly into metal ( no bullshit like Nu metal or hardcore ) I mean good old metal. héhé I got this mid…

  • Crate GT1200H

    Crate GT1200H - "Crate GT1200H Amp Head"


    I bought this amp from Sound Control music store (UK). I'd had my eye on it for a while as I'd originally intended to buy a Marshall AVT50H head and AVT412 cab, but I wasn't happy with that and this Crate was far superior. It costs £199 for the head …

  • Crate GLX1200H

    Crate GLX1200H - "Crate GLX 1200 H Head"


    I bought it at the guitar center for 439$.the built in effects and the gain sound lured me and made me sell my line 6 duoverb. i play heavy metal,and it's all about the sound. this amp has a the sweetest gain sound. the effects are very handy a…

  • Crate GLX1200H

    Crate GLX1200H - "Crate GLX 1200H"


    I bought the GLX 1200H head with the matching crate 4x12 120 watt cab. I paid 900 dollars for the package deal Let me start by saying that I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to researching my big purchases. After 3 solid months of studying…

  • Crate GX900H

    Crate GX900H - "Crate GX900H Head"


    I was lent this amp for several weeks while the store fixed the mess they made getting my amp. Uhhmmm...I got rid of it... that's what I liked. I guess at low level volume, it's channels sounded pretty good. It's huge. It's ugly. I had to practive …

  • Crate GLX1200H

    Crate GLX1200H - "Crate GLX1200H"


    I ordered this unit through guitar center after reading so many great reviews. I had been trying to find a new guitar head for my stack and had gone through several brand trying to find a good one in the $400-500 Range. It came out to $439 with free …