Nigel 12/30/2006

Crate GT1200H : Nigel's user review


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It's simple 2-channel + a boost. For more details refer to the official website. Head finally complete enough that responds to a household communications.


Yes the setup is very simple. It is a head with a personality quite marked and oriented metal Crate & Co obtained so quickly such a sound. No need to book. His handicap: not a lot of possible setups with pallets providing different sounds to each other.


Correct but very typical for this price. The distortion is honest if a little noisy and clean answer this. The only problem we are somewhat stuck in a register sound pretty accurate.


I sometimes use this amp in rehearsals for my main group that takes place in a music store. I test so often that comes out and makes me feel. There's no surprise that the metal head that will allow beginners to have the body double look, a distortion presence and simple adjustments.