Hotone Audio British Invasion
Hotone Audio British Invasion

British Invasion, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Hotone Audio in the Nano Legacy series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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futee.lechatminouchou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" So much in such a small box!"

Hotone Audio British Invasion
Small transistor amp the size of a smartphone. A connection to the hair: headphone jack and loop in addition to classic.
Usual 5 knobs: bass, mid, treble, gain level.

The effects loop is really a plus at this price to incorporate spatial effects.


A manual the size of a playing card ... Not really useful at this level it's plug and play.

The knobs are very reactive, it is possible to manage its "sound."


So let's be clear on two points:
- This is a transistor amp, do not expect there sound lamps.
- The AC30 model is cited in inspiration, here again, do not believe in miracles.

But damn, what a sound!

I mostly play what is classified as the "British Invasion", ca falls what is the name of the amp. We recover the sound of those years. A crunch from hell, easily adjustable with the volume of the guitar and very responsive to EQ settings. You can spend velvety crunch to overdrive anything sharp with the setting. I play very easily pop, but it is credible Deep purple too!

Everything is very reactive in the game, and dynamic enough to burst altogether. The lamps are not there? Too bad, I tell you, this is an excellent transistor, well above the average.

I even added the pedal Hotone Blues and there will pair well together, everything what we want from jazz to hard rock. The foot.
(Note that I play micro simple and p90 only)


I use it for a month and I'm always so surprised by the little beast. How do engineers at Hotone to reduce heads at this level? ! It is absolutely insane!

I do not have a cab to test, but I guess it must do so too. However I have doubts about the power, enough for a repeat? And plugged into the PA? I do not know but I do not think AC is the purpose of the head.

The headphones at home or jamming with friends, the walk I tell you!
boogie les bons tuyaux01/24/2014

boogie les bons tuyaux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wow"

Hotone Audio British Invasion
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?

What is the power delivered?

What connection?
jack 6.5 mm and 3.5 mm for headphones / line out

What are the settings, the effects? ...
med bass treble volume gain
and above all a true effect send and return loop.
it actually emulates the sound of an AC 30 and it is very stunning for the price and size!


The configuration is it simple?

Gets it easy to sound good?
Sunflower and it shatters

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
no need


Is it your style of music?
best suited to my back ...
repet and small planes, I takes her everywhere

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
strat and LP

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?
clear sound mushy to medium OD

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
clear runny a roaring AC30


How long have you use it?
one weeks

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
the cheap side makes me a little scared and the PSU as big as bebete, suddenly, it seems that it will burn out in two to two, but not
the plus side, the size / rendering report is amazing.
ds is a branch 2X212 and it is hallucinatory in the sound through the headphone jack, and it looks like a nervous SansAmp.
and most importantly, to my knowledge, none of these have the effect loop in this price level.
suddenly, it adds a dly an appointment and was an amp worthy of the name

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, never before I thought it was blah, except hughes and Kettner or orange, but it is not the same budget and the same technology

How would you rate the quality / price?
I'll take the purple Wind is the simulation of plexi.même price.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...