Tech 21 Trademark 300

Tech 21 Trademark 300

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Trademark 300, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Tech 21 in the Trademark series.

7 user reviews
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Tech 21 Trademark 300 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Tech 21
  • Model: Trademark 300
  • Series: Trademark
  • Category: Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 09/19/2003

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Tech 21 Trademark 300 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
Value For Money :

AshramA's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfectly pure!"

Tech 21 Trademark 300
Characteristics already was largely developed in the previous review.


The sound is not really easy to get in early. By turning the knobs we always get a good sound, but when you take the time, you can get a really beautiful. 1mm and changes everything!


I play many different style, blues funk jazz rock hard rock, psyche, independent ..... Whatever my trademark 300 is still there, with incredible cleans with saturated unbelievable! takes all pedals without problems. I wonder if they have not put lamps so the sound is warm!


I have 4 years from now 850th buy used, I go through a lot of high end amp like this one but it is the best loins, no lights, no interviews, no problems, pure bliss simply. The presence of the three channels is a real plus.
I will sell it for anything in the world even against a mesa or a Dr. Z or whatever else is am!
If you find OCCAZ any price go for it!
Yves metal11/29/2003

Yves metal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 Trademark 300
Brand new model, after the Trademark "Vintage", here is the Trademark 300, that is to say 100 watts more than the "Vintage", well as an affair, well done!
Here Tech21 did not do in the lace! 100% analog signal, 3 Channels each with a level of control over the section with a potentiometer MASTER BOOST for "measured" one and all with a comprehensive included pedal, the AR6 trademark where one finds the selection of channels 3, 2 switches for Effects (Loop/FX1 & Reverb/FX2) and the BOOST that we find here, ideal and highly effective dose from the amp and cause the foot.
This model also do take advantage of technology SANSAMP, dear to the brand. Nothing to say ...

For an idea, because it is true that the brand is not well known in France for lack of even distribution, we can easily compare this model to the "Mode Four" by MARSHALL and "Triple XXX" Peavey. Ca say much about what lies derrère the beast that n 'is really nothing to envy. Here Tech21 pulled off a master, but who know the brand, they'll probably say "as always".

Apart from this difference praise, and more seriously, there is the setting LOW - MID - HIGH on each channels. Note that these settings are very broad, accurate and very broad frequency which is another strong point! We find the DRIVE and LEVEL for each. Also noted the little switch that simulates the Fender amps (Tweed), Marshall (British) & MESA BOOGIE (Calif.), still represent on each channel, a definite plus is special and all the interest of the machine.

In the MASTER section, we find the BOOST quote above, and the FX2/MIX and of course, the MASTER.

Connector side, front, the guitar input.
Back to the FOOT SWITCH jack TRADEMARK AR6, FX1 Send / Return (Standard Series Effect Loop) with indicator light, FX2 Send / Return (Parallel Effect Loop), a connection to a tuner and of course the output SPEAKERS. All in Jack + 6.35 for recording, a SansAmp XLR output with "ground lift" and-10dB attenuator.

Complete connectivity so but that, in my opinion two forget: already, no headphone jack (?) And no reverb.

Side pedal also select each switch is activated by a red LED, like the BOOST and FX2 MIX on the head. (Red LED). The ON / OFF switch is actually a kind "pickup selector" and not a push button. A large red LED indicates to us here in the ignition that the head is turned.

Also noted that the brand will be released shortly MIDI Convection, but for information, I advise you to direct a look at this website: where you will find many more good information on this exciting model.

Anyway, just out of the box, we immediately see the robustness of the equipment that is still well its weight! A very original look that I find beautiful. The finish is of excellent qualitée that not even connect, is a guarantee of quality. IT IS only to see the screws used to s' convince. This is the big stuff to make the scene that will not suffer constant changes of scene, of course with some care that is obvious. Inside, everything is ultra protection. Can not see anything.

Well, I put 10 / 10 here, despite the forgotten. Why? Because when you use professional equipment like this, that we not tell me that it was not a rack next to a reverb! The same goes for the headphone output. In fact, his omissions are doing so voluntarily and everything is explained on the site. In short, the head is complete and s' puzzles no unnecessary things. Basically, that is to just have what it takes to bring out the maximum, so here, the big sound! Saw Tech21!


Well here començons by the manual, not very thick, only three double-page A5 size. All in English. Of course, since apart from the United States, I wonder who else has such a machine can know here, too bad. I even think that some, like me, would choose to buy it if they knew rather than a head equivalent. Anyway ...
To return to the manual, everything is told in a simple way for those who know English. In the image of the configuration of the amp, even here, they 's not too emmerdent to go into detail. This is the message "you branch and plays" that they give us here. For example, SAMPLE SETTINGS (British - California - Tweed - Fender Jazz - Srv - Ac / cd - Van Halen - Beatles (Vox AC 30) - Queen (Vox AC 30) & Metallica) 6 & CUSTOM SETTINGS where you can record your favorite settings. Of course, the manual is "light" in the sense also that c is merely a head amp, not a multi effect that I do not know what else, where, indeed, textbooks sometimes resemble of encyplopédies. In addition, there are the inevitable "collateral registry" with the questionnaire and all the fuss to return ...

His side, barely connected with the basic configuration of the simplest that he is, we find ourselves stuck fast to the wall and we see immediately that it hides the beast with enormous possibilities. It should not really long to know that it has in the stomach and therefore the use is rather simple, even for a novice. I think increasingly the policy of the brand that is making the same simplicitée to deliver as soon as possible what that is sought in the occurrence here, the BIG BIG SOUND!


As I like the BIG BIG SOUND lol, it is clear that I find myself completely with the TRADEMARK.
I use it with a preamp JMP1 MARSHALL, Sans Amp PSA1 soon (Yeah!), Jackson Guitars, Multi Effect ZOOM Super Player 8080 & the FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller from BEHRINGER.

His side, that is divine! Hot and aggressive wish. The sonoritées are rich and well wrapped.
Listed clear sound, nothing to say as to this type of material even if it is better, but that is still very respectable!
In fact, the head is still versatile since "we can even have sounds typical Rock. It also has a strong Personalities.

For cons, I have some issues regarding to settle such a good sound "British". I do not know why but that is also probably my lack of experience since it is brand new so with even m full of things to learn. They seem the most difficult to resolve and sometimes sound quite "bizarre". Anyway, apart from that it is merely a temporary problem, it n 'there really is nothing to say about the quality as it sounds great! I don 'expect it to that, the slap!

Should also know that I spend on a cabinet that is most pourrite that is and even then the TRADEMARK performs well. Imagine a 1960 Marshall cabinet in the ass! What happiness!


I use it for a short time but I 'm more than satisfied. I'll even continue to buy from them. For info, it is worth € 1 200, good price / quality ratio. I would do without a doubt the same choice, rather than twice that of the same.
For the story and being that I once gave my material, which is a big investment, I really wanted to have efficient equipment that followed me for years. M It has had a year of research to find out what I really wanted it that fit best to me, and I really find my happiness here, I do not regret not to have waited so long to be able conmander model , to the extent that the new "mode four" of Marshall was completely eclipsed! In fact, take in, because the brand is distributed again in France by FILLING DISTRIBUTION, but for how long? So you ask your supplier quickly!

Gardoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 Trademark 300
Transistor Amplifier Head 300W derived analog modeling technology TECH 21 Sansamp cherished, three identical channels.
Each channel offers a choice of a model of Fender (rather clear sound), Marshall (the rock), Mesa Boogie or oriented (rather large rock and metal). Each channel has 3-band EQ, volume and gain.
The head has a very tough looooonnng pedals with LEDs to select the channel, turn the effects loop (parallel and serial), and a boost (the volume can be adjusted on the head).
This head also has XLR outputs, tuner, 2 outputs for HP.
The head is more compact than a home Marshmall JCM 2000, and it seems fairly light. It is also rack mountable. It comes in a version with steel ventilation grille on the front (as pictured), and a version without the grille, black front sober. I preferred the latter version, it's less hardware.
I put -1 for the lack of reverb and headphone jack.


The English manual offers a few settings: AC / DC, Metallica, Queen, Beatles, SRV, or Van Halen, quite convincing. Equalizer settings seem simpler than my MG 100 DFX: The pots are indeed active, allowing not only to cut off but also to add frequencies. The pots are very, very sensitive! This can be seen on the volume: it must go molo-molo when playing in his room! Y a 300W in there!
I use it with a multi-effects Boss ME-50, but I do not use loops of effects: they change the sound ... I have to blame or the multi-effect thinking?


I chose this top for its versatility. PRS Tremonti SE I have a rise in EMG 81, and I get clean sounds amazing (by adjusting the volume of the guitar), sounds very incisive rocks (the British fashion has a lot of gain seem like much !), and especially the big sound, distos of metal to fall, as well hot greasy fries! Yum!


This will make 2 months I have this head. I made a deal: new 800 euros in Paris! I advise the use of baffle TECH 21 TM412 dedicated to him (with HP 320W Celestion speaker design special and secret). It is also necessary to find the cabinet! I tested it with a Marshall 1960, Ben was not folichon: low tro!
I love the versatility and realistic modeling of the head. The sounds are excellent metal, but there's no miracle is not a Mesa Boogie Rectifier, even if it approaches it not bad. However, no change of lamps, pre-heating, switch to SAV, too fragile, to maintain and that's really nice. Even at low volume it sounds!
I play the blues as well (yeah I know good EMG 81 is not suitable tro ...), pop-rock (Coldplay), rock (Pink Floyd, Led Zep, RATM ...), light metal ( Rammstein, Mass Hysteria, Limp Bizkit) or heavier (Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage ...), and I think that spending a little time I will find the appropriate settings for this.
I would definitely do it again this choice (800 euros halucinant it!), I think this amp will go with me quite a few years.

wardho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 Trademark 300
Tete-d amp transistor
-3 Channels (calif, british, tweed)
-300 Watts (this deposit)
Pedal control for each channel, simply provided with precise and quiet!


The use is anfantine, and pots are super sensitive, your sound is transformed, when turns are a few millimeters!
No I did not need the instructions for use in m, and I'm not very strong, a view settings!


C is an tete d amp for any style !!!!!!!!
With three channels, have obtained a very heavy and warm his thanks to his calif (mesa), its a british (Marshall) is a feast for the solos, and sounds a bit more rock, and clear sound is simply beautiful tweed (fender).
The only regret is that the head does not Reverb for a beast like that, c is a bit unfortunate.
But I've comblet this lack with a tc electronic M300 .......
(C is because of the reverb does not I 10)


I own the trademark 300 since June 2004, and I do the trade it for anything .... so can be a mesa-boogie, can be retired when I'll have enough set aside, lol .... I the LP100 uses a epiphone, with a montage of emg 81, and a multi effects rack M300 .... I can pay him the least expensive 1000 euros, I got a discount, but we counted 1200 euros and I am very happy for the value! And the fact that they have no wear nor lamp .. There is a xlr to SoRIE Rec studio, and the quality is a époustoufflante.Pratiquement for each concert, have just asked me what is this monster, lol ..... If you have a budjet, I suggest you close this choice!

Edit: Here we are in September 2006, and I still have this head and frankly, that's going to be eyes closed c j is great ..... I try to head Hughes & gettner trilogy, and there j have really seen what the trademark had the guts c is monstrous, that I'm a fan!!

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