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Solid-State Guitar Preamps user reviews

  • Radial Engineering PZ-Pre

    Radial Engineering PZ-Pre - purpletrain's review


    Prampli Transistors, Jack 6.35mm in between 1 and 2, Out XLR output and Out Pre-EQ Post-EQ Jack 6.35mm exit out. 6.35mm Jack for Tuner Fader gain between 1 and 2, Fader Gain for Boost 3-Band EQ, Notch for the rgler frquence to avoid t…

  • Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

    Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station - pelly's review


    Analog Distortion (like all other pedals for AMT (Analog Music Technology) The settings are optimal 4 knobs: Level - Bass - Tremble - gain 3 * 3 slcteurs (Previous Describes the opinion). In other words, 27 posibilities. I put no hsiter 9 b…

  • Rockman Sustainor

    Rockman Sustainor - ur-quell's review


    A transistor preamp dating from 80 there are an input jack for a guitar to the front et al 3 rear connection for footswitch and 3 for an effects loop This preamp is separated into four "modules": the compressor, gate, the preamp has two chann…

  • Fishman Prefix Pro Blender

    Fishman Prefix Pro Blender - Hechizo-flamenco sextet group's review


    I'm looking for the Prefix Pro Blend preamp's manual in French, nice to send USE I'm looking for the Prefix Pro Blend preamp's manual in French, nice to send SONORITS I'm looking for the Prefix …

  • Schertler PRE-A II

    Schertler PRE-A II - Remyxc's review


    The acoustic pramplificateur PRE-A II is your exact concept of a new amplifier built around an innovative electronic circuit CLASS A. The signal GNR Fidler reproduced with incredible sound of the instrument is connected. Using high quality componen…

  • Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

    Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station - Black_Wizards's review


    Distortion and overdrive pedal. Analog it seems (to verify) knob Level, Low, High and Disto. Selecting the amp: Tweed, British, California choice of Modelista: Clean, Hi Gain, Hot wired choice of microphone placement: classic, center, off a…

  • Rocktron Chameleon

    Rocktron Chameleon - lemmer007's review


    Type of amplification -> transistor power? no idea, you must connect a power amp ... I have the chameleon of the year 1992, so the connection is 3 times better than the new ... the former have two XLR output to connect directly to a PA system wit…

  • Rocktron mAXE

    Rocktron mAXE - Djeeloo's review


    Preamp Transistors Power: (Heu. .. I know I have not the eyes, I will correct later) Connections: An input jack, output jack, making a pedal, a power supply (adapter) Adjusting bass and treble for audio and Disto Clair (+ Medium parametric). …

  • Rocktron Chameleon

    Rocktron Chameleon - Fremetal's review


    Hi I possde a chameleon v-1.02 for close to 10 years: very boring rgler to beginners especially pre-post EQ! same problem as editor for twelve o'clock is not working ... otherwise the plants are not sound terrible, I have done all my sounds by …

  • Rockman Sustainor

    Rockman Sustainor - riffseb's review


    Pramp analogue to 1 / 2 rack, jack connection only ... 6.35 in the 80's produced from 1986 until 1992 (later bought by Dunlop brand ... do not rely on the service-APRS sale, and more ... y'en dunlop monster is a time when there a. .. Repair Tool) g…