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  • Daking Mic Pre One

    Daking Mic Pre One - "A small box, with a great sound"


    The Daking Mic Pre One is one of the simplest preamps that you will ever see. It is easy to understand and use no matter how seasoned you are working with preamps and it is also at a very competitive price. This solid state preamp has 1 channel and p…

  • Daking Mic-Pre IV

    Daking Mic-Pre IV - "Fantastic new mic pre!"


    This is a 4- channel solid state microphone pre amp that is made by Daking. While not as well-known as a API or SSL, they are certainly a quality company on par with those two. This mic pre is a perfect example of their mastery of craft. It's a solid…

  • Daking Mic Pre One

    Daking Mic Pre One - moosers's review


    The Daking Mic Pre One is a single channel mic preamplifier and direct input box made up of all class A parts. The mic pre has all of the works that you would want from a preamp, although you don't often find them all in one place. The pre has a -2…

Translated user reviews
  • Daking Mic Pre EQ

    Daking Mic Pre EQ - " a killer"


    1U rack analog. I have the second generation model UTILIZATION Having a meter was not bad. SOUND QUALITY it's heavy. he brings a strong grain THD when you push the gain. EQ is pure sound and creative fun. OVERALL OPINION 1 year and an a…

  • Daking Mic Pre One

    Daking Mic Pre One - ATCELES's review


    Preamp Daking transistor manufactured by the USA. In the rear XLR or 1 / 4''in front. Out XLR or 1 / 4''. Preamp with all the vital functions (gain,-20db, 48v phantom power, phase ...) which also features a High Pass filter (0-200Hz) rather surp…