Daking Mic Pre One
Daking Mic Pre One

Mic Pre One, Solid-State Pre-amp from Daking.

ATCELES 01/09/2010

Daking Mic Pre One : ATCELES's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Preamp Daking transistor manufactured by the USA.
In the rear XLR or 1 / 4''in front. Out XLR or 1 / 4''.

Preamp with all the vital functions (gain,-20db, 48v phantom power, phase ...) which also features a High Pass filter (0-200Hz) rather surprising.

Model for non-rackmount format DI: The preamp has the shape of a brick ...

Price: 500-550 euro (You like me, you do pay by the Belgian distributor for a while ...)


Ultra simple to use: plug, adjust the gain (and the HPF if necessary) and go.

Not need the manual to use a preamp ...


The sound of my microphone has nothing to do. While round and punchy wish. The spectrum is perfectly reproduced, but we feel a stronger presence in the Low and Medium. The treble remains clear and detailed.
Afterwards, I just do not really say that this preamp is transparent. It has a certain color (the manufacturer, Geoffrey Daking, says they were inspired by the famous Trident A-Range console). I've never tested this Trident, but all I know is that the Daking sounded incredibly good. Upscale.


I use it for a few days. He is in intensive testing.

I have used or tested the M-audio, Presonus, the Art ... I would say that we should not spit on these products because they represent a good beginning. They are worth what they are worth, however, some excellent value for money (sometimes superior to more expensive brands).

That said, in terms of sound quality, it's almost day and night! I rediscovered my microphones.

I hesitated with a Great River channel and Rupert Neve P1. The price made me take the Daking directly, since only the color noise (and some features) changes. The sound quality, construction and assembly is level.

The value for money is very good. It is a device that you keep a lifetime. If you buy another preamp is to have another sound color, not for better.