Daking Mic Pre One
Daking Mic Pre One

Mic Pre One, Solid-State Pre-amp from Daking.

mrjason 11/30/2012

Daking Mic Pre One : mrjason's user review

« A small box, with a great sound »

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The Daking Mic Pre One is one of the simplest preamps that you will ever see. It is easy to understand and use no matter how seasoned you are working with preamps and it is also at a very competitive price. This solid state preamp has 1 channel and phantom power. You will only get 1 XLR microphone input and 1 ¼ input; 1 XLR output and 1 ¼ output on the Pre One. This preamp is more of an odd shape, it looks like a little toy box and cannot be racked. So it will take up some desk space even though it is only about 5 inches wide at the most.


There are no digital inputs or outputs on this preamp and no compression or EQ but it does have switchable 48 volt phantom power with a 20dB pad microphone input. The knobs on the front of the Pre One are made from Aluminum and will last you a long time.


This microphone preamp is not pretty to look at, but it will get the job done and most importantly we could afford it. The layout of the Daking Mic Pre One is one of the simplest layouts you will see on a preamp. Everything is right on the front of it you only have in instrument input and two knobs. You will have your input, phase, pad, phantom power switches and that is it.


This Class A preamp is perfect for the stage and studio, it is easy to transport and is made out of steel casting/housing. It will last you a long time. The preamp itself is very quiet; I have not notices any noise coming from it. The Mic Pre One gives you some quality stuff to work with that I didn’t expect to get with it. We mainly use this with an electric guitar and sometimes a keyboard. No matter what we use it for it works great and best of all it gives us a great sound. I highly recommend this small box (Daking Mic Pre One).