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PreSonus Solid-State Pre-amps user reviews

  • PreSonus DigiMax D8

    PreSonus DigiMax D8 - "Could not believe it was at this price."


    The PreSonus DigiMax D8 is an 8 channel preamp with 24 bit digital output. At first when I was researching this product before buying I thought this preamp was not going to be good because of the price. The price is very affordable; I could not belie…

  • PreSonus DigiMax LT

    PreSonus DigiMax LT - moosers's review


    Presonus' DigiMax LT is a straight forward set of eight microphone preamplifiers. It's simple in just about every way, as I guess it needs to be in order for them to fit eight channels of mic pres in a single space rack mountable casing. It's got d…

  • PreSonus DigiMax

    PreSonus DigiMax - "Presonus DigiMax"


    I Received the unit from the Cable tech company in Vancouver Canada I like the fact that they based the mic preamps from the mp20 and vxp versions. Being an avid user of both products I was looking for an eight channel mic preamp to incorporate for…

  • PreSonus DigiMax

    PreSonus DigiMax - "Presonus Digimax"


    When looking to fill out my pre-amp rack for my remote recording rig, I stumbled across presonus' new toy. It is a 8-channel digital mic pre-amp, all in a single rack space unit. I found the best price at the time was though an online web store. A…

Translated user reviews
  • PreSonus Digimax FS

    PreSonus Digimax FS - parker13's review


    I chose it for its insert. Good quality device ... UTILIZATION Conf single, simple to use. Simple connections and word clock sync ADAT slave master ... World clock is generated by the RME 800. SOUND QUALITY Good reproduction, Preamps tr…

  • PreSonus Eureka

    PreSonus Eureka - " Value / super price"


    It is a preamp with compression, equalization. In this price range it is rare to find these two options. UTILIZATION I use two mics TLM 103, TLM 102 it works great. (Taking voice / guitar) The compressor works well (just pretending). The EQ is …

  • PreSonus Digimax FS

    PreSonus Digimax FS - " Good work!"


    Preamp 8-channel transistors Rack 1 unit (ooh there at the time of vintage fashion and the lamp, it starts badly ...) ... mic inputs on the front! (Ouch! ouch! Ever! ... Cà does not help ...) ... Gain knobs on the front staggered Ok .... Phantom powe…

  • PreSonus Eureka

    PreSonus Eureka - "Not bad at all."


    The small slice of Presonus Eureka is a small rack of a unit well presented and richly diverse rglages dowry. The design is provided by PRESONUS the USA, China is building in a range Suprieure the series "blue" brand. One feels a net cart range bet…

  • PreSonus DigiMax D8

    PreSonus DigiMax D8 - " Means"


    Converto AD / DA 8 XLR in between 8 Jack Output ADAT Wordclock UTILIZATION I have used on two projects, I have not had the opportunity to try something else, and that is in urgent need of 8 tracks supplmentaires add my sound card Saffire …

  • PreSonus M80

    PreSonus M80 - " 8 channels almost royal .."


    The M 80 is a preamp mic / instrument channels eight, housed in two rack units. Each channel has a connector "combo" while accepting both the XLR Jacks 6.35 mm. The inputs are equipped with a transformer Jensen brand. Each entry has an extra loop i…