PreSonus DigiMax D8
PreSonus DigiMax D8

DigiMax D8, Solid-State Pre-amp from PreSonus in the Digimax series.

stompboxjon 01/07/2013

PreSonus DigiMax D8 : stompboxjon's user review

« Could not believe it was at this price. »

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The PreSonus DigiMax D8 is an 8 channel preamp with 24 bit digital output. At first when I was researching this product before buying I thought this preamp was not going to be good because of the price. The price is very affordable; I could not believe that it was an 8 channel preamp for this price. After purchasing and using it I was very shocked and could not believe how good it sounded. I have used many other PreSonus products before and some of them gave me issues and did not last as long as I thought they would (mainly interfaces).


This preamp has 8 warm and clean preamps in it with 24 bit resolution. It has LED input monitoring on the front panel and it also gives you a -20 dB pad on each of the 8 channels. You can have this preamp set up in minutes and start using it right away. I did not even have to look at the manual.
The D8 does not seem to be made out of solid material though, the knobs seem to be made out of a plastic like material but I guess that is the draw back of getting a good preamp at this price. The reason for purchasing this was simply to get more professional style preamps for my recording set up at home. This gave me 4 more preamps than my last interface did before I purchased this one and also this interface is rackable so I could us it right on the rack space on my workstation desk (it only takes up 1 rack space).
The LED meters on the front were a must have for me, that was another deciding factor to getting this interface. I have no regrets purchasing this. I just hope that over time it will hold up and not give me any issues. I do use this preamp a lot more than any other preamps now.