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Thread Help with Boss BR-8

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1 Help with Boss BR-8
I hope this thing works...

Anyway, I am doing some recording with the Boss BR8 and was looking online to see if I could talk to anyone who recorded with this machine.

The problem I am having is that it is distorting when I record at somewhat high levels (I am using the direct line inputs on the machine to mic a Fender HOt rod deville amp). Has this ever been a problem for anyone who records with a BR-8?

It's almost like it wasn't designed to record high volumes. I am not talking about the headphones distorting, I am using a big JBL PA speaker to monitor recording levels. But when the amp is turned up even slightly loud (so I get good feedback signals) it seems like the BR-8 distorts the sound. The black bars on the LCD display to show the input levels are only going like half way up, and the level is WELL below where the red light starts to come on...

But I am getting a crackling when I listen to the playback.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!