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Thread Help Grandpa record his oldies band please...........

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1 Help Grandpa record his oldies band please...........
any advice?? im a low tech guy that likes high tech toys .my sound card 20-bit with 2 line in, 1 Mic in ,2 line out ,and digi out.have a eurorack mx602a mixer.software ,cubase sx.computer plenty big.my quest.can i run a least 2 mics into my soundcard with the mixer so i can record my group ?what goes where ?please dont send me to mr.tweaks I left there more confused.just say this wire goes there, that wire goes here.any other help is sure appreciated,mike type,placement,ect,Thanks guys and the simpler the better
Yo King-

I just did a really simple demo of my band with similar gear.

My studio consists of a Behringer UB 1622 FX mixer and a M-audio Delta 1010 interface to the computer.

My live PA consists of a Behringer PMX2000 powered mixer and a Kustom Dawn 510 speaker system.

The band was set up, with the PA, in my basement like we always do for practice. I run vocals, some guitar and a little bass in the PA (most of the sounds was coming from my Classic 30 and my GK RB400 III bass rig). Nothing on the drums. I had my Samson 200 monitor wedge going, but not very loud (don't really need much with the Dawn system, which has a wide dispersion field).

I stood up two Behringer dynamic mics (cheap ones at that) as a stereo pair in the room, and ran them to the Behringer UB1622 board. The I took a left/right pair off the PMX2000 mixer (stereo because I was using the onboard reverb in stereo) and ran that to the UB1622 board.

I set up a straight stereo pair in Cakewalk Home Studio, and we recorded a few songs and made several adjustments, both on the UB1622 to get the balance between the room mics and the line feeds, and on the PMX 2000 to get the balance between the guitar, vocals, and bass.

Once we had all the balances right, we tracked the songs. Later, I exported the tracks out of Cakewalk and into Sound Forge. I normalized them, aded some light compression and a tad bit of reverb to make up for the fact that the room is really dead.

That's it. We cut about 8 songs in 4 hours, these six were keepers.

You can here the demo here:

The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Axman thanks for the speedy reply, the cuts from your cd are great hope you dont mind if i steal a few of your licks. my first love ,the blues ,but the oldies is an easy gig for me and keeps us busy.I know my answer was in thier somewhere but i still dont get it?can i hook up 2 mics to a soundcard with only 1 mic input with the help of a eurorack mx 602a.i mean i have to know what wire goes where.you also ran a left/right pair of what somewhere from your pa to somewhere to your mixer ,why? if it helps our pa is a peavy 696f ,and this is my mixer.


thanks for your patince..........