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Thread MIDI Track(s) Won't Export To File

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1 MIDI Track(s) Won't Export To File
(I posted this in another area but didn't get any response)

I've been a musician for quite a while but have just started home (computer) recording using MIDI. Here's the latest problem:

I put together a drum track (sampled WAV sound) and a bass line (MIDI) in Fruity Loops 3.4. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to export the mix to a WAV file, I broke down & read the manual Turns out the export to WAV function doesn't export MIDI channels.

OK, so I exported to a WAV (drum track) & also to a MIDI file (bass). Loaded both those tracks into my cubase sx 1.01. They play & sound OK. Same problem when I tried to File/Export/Audio Mixdown -- only drums export. Again, from reading this forum, I found that I should 'render th MIDI file to an audio track' before exporting the mixdown. Tried that but again, no bass (MIDI) in the final result.

I have a feeling the trouble lies with my MIDI settings. The cubase MIDI track output is set to 'Microsoft MIDI Mapper. Is that OK?

If I'm HEARING the sound of the MIDI instrument, why does it not export to a wav file with the other track(s)?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I use a SB Audigy 2 ZS card.