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Thread Digi 001 vs. MBox

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1 Digi 001 vs. MBox
What are some of the advantages of Digi 001 and the MBox besides the one being rackmount-able and the other costing $100 less? I am looking into starting off with one of these, I'd like to see what some of you can tell me.
The Digi 001 will allow you to record quite a few more tracks at once over an mBox. Up to 20 on the 001 with an an analog to ADAT adaptor plus an analog to SPDIF adaptor. I think the mBox is maxed at 4 with an SPDIF adaptor.

Also, I believe the track count in the ProTools software itself is only 8 tracks for the mBox but 32 tracks for the Digi001.

I've used both and the sound quality is the same as far a I can tell.
I would love to get more inputs into my tascam US-224. Can I use the analog to SPDIF adapter? (the TASCAM has a stereo SPDIF in also). Where can I get the adapter?

Sorry if this is a bit of a sidetrack!
I haven't heard anything about the analogue to ADAT adapter?????

Anyway, the Digi 001 is outdated. I don't know how much longer Digidesign will continue to allow it to work with Pro-tools, but it does have more inputs that the M-box.

The M-box has 2 I/O and runs on Pro tools LE which can handle up to 32 tracks. The newest version of Pro-tools LE (6.4) comes with the M-box as well as a factory bundle.

It basically depends on how many simultaneous tracks you plan on recording as well as how long you'll be wanting updates.