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  • Soundcraft Powerstation

    Soundcraft Powerstation - EyeLWait4U's review


    For the past 3 years, our troupe of entertainers have traveled the coast of Washington, Oregon and a bit into the top of California. We have brought with us this robust and rich sounding, easy to use mixer and amplifier combination. Yes, it's true th…

  • Soundcraft Spirit 328

    Soundcraft Spirit 328 - " Top notch"


    Console 32 inputs, 3-band parametric EQ on each channel 24bit 48khz max. Internal or external sync worldclock, 8 groups, 4 AUX sends and 2 FX LEXICON. 2 I / O ADAT or TDIF S + 1 + 1 assignable ADAT SPDIF IN OUT 1 + AES EBU. Bargraphs on each…

  • Soundcraft Spirit FX 8

    Soundcraft Spirit FX 8 - " Well"


    see characteristic manufacturer UTILIZATION - SOUNDS - OVERALL OPINION Used for 3 years, connected via a master audio firewire 410 million to increase the number of XLR inputs. I had done a lot of research at the time and what motivate…

  • Soundcraft Folio Notepad

    Soundcraft Folio Notepad - sangh's review


    4 mics / line, RCA stereo cd 2x2 or RIAA, departure & return effect (jack) mix out (jack) and type in (RCA). Control room out (RCA), headphone jack mutes the control room if it is plugged. UTILIZATION The standart for this small mixer, 4 mic, 2…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2

    Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2 - " the former, the rustic, solid material, the effective"


    a good old analogue desk, antique, no frills here, you connect its cables, adjusting the knobs and tweaked it by ear UTILIZATION config 'could not be simpler, needless to say that manual is not necessary. Here everything is done with old, inp…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Studio 16/8/2

    Soundcraft Spirit Studio 16/8/2 - " an attractive console"


    Console in-line 16 24 or 32 channels (I have the 16 channels) To 6 (2 pre, 4 post) 8 groups 4-band EQ with semi parametric possibility of using the feedback paths of each machine to double the number of inputs (line level only) UTILIZATION …

  • Soundcraft spirit E6

    Soundcraft spirit E6 - " simple effective"


    no bus, 2 in, 2 insert + insert more on each channel. 6 channel mono XLR + jack 2 channel stereo jack 2 UTILIZATION super simple SOUNDS its transparency should not EXPECT great art but c is a very good value for money, not blow, not digit…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24/8/2

    Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24/8/2 - "Beautiful Desk!"


    Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24 / 8 / 2 • 24 mic or line input + 24 lines of 48 possible entries. • splittable EQ Low + High + 2 semi-parametric Mid-way through. • 8 sub groups - 4 effects sends post-fader + 2 items pre-fader • Direct outs for multi…

  • Soundcraft Spirit ES

    Soundcraft Spirit ES - Comp's review


    I had the rack model, an option at 40 euros. All inputs and outputs XLR, jack, RCA. A main bus, auxiliary single two starts but symmetrical. Balanced stereo outputs. UTILIZATION The manual is very well done. However, if one has already touche…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Live 16

    Soundcraft Spirit Live 16 - ecce48's review


    Given the size of the beast is not rack at all. 16 mono channels, 4 auxiliary 4FX, semi para eq suffisemant éfficace UTILIZATION Very British, it is effective and simple to use when you know how a mixing console. The manual is very well expla…