Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011]
Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011]

Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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strat'man 07/14/2014

Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011] : strat'man's user review

« Excellent Start 'U.S. vintage look »

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Value For Money : Excellent
That classic:
Alder body and maple neck, ultra matt lacquer end: very fine little less hit against a hard body and nail pops ... the vintage look is coming fast! it's charm and I bought it for: no fear of small scratches and polishes.
The painting reveals the wood grain (very nice)
My model of June 2005 (old model, with a small head, not the head 70), the pickups are more typical vintage with a low output around 6k, models from 2006 are overwound (high output ).
The frets are jumbo mediums (pre 2006 model), so as a standard, the handle is very similar to that of a standard (usa), form C and radius 9.5, fine and pleasant.
The varnish is brushed on the highway, but I Polishe varnish with an auto product to remove scratches, result: it shines now finished with satin ... microphones paint chips left to right it gives him a really authentic vintage look! I love this look!
It has the vintage look but modern playability of a new guitar)


Obviously this guitar features a strat 'and has everything a strat ...
What I like most: the handle to fine satin finish, very nice, not sticky at all (nice and fast game).
The guitar is average weight issue, a good strat.
Mechanical hold tuning very well, I fixed the flat against the body of the guitar bridge, I do not use vibrato.


While I loved the sound of the original pickups, but I have replaced those of standard usa I had and have more clarity and a little more output level for the micro bridge, its a is not converted (I do not want to, I want to keep that strat sound '!), it was already good original, but I prefer the sound of standard microphones usa (I do not see why buy custom shop while those of standard usa sound as good and cost a mouthful of bread used ...)
The sound is very clear, no bass invasive, instead it was the typed his old strat 'snapping (some people find the sound of modern microphones std usa, I really in the spirit of old strat' with slightly more output level, without being too ...).
On my strat 'I love reverse the position of middle pickup and bridge, as I can get sound from the neck pickup + bridge which gives its typical telecaster ... which I like a lot, both to play the blues rhythm & blues funk, reaggae ...
The Greasebucket system that removes treble without adding bass is very useful, I used to use very little knobs on the tone strat 'without Greasebucket, but here I use it more, it does not change bad sound without distorting ...
The guitar really sounds like a very good strat 'with the playability and feel of a great guitar.


A superb guitar probably see his side climb as new American special have that thick varnish and I think this finish with a very fine polish on the highway gives it a nice look "" in the manner of Road worn ... except there is not a Road worn artificial, but the guitarist who give it its patina ...
I also love the beautiful varnish, but when a Start 'takes shots with a gloss varnish it's ugly quickly, damaged ... with nail very end of the highway it gives one side "roots" in the purest spirit old strat ...
Anyway I love my new guitar ... and the color white blonde is really beautiful (you'd think a version of the 54 Mary Kaye without fittings Gold).
I had a lot of strat '(very nice excursion and low ranges which are sometimes really bad) and it is really a great guitar at unbeatable value for money ...
If you want a strat 'natural vintage look then look no further, now if you like gloss varnish which will give a new look to the guitar even in 20-30Y so forget the highway (unless hanging guitar the wall and not to play ...)
Personally I wanted to buy a guitar and take away his varnish (for a guitar a little "roots") before stumble upon this highway varnish so fine with already some microphones chips varnish but totally new ... I don ' have not hesitated to purchase the guitar was perfectly healthy ...
So for lovers look "vintage" with varnish end, the highway is the real alternative for those who want the U.S. quality without breaking the bank in buying a custom shop ... (if there is the Mexican series Road worn, but personally I do not like too much the idea of ​​buying an artificially aged guitar ...).
The American special is really good, but I would really prefer if it had the classic head (not 70, but I like it) and if it had the varnish as the highway ... Roots!
In short, the highway is a very good guitar (same source) but that does not appeal to everyone, the majority love thick high gloss varnish, it's pretty but it's true ... look for "vintage "The highway is more authentic ...