Ibanez RG2550E
Ibanez RG2550E
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Hatsubai's review"The non-maple fretboard *550"

Ibanez RG2550E
Ibanez has long since had a tradition of having the *550 models having a maple fretboard. For the 2550, however, they decided to use rosewood for whatever reason. Why they did that, I'll never know. The guitar features a basswood body, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, 24 extra jumbo frets, dot inlays, an Ibanez floyd rose, HSH configuration, one volume, one tone and a five way switch.


The guitar has some awesome fretwork on it. For those that have never played a Prestige model, you'll be in for a treat. You normally don't find this kind of fretwork on most guitars out there. The ends are fairly round, and there are no issues with low frets on these. The guitar didn't have any issues regarding a sloppy neck joint, so no problems there. The biggest issue was that it was a bit heavy, but it wasn't too big of a deal as I've had heavier basswood guitars in my hands before. The Edge Pro on this is cool, although it's not as good as the previous generations.


The guitar had a Crunch Lab in the bridge, a Chopper in the middle and a LiquiFire in the neck. The Crunch Lab works great for that super fat and clear sounding rhythm tone. It can do both leads and rhythms without any issues at all, and I find this pickup seems to work great in nearly any wood you throw at it. The Chopper was cool, but I didn't like the way it combined with the neck and middle positions. It was kinda like the odd man out pickup or something. The neck was just absolute smooth lead heaven, and it delivered some absolutely amazing clean tones.


The guitar is great, but I couldn't help but wish it had a maple fretboard. I think it looks very good, but it's not that much different from all the other *570s out there. The thing that made out the *550 stand out was the fact that (most) had the maple fretboard, and that's why I always chose those models over the rosewood models. At least they fixed it with the latest models.

MGR/kobi's review"Ibanez RG2550"

Ibanez RG2550E
i have been playing electric guitar for about 8 years .most of the time im playing heavy metal and rock stuff like megadeth ,metallica , dream theater ,satriani,queen and deep purple

i paid for it 900$.
i acquired this uint because it was the best guitar that i can find that was i my budget.

the 24 fret neck is very thin i think that this is the thinnest neck that i've played.
the action on the neck is very low so you can play without any effot.
the Edge-pro bridge is very comportable and the guitar dont get out off tune.
the dimarzio stock pickup that come with the guitar are very good(pleasant surprise ) but im going to put steve's special in the bridge and air norton in the neck .
the 1,3,5 pickup position are very quiet comparing to other guitars(even the single pickup)
im using marshall G50 RCD amp and boss MT2
good distortion and clean sound very suitable for metal and rock.
the Set up direct from the factory was very good.
this guitar is awesome for shreding!

the 2,4 pickup position got annoying hum and thier volume is bit lower comparing to the other position

Wizard Prestige neck
3pc. Maple Neck Material --give great sustain
Basswood Body
24/Jumbo frets
Rosewood Finger Board
Edge Pro bridge
DiMarzio IBZ (H) Neck PU
DiMarzio IBZ (S) Mid PU -DiMarzio IBZ (H) Bridge PU

great guitar
highly recomended if you are playing metal sfuff but it also very good for rock and blues for my opinion.
im very satisfied with it and if it would stole i will buy the same guitar.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Amyuzik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2550E
My model is a J.Craft 2005 made in Japan.

The bridge is Ibanez Edge Pro.
The handle is of type Wizard Prestige 24 frets.
The pickups are DiMarzio / IBZ in HSH configuration but I replaced with EMG 89 neck, EMG SA in middle and EMG 81 in Bridge.
With the original microphone configuration there is a 5-way switch (Neck, Neck + Mid, Mid, Mid + Bridge, Bridge) a volume knob and a tone knob


The handle is great. It may be a little too flat for those who only play open or barred agreements but as soon as one begins to want to walk on the handle is a real treat.

Access to acute is equally impressive, we do not realize even though we are already at the 22nd fret and reach the 24th there is no gene except the junction body / neck begins only to point the tip of his nose.

If you're used to playing on lower end guitars, the sound quality that you get to learn will be even easier.


The sounds can be achieved with the original microphone are quite varied. Round and warm in microwave neck, cold and precise micro bridge and approaching some of his Strat micro middle.
With EMG I rode it, the choice is even wider. There are the same but with a volume knob in Push / Pull that toggles the microphone neck humbucker to single coil equivalent to EMG SA. The heat that adds to the single coil is really nice.

I use it with an amp Randall RT50C which is rather typical Metal but also in my home studio plugged into Guitar Rig or Amplitube and all types of sounds make it very well.


I've had a little less than a year and have had an Ibanez RG321 before this one, I can no longer play on the 321 so the difference in quality and comfort is huge.
The next step up the range will be a guitar luthier because Prestige Series Ibanez is really very good but probably not as much as a guitar made "custom".

Before purchasing this model is rather beginner guitar, I had a little trouble to tell me that a guitar could be worth more than € 1,000. I did not think there could be such a difference in quality, but now I really think expensive guitars worth their price.

Although I am now curious to see if a signed model would be even better and the price is not only due to the fact that it is the guitar of Steve Vai or Satriani, I repeat that choice without hesitation.

kikip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good instrument in all"

Ibanez RG2550E
Everything has been said I think:
- Made in JP
- Edge Zero tremolo
- MSM, DiMarzio / IBZ for 3 (non-and split-but hey .. you will not buy an Ibanez RG for funk)
- Jumbo frets
- 5-way switch
- 1 vol / 1 tone


The handle is ultra comfortable and is a real highway. It is rather flat and wide, perfect for the bends. No concern at the access to acute.

The action is pretty low. For those who prefer a more high, they can always pay directly through the small screws on the bridge / floyd.

The guitar has a strat shape but is slightly heavier, yet it is very well balanced and I do not think 500grammes more or less makes you tired shoulder much when you are on stage.

Small flat on my level on this guitar: the floyd. If you use it too as barbarians (like me), the guitar désaccordera despite mechanical blocking present on the headstock. Nevertheless, one can adjust the bridge to become a bridge "fixed" or so for him floyd could be used only in one direction like a vibrato. I chose to do it like that over and no worries.


I have a little more original stuff: Fender Super Champ Amp, metal muff distortion (electro harmonix) and Boss DS1, Overdrive Vox Joe Satriani, Compressor T-REX CompNova.

In clean: The sound is really good. Mics dmz / ibz are really versatile, I prefer to limit its clean my deluxe strat player. In my opinion the neck position + 2 intermediate positions are really good: claps enough to funk and reggae (intermediate shaft) is crystalline (via bridge), it is warm enough for blues and jazz. The intermediate position handle can even be used for blues riffs. In short, really try, you will understand.
I am not using the bridge position in clean, it really has value 0. You have "everything" you need on the handle and two intermediate.

In distortion / metal / shred / fusion: The guitar is made for it .. I do not think I need to explain. The bridge pickup is the most accurate and done really well out harmonics. It does not leave her a dirty or rough.
Same, to test to really see the possibilities of this microphone.


I use it since 2007 and before I had a Telecaster on which I had put in a Hotrails easel. The Tele is a guitar that I love but it's a different style. Otherwise I played on LTD Eclipse 1000 Deluxe Player Strat and on.
We will compare what is comparable between the Eclipse and the RG, I'll buy the RG through its access to acute (yes, it is the metal to the shape of a Les Paul for the last 3 boxes you break fingers) and microphones DMZ / IBZ.

The +: intermediate positions that are clean and in a crazy bridge pickup very specific distortion / metal
The -: Floyd has set. I've put more vibrato mode, and it suits me very well

I no longer use the guitar because I have acquired a Vigier Supra. The RG Prestige is still the best value / price that can be found in this range of metal guitar. It is versatile in clean and distortion and it has a lot of mouth. For those who are a little reluctant, they can go home Charvel, Jackson or Ltd / Esp, but at this price point, there will be nothing better in terms of config and comfort.

I put 8/10 because in the end, I switched to the competitor :) Otherwise you can go to Ibanez eyes closed

eavyzboub96's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Just great with a good amp!"

Ibanez RG2550E
All been said before! Apart from the fragility of the patent on some models, for a guitar of this range, it is almost perfect!


The handle, a highway! It gets off at all levels. If this guitar with a reputation more metal, it does very well with the funk like the blues.
The clean sounds are of high quality films!
It weighs its weight but with a good strap, its going alone!
I play with a balckstar ht5R and sound in my opinion are the best in its class (power 5W)


The neck and bridge pickups are great for large distortions. intermediate micro allow a wide variety of sons.Je prefer the bridge pickup, more aggressive, more incisive with a tube amp!


I have this guitar for almost a year, I've tested a lot before buying. Do not hesitate, hand it is really affordable for a quality / price unbeatable!
My opinion is totally subjective, test it before;)
I put 9 / 10 because nothing is perfect!

joe_mannix31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Jem the RG2550"

Ibanez RG2550E
See below descritpif


the handle is really very flat, ergonomics is good when taken in hand, the shovel is quite impressive. The Di Marzio / IBZ base are doing a lot despite all the criticism above, there are all types of the course with five possible combinations of three micro, but it is obviously dedicated to a guitar shredder Matalla


gives a powerful sound with the Di Marzio, sharp and precise saturation with lamps (blackstar boosted by a DS1), the clean sound is not too loud sound, the sustain is excellent, the guitar is relatively heavy, we feel any matter of lime, paradoxically, it does not forgive errors and facilitate the game, I love the neck pickup volume very low saturation, slightly crunchy, delicious, this is excatement sound I was looking for.


We know why we bought this scratch: for his precision and comfort of play that promotes the handle all speeding, almost the same as the exorbitant price Vai less.

nassif1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2550E
In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)

Made in Japan (Fujigen) My model date of January 2003
How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration?

Pickups and rather typical metal such records, more or less versatile, micro center has no potato at all: Config MSM
What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?

The bridge is a Floyd Rose type: Edge Pro (Ibanez) perfect, very good performance of the agreement, once fully settled (mine took several months and still holds the road)
What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)?

1Volume 1ton Switch 5 positions
What kind of stick?

The neck is a wizard prestige among Ibanez, fine, flat, extremely fast


The handle is it nice?

THE best round I've ever played on, perfect, very good grip ...
Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?

It is cut to no difficulty getting the highest notes.
Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

The guitar is very light, very good decision as standing than sitting, the interface is very well done.

Do you get a good sound easy? ...

You find it pretty quickly, groping with the knobs and the selector, the rest is, of course, the amp used


Are they suitable for your style of music?

It is really versatile mics once settled to his liking, you can play everything, it provides clear sound perfectly, except the middle pickup, very feeble and without heat.
With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I play a Line 6 Spider III (30 watt) by adding a slight delay, the sound is just perfect (my opinion).

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?

It depends, everyone sees her in her own way, I find the bridge pickup slightly noisy when playing a lot in acute, otherwise the sound is warm enough by using the neck pickup and you get a great sound when the switch is on + central bridge.
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I love the neck pickup, and especially the bridge, the middle pickup in turn is good only when it is combined with the other two, especially with the bridge.


For how long have you been using it?

I use it since January (2009)
What thing do you like most/least about it?

The handle, and Floyd, both are perfect, the pickups require a change with time.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

I stayed with Ibanez, but trying the 1570 350 370 2550 E (not the Z) I really liked.
What is your opinion about the value for the price?

Qulités for this guitar, the price is worth it (around 1000 €) except that it may require (depending on the purchaser) a change of pickups.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...

Without hesitation!

dmlb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2550E
Made in Japan (my model is from 2003)

Channel 24 cases jumbo frets, 2 humbuckers and 1 single.

Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo (floyd type)

Controls: 1 volume and tone

Bolt "Wizard prestige" extra fine.


I want to say that I note my 2003 model as I tried the same model versions 2004 and 2007 and I never found the same feeling or the same as a violin.

The Neck: Very comfortable, very end, access to the latest boxes without any problems.
I tried a lot of good guitars (ESP, Jackson, PRS, Fender, Gibson, but ....)
none for me a handle as comfortable as my Ibanez.

The Weight: Not super light but not very heavy either. A good balance.


Although basically this guitar is especially designed for heavy rock and metal, it is very versatile when you consider playing with the pickups and tone knob. Can
even play Blues, Funk etc. ....

The pickups are of good quality. Made by Dimarzio for Ibanez prestige series.
For over 5 years that I use this guitar and I have not felt the need to change the microphone while I have changed on most of my other guitars.

So all in all a good versatile sound even if it is better for the big sound (for example the funk it's better with a stratum).


I use it extensively for over 5 years and it's really the type of guitar that is best for me. I like the look both simple and modern, I love the ergonomics of the handle
and I like its sound possibilities.

Remember it's a Floyd guitar (a little hassle to be paid when changing strings).

The value for money is good although I find that the new models (from 2004) has lowered the overall quality (lower quality wood, finish and inferior profile of different race).

alexis05's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2550E
See more reviews


The handle is a bomb I don not like the word but sy highway moves without any problem c is sublime
the access is very simple acute day guitars have rarely seen or had access to more acute than on the
it is lightweight
and c the sound is the most versatile guitar that I have tried until now and I've tried it in a package no matter what you play on it


I play death / black and is perfect for ca m it comes to playing blues or jazz and single us out the microphone sound perfect for ca
I've tried the store on a single head was correct mesa boogie happiness
we get all the sound with this guitar
I love the whole sounds of the scratches


J loves all of the scratches
value for money is exellent for a 1200 euros as to say that c is a matter

Rhylaxk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2550E
Made in Japan
24 frets (boxes)
Neck pickup: DiMarzio ® IBZ-N (H) neck could
Middle: DiMarzio ® IBZ-S (S) mid could
Bridge: DiMarzio ® IBZ-B (H) bridge could
Ibanez Edge Pro Floyd (the same which is mounted on the Jem and JS 1200 JEM7V for freak Satch and Vai, in short, what makes better now, or preque ... ^ ^)
1 volume
1 tone
A 5 position selector micro
Ibanez threaded sleeve (a highway ^ ^)


As for the handle is a beautiful and well-handled Ibanez RG, so a highway :-)
But a good highway! Fast, a bit wide but flat. It is the chords and arpeggios without any problems ...

Access to acute? Hey, hey ^ _ ^
EX-CEL-LENT! (Ibanez RG forces). And for those or those who do not know, Ibanez is known to have very good access to acute (even at the 24th fret).
To better explain, it marrive to be back at the 21st fret when I wanted to go to the 17th ^ _ ^.
Because in fact I played before on a Squier Fat Start 21 frets and increase by 3 frets and more with access to acute as simple ... It changes ... haha (But hey matter of habit).

In terms of ergonomics, bha no problems, either standing or sitting. No problem. It does not sting the nose or vice versa. (Weight: 3.4 kg, 0.1 kg - Start a classic).


Which is great with this scratch is that it may well be a little metal type (it depends finally see a lot lol) is that you can get all kinds of sounds ...
I'm just someone open to all styles of music ...
I try to play a little bit of everything and scratch my favorites are: Slash, Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV), Joe Satriani and Steve Vai ...
So here what, blues rock, jazz, rock, hard rock, pop rock, metal, thrash metal (Metallica is thrash metal's) ect ...
So here, this guitar can really play any

I am fortunate to have two amps, one for solo play (a Roland Cube 30) and one to play with my hard rock band (Marshall 60W combo of 20 years old ...). And I get very well to make it sound on my little 30W

With these great pickups (DiMarzio Ibanez) is not necessarily having a super hot typed his jazz / blues (neck pickup), intermediate neck / middle => a super crystal-clear sound.
In the middle, a very acoustic, but I find it lacks a little fishing ...
Intermediate middle / bridge => funky sound
And when the bridge pickup, a special one for large disto ^ _ ^

So I put a 9 / 10 because it is very versatile and really nice as config 'mic ...
It is not really play any style of music

And just information ', the Dimarzio Dimarzio IBZ are real. These are not copies like Duncan Design. These are actually Dimarzio pickups designed specifically for Ibanez. They are impossible to buy a hand ...


I use it only for 3 days and I'm really happy
It is really pretty and classy. The picture given on the website of Ibanez is not very talkative ... I mean, the guitar is much nicer. It is quite dark and a plate mirror "dark pink" which is placed disappointed (do not hesitate to ask me for photos).
I think what I like least in her is the fact that it can be a little too dark when there is not much light, the absence of the white line on the head (but good, it is replaced by "prestige" ^ _ ^) and the fact that it can be a little too typical-looking ...
Aside from that, I love it!
I bought a ocaz to 750 €, it has only 11 months and nearly new (and I was in a house with a rigid and up to € 10 more).
Otherwise, the fine comes with an Ibanez hard Pouche.
New, it has sold about € 1100. I think at ca RAPORT money is a good 8 / 10 ...
This fesait over a year I was looking for a new skyscraper (with additional room makes the sound and music in Paris). On a pointer objectively, I think it's a really good guitar
In the future I would do probably this choice ... Unless you fall on a Jem 555 1000 or JS at that price lol
Anyway the fact of not having a signature guitar, can not feel obliged to know how to play the same things the guys even him ^ _ ^
I'll try to do a TEST VIDEO on YOU TUBE in a few days.
And for those who hesitate, send me a mail for all types of questions or requests for photos.
Hoping to have been useful for someone