Ibanez RG2570E
Ibanez RG2570E
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All user reviews for the Ibanez RG2570E

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 2 reviews25 %
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iamqman's review"Smmmooth as silk!!!"

Ibanez RG2570E

This is a classy looking shredder guitar. Ibanez puts out some great quality low budget guitars for the consumer.The neck on these guitars are very thin and Smitty's. They're not finished and then you can feel the bare wood across your skin. They generally come in two humbucker settings with his volume control knobs and tone control knobs with the pickup selector. There's not a lot of bells and whistles and these guitars and your pretty strip down rock 'n roll guitars.



* Basswood body
* 5-pc Wizard Prestige neck
* Bound rosewood fingerboard
* 24 jumbo frets
* Dimarzio IBZ pickups
* HSH pickup configuration
* Wedge sharktooth inlays
* Edge Pro double-locking bridge
* Master volume control
* Master tone control


This guitar will sound great pretty much any setting of amplifier that you have. So if you had a good high gain amplifier such as a Mesa boogie or Bogner amplifier in your to get some great tones on his guitar. The guitar itself isn't a guitar that's full of tone or soul but it's a good guitar for someone wanting to learn how to play the guitar and needs an instrument that's very budget friendly. So you're not going to walk away playing this guitar feeling like there's a bunch of tone within the wood or the feeling you're going when playing a nice hot-rodded Fender Strat It's a good price for this guitar and is a very extremely fun guitar and it's actually pretty nice guitar to look at well.


Ibanez has shelled out a lot of guitars in their day and this one is a great one. For the money it doesn't get much better than these guitars. You can find them in the used section of classifieds all day long. I recommend this guitar to anyone who need a good simple guitar or something that is meant to be shredded on. These are fun guitars and very comfortable to play.

Hatsubai's review"The new 1570...kinda"

Ibanez RG2570E
The RG1570 is back...kinda. This is really the same as a 1570, but it has some different inlays. Aside from that, it's really the same exact model. The guitar features a basswood body, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, 24 extra jumbo frets, sharkfin inlays, an Ibanez floyd rose, HSH configuration, one volume, one tone and a five way switch.


The guitar had a nice weight to it. It wasn't too heavy, and for someone who has a bad back like myself, that was a great thing. I hate heavy guitars, and I find that they tend to hinder tone as well. The fretwork on this was solid, and I didn't notice any major issues. There was some wear on them as this was a used guitar, but it was nothing major. It was very light wear. The bridge on this is the Edge Pro, and it's a solid bridge. Some people like to hate on it because the previous Edges were amazing, but it's still a very solid and great bridge. The biggest issue is that it's a bit stiff.


The guitar had some aftermarket pickups installed in it. It had the DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck, Blue Velvet in the middle and Steve's Special in the bridge. The Steve's Special works awesome for these guitars. Basswood tends to be pretty midrange heavy, and the scooped SS works awesome for delivering some super clear and tight tones. It's like a match made in heaven. The Blue Velvet worked great for split tones, although I'm not a huge fan of it on its own. The PAF Pro is very cool for that new school PAF sound, but it can be a bit sterile and bitey at times. I tend to prefer pickups a bit warmer than this in the neck.


The guitar is great, and if you replace the pickups with something from the DiMarzio line up (which I find works best with basswood guitars), you'll have one hell of a player on your hands. The guitars are great buys on eBay and other places like that used. You can get a really good deal if you look around because they're so plentiful.

emperorgod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2570E
Made in Japan (a reference anyway!, Team J Craft
24 frets, micro by DiMarzio Ibanez (Super Distortion), HSH config
Floyd Rose type bridge
A 5-way switching, volume, tone
Channel Wizard 3 pieces in rosewood with key landmark "Shark" prestige.


Channel Highway, not tiring in the long run. Withstands drop tunings, 2tons lower without worries.
Access to acute bein ... it's a great strat so super easy.
Guitar very light (which prior to 4 models lespaul, thank my osteopath).


I am a model in order: Gibson BFG, Ltd EC1000 Gibson Les Paul Studio Ltd. and Truckster. Of mahogany guitars sound level to ensure sound fat ... well there with the ibanez, wow.
I have the low down 5 of my Marshall JCM2000 tsl60! An incredible sound of a modern, sound heavy, but precise.
I make electro / metal, I finally found "my Excalibur."
I use only 2 types of sounds. Disto (bridge pickup) and clear with light chorus (neck pickup) and it is happiness! " I confess that I do not understand the reviews already listed, as here, no need to change pickups, ibanez assured.


It's been few months that I use (primarily for recording with cubase and line6 podfarm) and repeating with my Marshall. This is by far (FAR) the best guitar I've had the chance to play.
The only drawback is the color that wears out or is placed at the wrist, but even with one hand "barely used" it is still an elegance to all events.
An unbeatable value for money, and the config microphone is excellent (who played on many Emg, kh, ltd ec, ltd truck, godin freeway emg emg etc. ... go to the sea of ​​microphones.)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2570E
Country of manufacture

Jumbo, 24 boxes

DiMarzio / Ibanez HSH

Ibanez Edge Pro Floyd

2 knobs: volume and tone
5 position Pickup Selector


It's fine, flat, ca slip on your own ... Ibanez handle anything! Need we say more?!

Access to acute
Beauty with a stratocaster neck end so any access to simplified acute

Neither heavy nor light ... Only 2 knobs and a 5 position selector not enough to get tangled brushes: simple but sufficient. I love the sleeves Ibanez is a crazy thing!

I'm not the best judge of sound quality ... Nevertheless, my own view is excellent, good sustain, his jazzy / bright / crunch / distortion is all there is really very versatile.


I play mostly rock / metal (RATM) so this is perfect but I know that on occasion if I want to rub more riff bluesy / jazzy and sounds crystal clear and she will follow me.


I'm just buying it is my 3rd guitar ... I have an RG guitar so this is familiar to me. I must say that the renderings Gold / Metallic greenish totally seduced me! It's not as common color must confess! And then, with ropes Optima (gold), it'll kill him! lol
I was fortunate to come across a promo (819 euros) sold with a box of beauty so I do not think too much! At that price, the ratio / quality / mouth is just too good! Over time, I will see to upgrade the pickups.

harx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2570E
A guitar with a very rich sound. A beautiful violin. A very thin neck (very practical, high quality). And she is light!


In short: Exelente for solos, but avoided altogether for those who do that riff.


Rich, shiny, pretty versatile with good control and the amp that goes with it. I have not changed the pickups as my rg 370B, but if I had the means I would and I'm sure I will have a huge sound. But I do not want either to give me the means since the sound and already very rich ^^.


Vibrato "lo pro edge" tends to leave a resonance in certain rhythmic muted. The fact that there have strings blocks (necessary with the vibrato, which also few really be triturated in all directions with little tune (or not at all. If yes! Yes!)) Makes the difficult tuning that few really hinder live (luckily we just set directly on the vibrato of some chouilla). Again the "riffeur" will be annoyed if the guitar is out of tune too. For soloists, a bend enough to disguise the problem or ^^ then have to play fast enough to not distinguish notes: p, waiting for the intermission to loosen the ropes and blocks re-tuning.
Me his suits me, since I am a soloist and I play with this guitar for 2 years (I learned to play very fast ^^ of it).

My game style has evolved ... I do not know if I would take the same guitar. but just for the sounds I get with vibrato and richness, I keep for solos

surnova's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2570E
it is simpler and m'vitera a long discourses. Bought new for 870, rue de Douai, Paris. The seller to me to unpack boxes It comes with a house reinforces trs, trs practice. It yammer a backpack that clip above, with lots of pockets, which I use to transport my cables and multi-effets.Il are also supplied with a jack ibanez, trs of good quality, and a set of allen key that allows you to disassemble compltement his guitar if the mood takes us. (There is the screwdriver that they do not)
When is my bill, she explained to a single hardware defect, which is at the microphones.
Indeed, to play at home, I had no problem, but I have the ds to the studio or scne, hello galre: its really not that great, the ds microphones go on feedback we Exceeds Level 3 of the volume of a tube amp: S
Conclusion: CHANGE THE PICKUPS. they have the name of DiMarzio and unfortunately I have the first t deu.


The handle is a delight for solos, it's exhilarating. against it by the hand tires quickly if you're a big fan of rhythm, making it a guitar solo line above.
He is playing the ais Premire at the last fret, the slides alone plateur the grace of the handle and the round of the frets, which facilitates the bends.
When the sound I RPET, cest not top of the microphones.
The Tieule as a fairly neutral sounding wood, its power can easily rgler the guitar, following the mountains microphones for the ringing in most existing sounds.


I changed twice configs: -1 ere: PAF Pro neck, X2N bridge, sending its property, its possible to play in a lot of records, even bluesy, by not playing with the PAF, and the splitter X2N that sounds great on this once scratched splitter.
2nd-config: Emg-81 X2, it has the t rvelation I galr to rise, but the guitar was never as well sonn I stayed on it since. However ATTENTION: I have more than six hours to climb the EMG had a problem this guitar li: micro cavities are shallow, I can, using a drill sander, the digging cavities in order to get the EMG, which was wide but not long, so I advise to get the work done by a luthier for those who think that buying scratch and put EMG.

I RPET again, the Tieule constituting the body of the guitar as a wood tone with little equity, compared to mahogany or alder, microphones and amplifiers are more 90% of his, so from the moment you play on a good amp and good microphones, you have the sound you want, both in clean records, or the guitar sounds great, as in register r s saturated or she also excelled. But for his slamming, prfrez of active pickups, single coil or texas special kind.


I use it for 2 years, I hack compltement tampered repainted, and rsiste, still has to keep its freshness and its super versatile.
Ibanez guitars is what the sniper to sniper lite, a precision tool,, or the other prfreraient a good assault rifle to shoot into the crowd : P
Personally, I was not too much for this brand when I bought this guitar for two reasons: the microphones, and the fact that it manufactures in Asia.
I was right for the microphones they taient rotten, when the production, I saw my judgments, the proof is that I bought and sold yet: P
Sonik Stach03/11/2006

Sonik Stach's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2570E
Made in Japan, mine is 2003 with the head of the same color as the body (silver texture?)
Body Basswood (Linden), Bolt in stocky, rosewood fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, profile "Super Wizard" again "shark teeth"
Ibanez Edge Pro bridge (Floyd amliore their copy, no need to cut the balls of string)
Micros Ibz / Dimarzio: made in the United States they are SuperDistortion customiss for Ibanez
HSH configuration 5-way switch (with splits of 2 and 4) volume, tone


The neck is super thin and super flat is the finest in Ibanez. It promotes the game trs technical and VLOC, but personally I hate the sleeves flat. The finish is satin trs enjoyable, Access in acute royal thanks to the heel is tapered and rounded appropriately. Small default: taken from the mirror are invisible button fawn position of play

The reputation of not usurping Ibanez floyd: good performance agreement despite abuse "SteveVaiesques", but the stem is not adjustable: it does not care all the time in the camp and rear balance in the game scne gr ...

The weight is good and the guitar pluttlger balance. It sounds "powerful" vacuum and microphones are Designed to fit in!


The sound is high gnral medium, with a lot of prsence, just enough to agressivit modrable by Tone it has Designed for recess t Hard , Heavy, Trash, etc ... But the Tone trs exploitable allows jazz on the neck pickup a little by lowering the volume, and simply gives strato crunch well, hair can be more acute, even when we feel a great diffrence volume between the doubles and splits position. The sound is clear trs enjoyable on the neck pickup and positions 2 & 4, against the simple one and the bridge pickup is clearly oriented saturax.
The magnets Cramique microphones are a bit of heat from Alnico, but we do not demand that the Blues scratching ...


I like new is used three months ago. I thought not to like Ibanez, I was looking for something else in the nine (unsuccessfully) but like to play the Hard 80's, I think that's what I needed, it is just that I get used this handle highway Vitantis excs the speed;) may be that later I will put the Alnico to have a more Rock than Metal.

collado's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2570E
Solid appearance, very good violin, finishing the race is very successful and floyd looks gaillard.Le is more than playable race is destiny seems to scratch type virtuoso


As already said the handle is an auto road with access to acute exceptionnel.Bien balance is very enjoyable on stage


You can almost do anything with (you will not be tapping blues with his pure, is not messing around) but is on the rock, metal, shred etc. ......... It's perfect! It effective in the registry show softer (pop. .......)


An instrument of relatively reliable and versatile quality price report serves me very interressant.Je variation on recovery as a repeating group metal.Rien