Lâg The Beast
Lâg The Beast

The Beast, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Beast series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 7 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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ihshan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my grail"

Lâg The Beast
I do not come back on the features, they are marked in all previous opinions, and mine is original
I regret a little lag in the middle and neck pickups, but the final two to one format handle is not so bad though fairly neutral.
M% ais I chose this one instead of a custom fitted paf pro knowingly.


the handle is great, close enough but still round, C-profile friendly. Also nice solo and rhythm. it glides well, and the key is great, so I'm usually not a big fan of maple.
It is not super heavy, but I have more light scratch, it is average I would say. Beside my thrashmaster is light as a feather, and I think my roxanne lead (yes, I'm a fan of lag)
Access to acute is very very good, I bend the last box effortless.
This is my first guitar with scalopées keys. this is a blow to take, but I was expecting worse. for it is downright insane bend easily, but taping it makes me a little weird. I still have to get used to a bit I think.


It is suitable for any style of music, so obviously mine.
The DiMarzio Tone Zone sounds great, with pretty low medium, which makes sound pretty smooth, not aggressive, suddenly in the amp where you play, you can really play all styles.
I Cantonese starting to rock and heavy, but ultimately I like it so much that I will also take to play in my thrash, it sounds divine in my peavey triple xxx


I wanted a long time, and when I had the money, I have long chosen to really find the favorite of all the beast that passed in OCCAZ.
So I paid not especially cheap (500 euros), but already from the new price is very good, and above all it sounds much better than the guitars that usually is 500 euros.
I paid a high price, because I wanted one in excellent condition, origin, with freight and nickel key. It was long but I found it more red wine, too beautiful too, while most on the market are natural.
short, I love everything about this guitar. It's amazing that as little coast, people not know what side they go, but if they prefer playing on LTD, too bad for them ...

legumann's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The ultra versatile!"

Lâg The Beast
Guitar made in France, mine is Fraqué, timber heavy enough to sustain strong, with beautiful wood grain visible.
Manufacturing quality extraordinary, great art, for once we'd almost custom shop ...
Floyd vibrato (KHALER) high quality, micro DI MARZIO Tone Zone Bridge (origin), Seymour Duncan SSL intermediate position 7 (custom) and micro LAG custom hot rail in the neck position.


Handle very fast, you feel immediately at ease, but the guitar is a bit heavy, at least with this type of wood.
The frets are jumbo extra, rather thick, the bends are very well rendered.
Scaloppée key.


The versatility of the pickups will go smoothly angry hard rock to rock funk blues.
To know that this guitar is very "punchie" and transform quickly enough styles previously mentioned with a rock coloration.
The sound palette is just extra, extreme playability, you feel immediately comfortable with the risk ..... take risks!
The middle pickup is anecdotal, so I made remplcé a Seymour Duncan SSL-7.


This guitar is relatively difficult to find time, but I urge you to break your piggy bank if the opportunity presents itself.
The kind of guitar possessing a soul, quality fabrication remarkable that only the custom shop of BEDARIEU is able to reproduce since LAG has sold his soul to the devil finance ...

Rosenrot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg The Beast
Guitar French (Bédarieux) which dates from 1995 (I am inquiring about).
It has 22 frets, 5 hits with acute scalloppés (from the 18th fret.
On my model I have a simple stick microphone Seymour Duncan SSL-6, and a double Di Marzio Tone Zone Floyd (zebra) in bridge.
There is an easel by Floyd LAG, and it is very effective for me ca me.
There is a volume and a 3-position selector.
The maple neck with maple fingerboard suits me perfectly. Neither too rounded nor too flat, can stretch easily.
The body is basswood, for big sound.
The mechanical type LAG, they hold well.
The head is thrown back, Hendrix style.

What can I say? On paper it sure is good. All to tackle any type of music.

9 / 10 => I like the look, the visual, and on paper it's a beautiful machine. But nothing is perfect, but must tell the price I got it, it is 2000/10 (see more)
A 24th case would have been nice (I go ...)


The handle is great. I have small hands, and I can do many things and other stunts.
Access to acute is good without being perfect of the perfect, but that's fine. Scalloppées keys are useful in the quick game. A small adjustment period is required. And then look for AC throws: p
It is well balanced and the weight is reasonable. This is not a parka, or a Gibson, but a Fender.

This gives a good sound on.

9 / 10 => is a handle that I was looking for. Good access to acute, rapid and comfortable handle, great.


I play everything. I need sound Jazz, Blues, Funk, but also Rock, Hard Rock and even Metal.

I have an amp Peavey ValveKing 212, certainly not a killer, but for the lamps, and its price, this is enough to see the potential of the beast.
Otherwise I AmpliTube metal on my pc, I have not tested it yet, I'd be EDIT.

In his clear, Seymour Duncan is ideal. Although round, and singing, it's a beautiful mic. I like to pair it with the Tone Zone for more brightness and punch.

In saturated, crunch and distortion of the death, Seymour is good for blues solos and even hard rock. But it is the Tone Zone, necessarily, has fared best.
Big sound hot! From Van Halen, Steve Vai through by going to the Metal very sharp, the TZ is wonderful. Precise, dynamic, biting, clean, and especially hot, I'm finally happy with my sound.

I do not have any effect, a little would do the trick flanger, or phaser ... I tell you;)

9 / 10 => The raw sound great, I'll be with EDIT effects etc. ...


I bought it yesterday (Feb. 26) in Used Guitar Village (ad ^ ^) to 480 euros, in very good condition.

I like the sound, the look.
The least? A 24th case would have been perfect, but it makes a nice bend: p

I tried other models like the G290 (or 260) of Cort with the pack above EMG => no character. There was a Dean ML 79, ca sent the potato but the comfort was zero points.
I tested all kinds of Ibanez, too flat, there are similarities across ...
And then one day, the GAL passed, and I hung above 200%.

A guitar with a character made in France, which casts serious!

A guitar has tried, without hesitation, it's a good experience.

choconut's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg The Beast
Frabriquée in France is a guitar type superstrate has 22 frets.
A micro HSS config with a DiMarzio humbucker and 2 Kent Armstrong.
The DiMarzio has exellent sound that fits well to my tastes.
The Kent Armstrong may be a bit too sharp for my taste but ca pti a quick equalizer and it's okay;)
Equipped with a floyd rose, dun saddle strings and mechanical locks schaller, it is superbly agreement
The settings are can not be simpler, and a volume knob and a selector 5 positions
Maple neck with maple fingerboard reported, corresponds perfectly with my fingers not super big


The handle is very nice and very fast, ideal for frenzied solo: p
Access to acute is exemplary, no need to bend the fingers to reach the last box.
Ergonomics are good, the guitar is balanced and fits snugly to the body.
sound good? Oh yes, a vacuum already there has been a certain warmth in the sound and once connected, it delivers a huge range of sounds and good qualities.


I play with everything from ska to hard rock to blues and metal, and in any case, it gets away without too much difficulty.
I play with a fender FM65R pti (clean sounds not too bad but distos yuck), a wah wah cry baby and a Danelectro overdrive.
The sound is very clear even in large distortions.Je mentioned above, it is a versatile wish ...
I love all sounds but I have a low pti for distortions that can produce hum DiMarzio


I use it for one week.
I like almost everything on it, no negative points (for me of course).
I try different guitars before you buy ... G & L, Godin ... but they lacked something ... all the lag is a degree of versatility over the others.
I found it was 350 euros on ebay, as you say I did not hesitate! So K / P for a huge guitar that was worth 1200 new ...
With experience, I probably do it again this election!

Fred7582's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg The Beast
Manufacturing Franaise of 1993 super run super fast, with 22 frets 5 creuss in acute, neck pickup Lag (trs with good bass, well rounded, well-blues!), The other is a micro DiMarzio humbucker .... trs edge (it was easily one of his Satriani, Vai, Van Halen ...)
Bridge / Floyd vibrato type (not bad)
A volume / Tone / slecteur a micro 3 positions


Channel Quick trs, trs good Access in acute lgre the guitar is shaped stratovolcano with an inverted head a little Hendrix ..... for sound is easily obtained from the strato ventail a standart sounds like Vai, Satriani, Van Halen, Rondat ...


Versatile guitar but when Ms. Branch Rock, Hard Rock even ...... the choice of the amp you turn to the solid type Marshall, Boogie, Carvin, ... I like the humbucker in the rhythm like Van Halen ...


I have been using an over several decades, I play with it yet trsrgulirement girlfriends when classes are in the same stratos Fender and a Gibson SG for a guitar .... Fran comfortable ... we do not blush .... trs is the good stuff ....

brui2fon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg The Beast
I just make some remarks on this MODEL, compared Previous notice.
mine is one of the 1ST SERIES THE BEAST, n 9003 SERIES
with high-end microphones: Not to be confused with the microphones lag! nothing to do! MODEL is the same except that the micro foto:

- Handle: Di Marzio PAF PRO
- Bridge: Di Marzio Tone Zone

2 doubles 1 single, 1 volume, 1 Tone knob that is also a push-pull switch that splits both humbuckers, 5-position switch

impeccable handle end trs playable, big jumbo frets in state, 22 frets, scalloped button
heel of the neck profile for Access in acute amazing!

handle stocky, basswood body, lgre, balance, beautiful varnish, mine Submitted traces of wear and tear aging, personal lovin instruments that have the VCU, (SRV) while retant rgls and perfectly playable. or no pt '

Floyd Rose tremolo and nut block chords

with its rigid tui (briefcase) of origin, state, with some points but is not that the rle of a case?

I put 9 pasque was not either cpmaorable trs stroke of high-end AMSI report quality price is excellent! and is far better than a Fender Start US aujourdui example


This guitar is surprisingly the size of the frets, trs wide and high, touching first in first surprise is unusual. when it is done, it is no longer a problem, however, c velvet, the handle is fine, the key of good width, medium, rev els comfortable for all types of game or positions agree ...

perfect balance with good proportions, with a form that push out the body, it is no ESG to wear this instrument.

scalloped boxes on the boxes under the treble strings, c spcial .. INTERESTED because we gain comfort, AMSI touch is no longer the same. I will, s, agree with light strings, which is not my case ....

the heel of the neck profile Access in treble is awesome!

it does not dsaccorde, I pouratnt tortures worthy images with these shots of Jimi, Stevie and Albert (king), 2 tone, 2 t 1 / 2

For my part, j'utilse little vibrato, I put a hold derrire to allow the accuracy of the game in double shooting note. but by removing the rear plate, with a simple phone whammy bar, the wedge tomb and it can be used ... Another advantage of the hold, if pte a rope (not that I almost never happened ... there is no agreement con if not


With this config, it was all a big sound that a guitar START

seymour the central amne a slap on the positions 2 and 4, ideal for funk, the arpges, and even prsque of acoustics, with EQ and effect

the pickups have an output level of powerful and warm, a good blues;

c kan to a double killing, the tone zone, adcape grain and harmonics. you win a lot of gain on the amp just with this guitar without pedals need to add to Supp.

this guitar is versatile but its strongest point is definitely the big sound

with my config JMP1 Classic + 50/50 + + 4 * 12 or * 12 2X2 .... I do not prs everything I want in the styles like: rock, blues, mtal, funk, reggae .. really versatile, you can play everything, and it is the the fact ... a really reliable guitar, ideal for scne

I put the 10 pasque really I do not see what you can get better on this guitar ... ptetre microphone with more serious and less low-medium, ...


Ben, like all the guitars I had, I would not sell it, as I masi not enough money to nrachter new, must evolve as I do my stuff ....

What I have is more like it gives the feeling of being one with it, I really, any level, playing comfort, sound recognition and identification .. I was in bliss ... It was enough to gum attorneys in the 4 * 12 and I jumped around without galrer to play ...

the price quality ratio is excellent, 10 years ago these were worth the same price MODELS Start a US, then this one qu'aujourdui have doubled in price and do not sound like a good strat ....

yes I would do this choice, but tastes change and I have a Stratocaster reissue 57 japan, the lag, and I'll buy a blade ptetr california custom, masi I would like a les paul or 335 ...

Philou13bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg The Beast
100% Franaise guitar 22 frets 2 double 1 micro micro simpleconfig SSH (a DiMarzio Tone Zone in acute and two microphones Lag in handle and medium) from 1998
mine is in natural mahogany with a satin varnish discreet best effect
Bridge Floyd Rose
rglage the Tone + 2 * 5 positions with push-pull to move from simple double
handle end in Saddle keys scalloppes
Tres lgre


Guitar trslgre ergonomic handle sustain important trs trs trs enjoyable fast;
radius lightweight, satin varnish glides well, the bends are effortless, the holding of the agreement is excellent due to the blocking of the strings ....
essay nothing better to plan the day easy and fast ....


I play rock, blues, varied
pramp JMP1 Quadraverb marshall amp Rocktron + 2 * 60
On the bridge pickup (Dimarzio Tone Zone) large well Dfine significant gain harmonic bcp bcp medium and serious .....
the neck pickup (rail lag) bof no strong personali output level no acute right its a little deaf ..
Micro medium blah blah: simple lag no output volume no personality does not exist ...
the push-pull does not fundamentally alter the sound of the tone zone
In short one good microphone on three ...... no positions intermdiaires interresting for me is all round or trestle .... For casseroles kunky if you want the medium?? .....


Guitar bought in 2001 ...
I love the look of natural wood (mahogany and stocky white for the handle) I love the warm tone, its attack, the sustain, I have a Japanese Start that I relgue in tui since my acquisition ( sold since ....)
The price quality ratio is excellent, all guitarists who have tried have packed t (he played on strat amricaine, music man ....)
With the experience I buy 2 for the same price ... the pickups are medium handle and a change to have a great versatile scraper lgre well finished and very easy to play