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All user reviews for the Stagg S300

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Average Score:2.9( 2.9/5 based on 21 reviews )
 1 user review5 %
 6 reviews29 %
 7 reviews33 %
 3 reviews14 %
 4 reviews19 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
The Midges03/09/2011

The Midges's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad for beginners"

Stagg S300
(See previous review)
Made in China (it shows)


It is a copy of strat so ergonomic and comfortable, a bit heavy but it happens. Access to acute is good but the fact that there have only 21 frets is pretty crippling. It necessarily requires an adjustment (action, harmonics, etc ...) to be playable. do it once it exceeds a Cort or Ibanez entries range but 100 € more expensive. We must also change all the strings of series. Mine has a small factory default, the D string tends to easily broken at the bridge but it's just mine: D


I play mostly rock but also punk rock and roll and blues. This is not the guitar the most appropriate to these styles but this is my first guitar and it's a gift so ... I use it with an amp and a pedal Gianninni U65 ZOOM G2.1u the sudden I can get just about any sound imaginable with stagg even so I'm not ashamed to use it on stage and I have not yet received cans of beer or tomato on stage (at least not because of my guitar ^ ^).
In his clear (and effects) the sound is crystalline but passes easily to the blues. In distortion is all rotten and that is that it requires improvement with effects, etc. ... In use one bridge, the sound is too crystalline configuration but for others it sounds OK. The unplugged sound is very good incidentally.


I use it for 3 years and this is my first guitar. However, I tried several other (mostly entry level) and it holds up especially because it is very easy to play (my NCHE is a highway ^ ^). What I like most is its unbeatable price. What I like least is the amp comes with the pack (good for the case without ever being used). The report is honest money, we can not ask too much at this price point. For a first guitar it is very good especially if it is not Croesus and I advise all who want to start guitar. But it is true that quickly reaches the limits and we want to move on other things rather quickly. The fact that the brand have a bad image does not help either but it is surmountable.

pjouan001's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not buy without the advice of expert '1"

Stagg S300
typical round fender


Ergonomics is all good but the guitar string made and obviously not control:
the neck is warped border on the fret nut in plastoc is too high and that no matter how ...
Hello by the poor beginners. and this is unfortunate because the woods are correct. I bought me knowingly given the price.
APRS 2 hours of work over the handle adjustment filing of certain frets (again the stick was possible but completely uninteresting), resumption of nut, locking vibrato because I do not use and it seems to me to degrade the sound and amplify unintentional mistuning
At this stage the guitar is easy to play. The sound is empty is that correct, he is good with notes that hang long.


Microphones are .. honest if indeed you use a proper amp (marshall and test SpiderValve) + EAR: ideal for testing the guitar.
Good amp stagg package: he's gone live in Emmaus.
The sounds are Fenderiens, the dynamic pretty no more. In short, a great little travel guitar and holds the road together.
Sustain, unlike what I read above is very good. The nut will change and it will be even better (almost as good that one of my all mahogany guitar HARMOND.Mais it is true that quality of production must be very very Ingal: I have inherited both a good model


3 days of use have completely revised the APRS (except electronics which do not crack unlike what I've read above)
I am more than satisfied. bluff So I bought fender vintage noiseless pickups on ebay (90 E), history of pushing a little.
Conclusion: If your handyman musicos, the opportunity is really worth
beginner without really geek buddy to try it before, and / or to correct some anomalies: go your way!

In short, a copy Fender cheap furniture factory as a very solid with the correct gear (for the price) but not over by musicians and thus making it unsuitable for use IMMEDIATE: what explains the opinions tr s differ on this guitar in this post
note 10 as may be 0 / 10

Phil_Guitar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
Violin making of this guitar is good quality and the pickups sound really good.
This guitar is the 1st electric guitar for my son who is 9 years old, and he REU as a gift of Christmas (2009).
The Stagg S300 electric guitar with a pitch shorter than a Fender Stratocaster:
This guitar has a tune of "57.6" cm, instead of "64.8" cm a Fender Stratocaster.
This amounts to a few prs play guitar tune "standard" by having placed a capo at the 2nd box and having r-tuning the guitar MI-LA-RE-SOL IF-MI.
Solid Alder body, Bolt-in saddle, rosewood fingerboard, 20 frets, 3 single coil pickups, 5-way diverter, 1 contrle volume gnral, 2 contrl in shade.
Cons by the hardware of this guitar is A veritable "disaster" (as most other models for children and small adults of all brands ...).
For this guitar becomes an instrument now truly "playable", it is absolutely necessary:
_ Change: Mechanical (which is pretty easy filmmaker): Mechanical by the quality of preferences "block chords" (like "Sperzel") and style "staggered" (search for "staggered tuners" on the web! I do not have room to explain everything here!)
_ Replace the nut with a graphite nut
_ Replace string by a string of a set of "pulling" a little louder and a mark of quality (a set of Elixir 10-52 is ideal for this guitar)
_ Replace the bridge type tremolo or the "freeze" in position "against al the body of the guitar." The tremolo delivered with this guitar is a true nightmare. Note: To find a tremolo on the size of that of this guitar, you may spend long hours of research, the tremolo of the guitar has absolutely nothing standard regarding its dimensions.
Once these transformations Producer, and a good rglage you are effected in presence of an instrument of excellent quality.
STAGG should propose a model "upgrade" the existing one, including these amendments, for a price multimdia course.

Kisai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
For Features and well .. is an immitation of stratocaster> 21 frets> 3micros
1 volume 2 tone


round enjoyable and easy to play
Nothing to say no more about Access in acute
I think the shape is one of the most practical for playing a guitar, however, is rather heavy: /
in sound ... say that rock can be something that is not ridiculous <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />
but I think ds is sought another type of sound is reached quickly the limits of this guitar


I play mostly rock (and sometimes mtal) and it lends itself quite well as I said prcedement
I play (unfortunately <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" /> ) With a Stagg amp
and just like a guitar set apart his "rock" I can not draw

(I play in a band with a friend who uses an Ibanez 1970 Custom and a vox amp and as long as we remain in a rock record I do not feel ridiculous apartment may be tapping into a microphone because of a little weaklings ^ ^ ")


I operate but holds for the past 4 months and started with
I immediately AIM model for stratocaster
with what I know now I think I would opt instead for a more upscale model (even used)

However, the report quality price (130 euros for the pack) I will not complain

and finally the guitar allowed me to make my first guitar <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />

trs soon I plan to redeem myself guitar and amp
and as I said this time I would opt for a better qualitbr />
THE FINAL: trs in my guitar to start well but unfortunately we reach the limits quickly trs


red-wind's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
See other reviews
Imitation stratum in the standard, if not a fret less.


The handle is enjoyable, easy Access in acute, the frets do not border on (if only I could say the same of my Gibson ...).
Too bad there are only 21 frets

Weight but nothing quite lev ct a Les Paul.

Ct use I find quite frankly Stagg.


I bought 6 years ago. A Submitted especially since I use a Gibson SG 4 years, and an Ibanez GRG, so I left the Stagg of ct.

I ressaye and compares with the other two on Vox AC30 rcemment and Behringer UltraTwin.
One could imagine that the sound is awful from Gibson. Well not that actually. I find that the sound level in him even it is almost as good as a Gibson SG.

Against it by default has a standard: it makes a horrible noise that recalls the high-voltage cables. Noise is high rev when using a single microphone. If you are in position intermdiaire two microphones can not hear it and thus almost the guitar is used.

The volume is a little weaker than my Ibanez and my Gibson, but I think a can rvler useful for one thing: use a large high compression distortion by setting the volume to a minimum (that is more lower than the minimum of the other guitars) allows for a clear lgrement perfect for dirty rock and roll, and also to play Blur.


This guitar is suitable for beginners. And even when no longer beginners, provided you do not use an amp Stagg ...

Versatility is the rendezvous, as all strata and strat imitations.

The finish and the handle are enjoyable. The weight is a bit heavy.

If we really n'coute the sound itself produced by the microphones, without attention to prter dsagrables background noise, the sound is not bad at all. But these sounds dsagrables gchent a little guitar, making it still an instrument for beginners.

Too bad there's not one or two more frets and the guitar makes a terrible noise. Anyway we will not spit on the guitar, it is not bad dj given the high rating it low price. And solid level we can say that I did see him and has always held up. As for the tuning frquent mentioned by someone, I would say no more often than on a Gibson (Gibson even has to be my agreement 3 4 times a day, and my Ibanez)

If I had the choice again, I think I would put a little more even when for Ibanez or Yamaha.

synseven's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
Overall this is a beginner guitar shaped strata. 3micros single coil pickups, 5 position 3 pots "volume tone tone" vibrato stagg poor quality a thin neck but not very pleasant when you're a beginner you not realize


Channel not too comfortable. For simple acute weight very heavy for a standard form strat What a Start


Not suitable at all in my style of play really sucks its price for a pack with 10w amp to 199 euros on the price you have a good scratch of occas really cool with his 10 times perform


Sa was my first guitar I got 3 years ago I never would do choice I squeezed into a rather directs ltd OCCAZ or a pack of newbie type f-10 receiver with
value for money good enough for beginners but will not have a good scratch then voila you have to judge

bigsoul123's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
Copy of stratocaster made in China

- Pickups: 3x single coil
- Controls: 1x volume + 2x tone
- Pu selector: 5 positions
- Body: solid alder (2 pieces)
- Neck: maple / 648 mm
- Fingerboard: rosewood / 21 frets
- Bridge: classic strat-style tremolo
- Mechanical, chromed
- Color: Sunburst


We have an alder body into two parts is not shocking considering the price, and I've seen on some more expensive models

A C-profile neck thicker than and less than a modern strat ressiue 1960
matt varnish and rosewood fingerboard fairly good. No flaws frets are comfortable, seemingly durable enough style "JUMBO" a bit high for my taste, which can be awkward for the slides so thin strings, too bad! (To settle the action)

Asmat microphones but "honest" given the price, ie not the thunders of war but an overdrive happening again (exit the metal)

For the mechanical hardware are pretty catastrophic must be said. The bridge is a replica of the old models to five anchor points except for the bridges that they are more modern, nickel finish, a priori, one can doubt but it works well.

The tone pots work and plate "pickguard" white is limited. Note
that painting "sunburst" 3 tone is quite successful.


This guitar is well suited for blues rock and funk (Texas Blues)

I use a tube amp style TWEED modernized a bit with HP 12 "

We found a very characteristic sound of its big sisters in California, a classic
Crystalline, and very expressive. Yum!
certainly not as great as the original ... it is definitely a can!
Good sustain
sounds with microphones handle alone and middle + bridge are convincing
(I think with good it'll be nice alnico pickups.)


I use it for a week.

Well to start if the plug on a quality amp!

Most alder body as the real (SB) rather well, to see CAUTION according to the series!

the maple neck + rosewood correct / value for money

The -: the mechanical / pickguard / nickel finish questionable / microphones Asmat / lacrosse not very pretty

I happened to test a lot of different guitars including some luxury models and have been playing for ten years.

The value for money is good overall.

nassif1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar
- Pickups: 3 single coil (SSS)
- Settings: 1 volume + 2 tone
- Micro switch: 5 positions
- Body: solid alder
- Neck: maple / 648 mm
- Fingerboard: rosewood / 21 boxes
- Bridge: classic Start style tremolo
- Mechanical: Oil bath chrome
- Color: black


You get used to the handle over time, access to treble is good enough, the guitar still a considerable poinds compared to others. The pickups are really, really basic, hard to get good artificial harmonics.


As more metal-oriented, hard, it leaves something to be desired, but since I play a Line 6 Spider III 30, the receiver ratrappe good mics and some effects are not refusing to clean the sound ... parcontre the guitar is a bit "violent", set out, the amp ...


I use the scratch for a year now, and my level, she is more than enough (almost) his fault: the microphones, to change at least something a little better. This is my first guitar, and the first I've seen not test it before la.Le price (~ € 100) is ok for a guitar like that, the quality is not poor, but not good either. We opt for a Squier Standard + for this one.

neop0rn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
See above


-Round classic, not to play dsagrable
Access in acute-correct form strat
Strat-form practice to play sitting, but quickly became a standing pnible, because of its weight
In 3-month slecteur dtrior was the change in position makes a noise ... pretty disgusting after a year and a half, the slecteur not work nearly over: we must tap above in order to operate the microphone, there must be a problem at the contact ... and without even using the slecteur to simulate a wah or other actions that could cause a dt deterioration early age. it also trspnible obtain accurate harmonic whistle with this guitar ... they should be even with a look and it's hard to make them sound
-A guitar that bends dsaccorde with 2 ...


DSIR-play songs over typsmtal, it is not suitable at all in my style of music ... with a more clean rglage can easily play grunge or pop rock, but not trs tips Labors ...
-I have a Vox Valvetronix, so I have some direct effects on the amp ...
Trs-it is difficult or impossible to get good sound in any style whatsoever ... it trspnible
-As I said before the whistle or artificial harmonics very difficult to ring, and the sound is awful slecteur ...


I have used it for almost 2 years now ... as I was told a friend who plays guitar on higher-end "over time you will soon feel the impact stagg"
In fact, I have to connect it 2 times a day, without EXAGRES the slecteur again, bad microphones qualitbr />, as beginners, I was looking for something not too expensive to would not give me too many qualms about wasting money if ever j'arrtais, and I did not even play, so no, I have not tried any before
She has a good relationship quality plutt to 200, the package offers guitar (no kidding 0_0), amp, bag, jack, CD learning the basics and a tuner a rudimentary wind ... so try to tune a guitar with a!
-With exprience, I used a guitar m'achterais now just go to 31 cash or barter of the island to find a fairly correct, and there are tutorials tr s explanatory makes case for how default. She does, however, trs useful for beginners ...

fuego3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stagg S300
22 frets guitar made in china
otherwise the rest is a copy of Start


The handle is too big and not slippery enough for slides
The access to the boxes is way above the 17th.
Otherwise the handling is good for beginners.


It should have a set of beginners to dgrossir but no more!
level amp useless to invest in a good amp, it sounds like a rather casserole.Investissez in Amplug VOX or multi purpose pocket POD.Moi I like a zoom GFX-1 and I get to have a rather his drinking and then just play with headphones
The only correct position or it sounds (at least roughly), it is on the microphone and the Chevallet Chevallet the intermdiaire +.
By turning against you can direct the grasp of vibrato is void! Springs mine n'tait not even fixs!


I jou on for a year for beginners and is the sole vocation!
I had not tried other guitars before, but in this price range I do not think there have to big diffrence between the brands.
I would do the same choice with exprience? No, I save more to buy better, but it's a good guitar for beginners when it unclear as to what you want music.