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  • Steinberg UR824

    Steinberg UR824 - "Very good choice"


    Steinberg is a company with a long history in the music market so I was interested in their products. It's a very good interface, the preamps and converters are good. But if you buy this product it means you demand quality and you have surely a chan…

  • Steinberg UR44

    Steinberg UR44 - "Professional studio Everywhere"


    What motivate me to buy this product are the following: -Cubase was my DAW of choice; the reason is because it is very compatible with the audio interface UR44. Steinberg created them both so there is no reason for compatibility issues -6 inpu…

  • Steinberg UR22

    Steinberg UR22 - "Worked really well - Then died...."


    UR 22 Steinberg/YAMAHA Read all the posts and reviews and found value of money with recording quality Ran very well with Cuebase and Audacity. Perfect sound zero detectable noise on Vox and instruments UTILIZATION Drivers and performance is good.…

  • Steinberg UR824

    Steinberg UR824 - "Good unit for everything (except MIDI)"


    I bought it for the quality (overestimated at the time) of its preamps, for the software integration with Steinberg DAWs, for the two digital inputs, which meant 24 potential recording tracks. I use it to record sound on the move with a laptop. …

  • Steinberg UR28M

    Steinberg UR28M - "Overall sound is good, and works great with Cubase"


    The Steinberg UR28M connects to computer via USB connection. The audio quality is very transparent and clean when using it. It also gave me latency free monitoring and came with a copy of Cubase AI 6 software and a few plug ins and VST’s which were…

  • Steinberg UR22

    Steinberg UR22 - "Good for home recordings"


    The UR22 is a 2 in and 2 out interface that works via USB. It has phantom power and MIDI connections on the back of it. This box is very small but still powerful, the preamps in it are very warm and quiet and do not color the sound at all. This inter…

  • Steinberg UR824

    Steinberg UR824 - "Nothing not to like about it"


    This interface is rackable using 1 rackspace, it connects to my desktop computer running Windows 7 by a USB cord that is on the back of it. The UR824 is one of the better interfaces that Steinberg has came out with due to the preamps built into it. …

  • Steinberg UR824

    Steinberg UR824 - "I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again"


    I was looking for a soundcard with two adat inputs to be able to connect my console digitally. After hesitating between the hybrid 828 and the 824, considering that I use cubase 5 studio, I decided to go for the same brand due to integration. UTILI…

  • Steinberg UR44

    Steinberg UR44 - " Good interface"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? Reliability, quality preamps and convertos, many in / out, 2 headphone outputs For what purpose? Home studio and mobile recording What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard, ...)? …

  • Steinberg UR22

    Steinberg UR22 - " Good material"


    I bought this interface first for its price. It seemed really cheap. I made a home use, connecting a guitar or bass amp output, microphone occasionally, and my PC sound. It is lit when it is ON all the time so. The amp above is very significant, …