Steinberg UR44
Steinberg UR44

UR44, USB audio interface from Steinberg in the UR series.

ejmitra25 09/03/2014

Steinberg UR44 : ejmitra25's user review

« Professional studio Everywhere »

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What motivate me to buy this product are the following:

-Cubase was my DAW of choice; the reason is because it is very compatible with the audio interface UR44. Steinberg created them both so there is no reason for compatibility issues

-6 inputs, sufficient for recording basic drum set up

-I’m planning to buy my first electronic drums (Roland V-drums) the midi input in this hardware will help me hook the electric drums via MIDI for recording

-2 headphone outputs, good ( 1 for the artist and 1 for the producer)

- the grey and the black color and metal casing matches the color of my MacbookPro and its very professional looking

- Ipad Compatibility; Record anywhere you like


This audio interface gives me no latency at all. Record will delay and noise free audio. Unfortunately there is no support for the new OSX Yosemite so I decided to downgrade my operating system.

I use the Steinberg Cubase 7.5 and the Adobe Audition CC and it works without any compatibility issues.

You can record 6 audio tracks simultaneously, good for recording my band ( acoustic setup)


When I bought this product, my first impression was this is good and professional equipment. Even the packaging is good, you will keep it for remembrance

This equipment has complete instructions and manuals inside the box. The installation was very easy. Just download the updated driver, hook the interface and your ready to go. ( Registering this product online is optional but I suggest have time registering it for support)

So far it didn’t give me headache and it always run very smoothly


I am a very satisfied customer of this product because it has no latency, noise free pre amp and it looks very professional

what i didn't want was the free guitar effects and amplifier simulator it sounds like a crap

I have tried different kind of audio interface like m-audio fast track, but my vote is still on this interface, the Steinberg UR44

-Sufficient input for semi professional studio
- professional looking and its built like a tank ( metal casing)
- the pre amp let your vocals sound more warmer and smooth

- importing this product ( there is no Steinberg products available at my country, Philippines) so i need to go to singapore by myself to buy this product