Steinberg UR22
Steinberg UR22

UR22, USB audio interface from Steinberg in the UR series.

Ours_Chauve 06/12/2014

Steinberg UR22 : Ours_Chauve's user review

«  Good material »

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I bought this interface first for its price. It seemed really cheap.
I made a home use, connecting a guitar or bass amp output, microphone occasionally, and my PC sound. It is lit when it is ON all the time so.
The amp above is very significant, although already having an amp in my loop, we reached the peak fast enough. I'm not very familiar with the more gear interface, I still use it perhaps as a ham.


The plug 'n play system works very well. You plug it works.
Regarding recording mono / multi-tracks, I do not comment, computer music puts my PC to its knees.


5 months of use, I have not encountered a hardware problem or incompatibility.
The case does its thing, it works.


5 months of ownership, I will not regret my purchase.
It is very suitable in a home use, the power supply by USB is a real plus for mobility, but the low number of tracks and settings are in fact not really a scene tools / studio.

The price fell further (acquired € 140 in January, now it is in the 120), if it's small, rugged equipment you need, I think this is one of the best products in the market.