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[Getting started] The best studio headphones for about $100[Studio headphones]3Red Led139008/26/2016 05:15
by ainaudio
[Getting started] The top studio headphones for less than $50[Studio headphones]2Red Led129307/24/2016 05:59
by okcomputerik
Best headphones for mixing? (monitors are not an option)[Studio headphones]3NEEDMOREBASS226507/09/2015 11:23
by shoegazers
Comments about the review: The Hear and Now[Audio-Technica ATH-M70x]0Mike Levine148304/03/2015 15:27
by Mike Levine
Comments about the review: The Great Studio Headphone Comparison Test[AKG K 702]2Red Led573709/25/2014 07:08
by beatdrop
Comments about the review: 770 + 110 = 880[Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro]2Red Led453304/28/2014 02:30
by TeleFunk
Comments about the review: The Professional Spirit[Focal Spirit Professional]0Red Led169101/28/2014 01:06
by Red Led
Comments about the news item: Win customized Custom One Pro headphones[Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro]4Banshee in Avalon325010/14/2013 23:16
by Chater-La
Comments about the news item: Reminder: BeyerDynamic My Headphone Contest[Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro]1Banshee in Avalon143310/01/2013 16:28
by Meyerdynamic
Comments about the review: The AKG Case[AKG K 702]0Red Led115707/26/2012 23:53
by Red Led
Comments about the review: Really HD?[Sennheiser HD 650]1Red Led370307/26/2012 07:07
by longbowbbs
Comments about the review: The Barry White of Headphones[Ultrasone PRO 2900]0Red Led110007/23/2012 02:42
by Red Led
AKG K240S or AKG K240 MKII[AKG K 240 Monitor]289_en359011/12/2008 04:22
by 89_en
[News] Ultrasone PRO 900[Ultrasone PRO 900]0kon-tiki106208/29/2008 04:36
by kon-tiki
[News] BeyerDynamic DT 880 Pro[Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro]0kon-tiki95504/26/2008 02:16
by kon-tiki
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