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Thread Best headphones for mixing? (monitors are not an option)

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Topic Best headphones for mixing? (monitors are not an option)
I'm in a cramped spot and even if I could fit monitors, I wouldn't get them at the ideal angle and height for optimal mixing. So anyone have tips for best headphones for tracking and mixing that won't cost me more than 300 bucks?
These are by far the best headphones in that range (and normally you can't even get them for that low, but there's a great deal on amazon)

Edit: just updated the URL, accidentally posted the one of me adding it to my cart earlier :mdr:

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I would suggest the audio-technica ATH-M40fs headphones, which was their top of the line in 2008. They have a very flat frequency response with absolutely no bass boost or coloration. They're relatively inexpensive as well, since the company is now pushing their new line of ATH-M50's, and the M40's would well serve your particular needs.

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It’s still in the very early stages, but I’ve been working on a site that finds the best headphones for each particular use, and am currently focusing on headphones for studio mixing. As I say, it’s still very new, so the results aren’t perfect, but feel free to check it out.