Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD 600

HD 600, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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All user reviews for the Sennheiser HD 600

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 14 reviews )
 11 reviews79 %
 3 reviews21 %
Audience: Advanced users
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Blue Xrysalis08/29/2016

Blue Xrysalis's review"HD600 : A very capable headphone"

Sennheiser HD 600
I recently tested the HD600 alongside the HD650, HD700 and HD800 all by Sennheiser.

I have since purchased the HD600 for my studio, where I use them for mixing tracks, and for mastering. I do all my mixing and mastering on speakers, but a good set of open back headphones gives a different perspective on a mix.

The comparison was done on a decent D/A converter with a good headphone amp. I listened to different styles of music ranging from , Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Rock and Metal as well as acoustic guitar and vocals.

I have to say the top headphone by far in every possible respect was the HD800. It had an amazing 3D soundstage where you could locate every instrument. Excellent frequency response from lows to highs with a solid but not overpowering bass. In fact it felt like I was listening to a set of high end speakers.

The biggest disappointment out of the 4 headphones tested was the HD700, it sounded very shrill in the high end, and that was enough to put me off testing it further.

Then came the HD650 which has very good imaging, not quite like the HD800 but excellent none the less. It's bass was very solid and clear, but the big downfall of these headphones in my opinion were the highs... they seem to have vanished when listening to acoustic guitar, which sounded like something other than an acoustic guitar through the HD650s. That alone put me off these phones. But, Metal and Rock sounded great through them as well as Electronic Music, mainly because of the great low end response.

Now to the HD600s. I was wishing I had the money to buy the HD800s but alas not at the moment, so I tested the HD600s thoroughly on all types of material. The first thing that became evident was that the HD600s had quite an even frequency response. The acoustic instruments sounded very real over the entire frequency spectrum. These phones sounded good on most material even on Metal, the top end was clear and crisp without being harsh. The bottom end was detailed and clear without being overpowering. Compared to the HD650 low end the HD600s are a little less pronounced, but still clear. In terms of the high end, the HD600s sounded far more natural to my ears than did the HD650s.

Comparing the imaging of the HD600s to the HD800 and HD650, the HD600s were not as wide as either of the other two phones, but still had a decent sound stage.

Comfort wise, the HD600 and HD650 were pretty much identical and felt perfect, and compared to the HD800, I found the 600s to be a better fit for my head. The HD800s might be better suited for people with larger heads than mine, and felt a little loose to me.

In terms of headphone distortion, the HD800s provided the purest audio of any of the 4 headphones I tested, with the HD650 coming next, and the HD600 following closely behind that. So the HD600 sounded very smooth to my ears but the other two were slightly smoother in sound quality.

Overall weighing up the price /performance of the 4 headphones, the HD600s were perfect for my needs and are an excellent headphone and for $333US new, a great deal.

I am using these in-studio with Waves Nx room modelling plugin with head tracking, which makes the headphones sound like you're listening to speakers, thus drastically imrpoving the imaging. I've also added Sonarworks Reference 3 headphone calibration software to my DAW which balances out the headphone frequency response, thus improving the bass response as well as evening out any frequency peaks or dips in overall response.

The HD600 headphones sound amazing through this system, and give me the ability to mix whole tracks entirely on headphones when I'm travelling and haven't got access to a full studio.

I'd definitely recommend the HD600s to anyone who's doing studio work and doesn't want to mortgage their house, but if I had more money to spend I would have definitely gone for the HD800s....... Maybe one day...

As for the HD600's 4 star rating, the HD800 would get the full 5 stars, but in this respect the top of the bar was set very high, and in comparison the HD600's did very well in my opinion.

JimboSpins's review"Amazing sound quality"

Sennheiser HD 600
The Sennheiser HD 600 has a very clean sound and they are very comfortable. The only thing I didn’t like about them is the look and design of them. I feel the splashed color on them is very unattractive and should have been left off. But the sound of them outshines the look; they have an amazing sound with great bass response. The mids and highs are very clean and crisp and can be used to mix songs with.
The stereo sound and spread in these headphones is great. I have used them to work with in a studio and a band that I work with has used them to work live with. They have a frequency response of 12 Hz to 39 kHz. They come with a 10 foot cable which makes them perfect for my studio because they can reach just about anywhere. They are built well and will last a long time I just didn’t like the look of them.
When wearing the HD 600 around ear headphones I immediately noticed how comfortable they were but they made my ears really hot. I am not sure if they size of the was too big or what the issue was but for some reason my ears would get really hot and start sweating easily when wearing them and this doesn’t happen too often with many sets of headphones.
The sound is amazing and it should be for this price, but I do not know why they didn’t make them more appealing color and design wise. I even tried to look and see if they came in different colors but I could not find any different colors or designs. If the look does not bother you I highly suggest spending the money on these because you will not get a better studio sound under 500 bucks. The HD 600 headphones are some of my favorite headphones when comparing the sound of them to other ones that I have used under 500 dollars.

nuin373's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Sennheiser HD 600
Open headphones.
Used since 2007 to mix, in addition to pregnant MSP5 Yam (recently traded for Solo6 Be).

I bought from an Allen & Heath XD-53 on a recce to supplement low (and it is a closed headphone).

The +:
- Great sound, including bass, finally (/ Solo6)
- Comfortable to wear comfort + open headphones (it is not "locked")
- Strength: never had a problem, even with the cable (though I use it a lot, and I even carted in external session)

The -:?

Q / P: very correct, I think

Yes, I would buy ...
Dj H.Core11/11/2009

Dj H.Core's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
I use this headphone for a year and a half on my first listen I have not really felt much but as time collapsing these headphones become more and more of impressed.
The listening quality is really perfect crystal of acute, severe, not sloppy and not "disco" there are clearly defined and such a medium. This headphone is made of quality for quality, the music on low quality (120 kbit / s) means default is really all we feel that the sound is "compress" but that one passes the 190 (CD quality ) or 320 it becomes sheer madness! means all is when I told her all the slightest sound in the back!.
I shoot with a Denon AVR 3803 (800 euro) an equalizer Red / on (vintage) and a mixer BST (vintage) to double equalization. Sound combine to become the true vintage sound delirium is the end and pure.
The headphones are extremely durable, many other headphone is released with much "Equalizer" but not the HD 600 is still alive aprer 1 ½ years of use and the Equalizer is perfect you imprassion of be pregnant with very high quality headphones.
Only problem in the short time become less present at low sulfide and as it ages but nothing very serious.
I also use it in a mixing Synq SMX 3 and plate 20 is that CFX is of pure happiness <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" />
If you say was an audiophile who demands the best quality sound without limit and with incomparable strength the HD 600 will be a nugget of gold!
The 280 euro price for me to deliver nine in a box with a port jack plate "or"
If I had the choice again I would without hesitation .... The HD 600 is an all new musical air!

tetar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
I bought this headset for about a month at a good price I think, 220 which amounts to a cheap ass headphones but we made better reflects APRS have speakers that have cost ten times the value of the headset, this headset brings the precision of Systm is monitoring more and I t lev sduit quickly by the sound produced by these small hp, you lose recess issue spatialization and also the vibration that can transmit real pregnant but we see that for the ca t I if I bought a small monitor with the price I put it is that nothing emptying are comparable in terms of quality and precision made and (I speak of speakers to the same price as the headphone). yes I said that because they voy you and I find tremendously prcis, although my ears are not express trs I have been all to hear sounds I never noticed before on many of the cd I listen to.

I was in my ears a dozen cheap headset in less than 50 and I can dir it's another world but it is true that the sources must also successfully remove the bin if the means of the defects that can produce the devices. Question is really comfortable with it's cousin velvet I think it is a strong but I can plutt sensitive ears and I feel that they lack in the area, but the work doing his headphone, as this model is more open then imagine with a closed model have in what you say it work better with real speakers but impractical so we are done with.

qualitprix for the report I am more than satisfied and more it's mouth with his industrial color her dress but I doubt the quality of plastic in the long run, because the plastic which take the headset is really late I think.

if I had the choice again I think I will take the HD 650 is a premium magazine diapason, diapason d'or 2004 as the MODEL that prim Diapason d'Or 1998 and five canvas WHATS HIFI
but if the funding permits only. So in the end it's a great headphone that has an enjoyable and its trs plutt a neutral rponse amazing, I'm Fully satisfied with my purchase, I am gn ral plutt rarely.

winkybass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
I use it for six months, it is perfect, good return, listen to cd that I know very well I discovered the sounds richer uses it to catch on protools, (note that is not completely closed, but personal, I did not get back its on my record taken with a neumann).
in money, we pay for.
I am fully satisfied with this headset.

sephiro75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
A good casque.le its very similar to that of the HD25 is more accurate even if the graves.Cependant, for a price equivalent, I tend to prefer the Sony 7509, more comfortable during long sessions, and more closed . seinheiser indeed sells it as a farm but it is more semi-open. impossible to wear when shooting because the neumann not forgive, and we end up with a little faster phasing out of which it is not clear or ...
however, it's very well balanced, both in terms of frequencies and volumes, and I appreciate his great neutrality.
in short an excellent stereo headphones, which may occasionally be used to check a mix.

infomatique's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
I use this headset with a Myryad Z110 CD Player (750) and NAD C320 amp (400). stepfather was a little expensive to some, but the price paid for the music, not noise.

I have 3 years. I made the comparison with many other headphones in this price range and much more Chres pregnant, some ten times Chres.

It is a joy. Prcis and music are his qualities.

J'coute always with headphones, because AUCUNNES speaker can match a price of around headphones.

Now I want a STAX. But the other is a price range.

jls42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
I ais since November 2004 (it's been three months). I chose ais APRS many opinions and ic (among other things on AF) and also because it was in the promo that time (229 instead of 300 to 500 show some mag)
I board made a quick test in the store comparing other headphones of the same brand and other brands.
Dj trs is comfortable (it takes all the ear). In the long run it is a little on the head (at the ear, a little below). But there is no pain, we feel it does not impede.
I use stereo headphones instead to listen to my CDs without gn my neighbors or my roommate.

Since I use it every time a rvlation. It is devilishly analytical means everything, be it dfaults, or vice versa perfection. It remains trs equilibrated in the spectrum: low dynamic lgre, clean, warm. Submitted Mdium and clear. Acute crystal-clear, not shrill. Short as happiness. Each headphone costs with this transports me into the universal musical j'coute. My exprience is too small to say whether there is better, but personally I am more than satisfied.

As I Dissais a little higher is analytic trs. He does everything out is a guide that tells you the there it costs. But it does not COST a purely analytical. He knows how to keep a balance between musical and analysis. I re-discovered my albums. dfault heard many, and seen new things (it allowed me to hear instruments that you hear is gnralement Lorqui a focus). It's a real rvlateur but emphasize that the mix does not put forward.

It is expensive, but quality level .... it is perfect for me.
I would do without this choice problem, I finally bit full cost of music.

leyee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 600
Nothing to say about this headphone. Initially I bought it because living temporarily in a nice apartment but with the neighbors around, I too could not help me keep the egg from the speakers as much as I often work at night on the mix of my songs. Willy-nilly it was necessary that I turn to a headphone and knowing the reputation of sennheiser I have been tempted. and what a slap! I really rediscovered many hard I thought I knew by heart: there is no default does a trap, I can tell you!!
In short even if it is relatively expensive, these headphones will accompany you all the long winter nights;)