TC Electronic BG250
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TC Electronic BG250 user reviews

  • TC Electronic BG250-210

    TC Electronic BG250-210 - "Almost perfect for me – except for..."


    One of the rare combos to feature a 2x10" speaker... Lightweight, yet powerful enough for small stages. Doen not color the instrument excessively... It doesn’t provide a Markbass’s sound of punch either, but for such a price it’s more than enough. Th…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - "Parfait pour moi"

    09/16/12 J'aurais bien pris le Spectracomp au lieu du Tubedrive comme effet accompagant le Toneprint... 16kg seulement! Je connais des bass qui pèsent plus que lui... UTILIZATION Je m'en sert …

  • TC Electronic BG250-112

    TC Electronic BG250-112 - " We at (just) for money .."


    Preamp with all digital amplification DSP 250 Watt (Watts indeed present) 16 kg (low weight indicating the thin panels of the enclosure) 458 x 375 x 540 mm (easy transport) Built-in 6 String Tuner (relatively precise and practical) 1x 12 "…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " very good product"


    well nothing wrong, but I 9 because with a passive I find the sound a bit muffled but with active just excellent. The 250w is really present. I often use the drive tube to sound a bit outdated. I use very little tone print but it's pretty easy to i…

  • TC Electronic BG250-208

    TC Electronic BG250-208 - " Top amp for home and evolutionary"


    The BG250-208 is very different from other combos of the BG250 series (115, 112 and 210 according to HP included in the combos). These other amps are independent products. 208 is actually a package including BH250 head embedded in a cab with 2 HP…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " Excellent amp"


    Excellent combo of bass, good power, not too heavy to carry, great sound (well not too easy to adjust, apparently the knobs interact with each other) but when mastered it makes great Good they make a big Tone-Print. blah I is not very practical G…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " Awesome!"


    Previous opinions clearly explain the features. Needless to repeat everything. 15 "250W with tube emulation + opportunities to add an effect via the tone print all for a very light weight. The connection is very complete, except perhaps the fact …

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " Warm, Very very good round, without too spend your round ..."


    Transistor Power: 250 Watt 1 speaker 15 "with tweeter TonePrint function can select effects and presets artists Built-in tuner Simulation Thomann lamps pre-amp and amp TC Bass Chorus integrated 3-band EQ Balanced XLR DI output Headp…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115MKII

    TC Electronic BG250-115MKII - " Hot terrible round lightweight ..."


    Amp transistor 250watts 15 "and twitter Integrated tuner Simulator lamp, whose control is original Simulation lamps pre-amp and amp TC Bass Chorus integrated 3-band EQ Balanced XLR DI output Headphone output on 3.5 mm mini Jack Thoman…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " VERY GOOD VALUE AND WEIGHT"


    amp transistor, see the specifications on the website of TC UTILIZATION very easy to use, there is a sound that should quickly without the manual. SOUNDS I was looking for an amp that gives a clear, warm, accurate and balanced in all tessitur…