TC Electronic BG250-208
TC Electronic BG250-208

BG250-208, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from TC Electronic in the BG250 series.

lse 07/14/2014

TC Electronic BG250-208 : lse's user review

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The BG250-208 is very different from other combos of the BG250 series (115, 112 and 210 according to HP included in the combos).
These other amps are independent products.
208 is actually a package including BH250 head embedded in a cab with 2 HP 8 inches.
The head is not removable, or more precisely if it is but this requires opening the case of the firm which blew warranty.
Among the differences with other amps BG250 series, because it is composed of the BH250 head, this combo is the only one with an HP external output.

Characteristics are those of the head BH250 it was doubly Audiofanzine tested by the team of the website and readers:

This is a 250W amp transistor (well for the head) with these features:

250 Watt
11.75 kg
292 x 320 x 465 mm
Built-in 6 String Tuner
2x 8 "custom drivers
Tone Controls Made for Bass Boost and Cut at Different Frequencies
Bass: Cut @ 80Hz / 100Hz @ Boost
Mid: @ 500Hz Cut / Boost @ 800Hz
Treble: Cut @ 1,400 Hz / 2,500 Hz @ Boost

Aux input (mini jack)
Headphone output (mini jack)
Balanced DI Out
External cab
Pedal (not included)

TonePrint Enabled
6 Effect Types (Chorus, Flanger, VibratoOctaver, SpectraComp, Bass Drive)


The manual is short and the configuration is not obvious (see the test bench of the head) but after a few manipulations we made it quickly

The TonePrint is a gadget for effects, but not for the sounds in the sections TubeDrive there are interesting sounds.


I started, the machine suits me perfectly.
With 8-inch bowls you will not shake the walls, moreover, if the amp is given to 250W, these two little HP have a fairly low yield which makes BG250-208 the ideal machine in the apartment. For a concert it must have to be a very small room or an external firm (or transplanting)

I play it with an Ibanez SR590 active and Mexican JazzBass (passive so) in both cases it is (mostly blues, jazz, old rock). That said this is a great neutral amp, for those who love the stuff that color, will have to play the pedal.

One of the advantages for personal use is that it is completely silent, zero snoring is super light amp small and very civilized in the apartment (plus it's pretty)


Previously I had an Ampeg BA115 that I liked but I sold due to the lower stop for a while and also for reasons of space, it was heavy, with a very good sound, but n had not the very practical side of BG250-208. The BA115 weighs the weight of a Norman wardrobe and has a (excellent) sound.

At this price, I would do without hesitation that choice, at its current price (300 euros) the BG250-208 is no competitor for domestic, wholesale is the price of one head with so a small cab 2X8 "gratos supplied with ..

In contrast to concerts, his older brothers more marked because seems to me that with her two little HP is not powerful at all. Nothing to do for example with AMPEG BA115 yet given to 100w only while the BG250-208 displays 250, which rumbled infinitely stronger (and more serious)