TC Electronic BG250-115
TC Electronic BG250-115

BG250-115, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from TC Electronic in the BG250 series.

ticol 12/06/2013

TC Electronic BG250-115 : ticol's user review

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Previous opinions clearly explain the features. Needless to repeat everything.
15 "250W with tube emulation + opportunities to add an effect via the tone print all for a very light weight.
The connection is very complete, except perhaps the fact that you can not plug in another forum (which does not appear to be necessarily required because of the volume that can achieve this combo).
And coupled to the auxiliary input jack allows headphones to work at home in the evening without tt sound to the world.


Simple setup and the manual clearly explains the various features including equalization and level of use of TonePrint.


I use this amp with a PB and JB in a more rock context (but using clear as well as rather fat and saturated sounds sounds).
One can easily get a wide variety of sounds through the very effective equalization.
Caution, if equalization is effective, there is still some subtleties to understand how to use it: all three knobs is on a frequency that is not the same depending on whether it is cut or boost.
Knob boosts the treble around 6 or 7 kHz, so we do not really hear the effect with a passive bass. on the other hand, if we decrease the effect on her was immediate.
To have a more sculpted custom sound, add a front pedal allows more subtle (but hey this is the case for the majority of amps that do not have integrated equalizer bands). So this is not a criticism.

The Tubedrive allows you to add a standard color tube amp.
This effect comes into its own when the gain and master (like a real tube amp, what) we boost. For my part I find effective and sound very convincing.
Namely: the fact to mount the drive boosts the mids on a fairly broadband -> very effective group. If you do not like it need a little boost the bass and treble to compensate.

The Toneprint allows you to add an effect to choose from a list available via a mobile app. For my part, I tried many things but not very focused on sounds too tampered with, and they are not really configurable, I leave continuously the compressor (SpectraComp) which gives a little more thickness and definition to the sound and made me put my Multicomp.
But it is a good feature to test many different things.
Caution some pedals if enabled can prevent TonePrints to load correctly (VT Bass include: deactivate it).

Meanwhile, this amp has the particularity to really flourish when mounting the volume. A low volume is a little deaf. The trick is then down a bit serious.
But once you turn it up, you feel the power and clarity.
Similarly, although it is not always possible, it is not adhered to play this amp if you want to hear the subtleties.

Finally, setting the standard combo does not necessarily have a very sexy sound: the preamp is very flat and the speaker does not seem to have a huge sound signature. So playing by yourself you can find it less attractive than some config that emphasize the bass and treble. But this is actually a good advantage when playing in a group. The sound is effective immediately, the mids are not recessed.

I play in a rock band with a drummer who does not have the nimble hand and a guitarist who likes to push the distortion. And frankly, I've never managed to get the sound to more than 4 or 5 without it is too loud for everyone. So large a volume as possible without any problems.


I use it for a little over 1 year and again in concert and I am very satisfied.
It is lightweight (finite transport with devil breaking 5 vertebrae during loading and unloading in the trunk of the car), a powerful and versatile enough.
And with that, it is really not expensive compared to other amps offering the same type of performance.