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Thread New and request for BCR2000 HELP!!!

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Topic New and request for BCR2000 HELP!!!
Hi- Just logging in for the first time.

I'm based in the UK, currently in a band that are writing and recording a self-produced CD. Mainly we're using a combination of Zoom, Tascam and Boss Multitrackers, sucking the files onto PC and then mixing using Sony Acid Pro 6. All that seem to work fine.

Where I'm really struggling is with the live setup. I use a Godin xtSA guitar with separate signal paths for the piezo pickups, the mag pickups and the 13 pin synth output.

The piezo signals get routed via a Behringer Virtualizer into a submixer, then to main PA
The synth output drives a Roland GR33, which in turn drives a Novation A Station synth via its MIDI output
I control program changes on the Novation and the Virtualizer by means of a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI control pedal (though unfortunately any program change on the GR33 also gets passed through to the Novation, so any tips on filtering out this data and just leaving the note data intact would be welcome- don't know if that's possible with the BCR2000)

The mag signals get routed via a Boss GT8 pedal, which is MIDI controllable but I use it stand alone.

I'd like to try and use the BCR2000 to control the GT8, the GR33, the Virtualizer and the Novation simultaneously and set up presets that would allow me to hit a single button, encoder, switch or whatever and set each of the pieces of equipment to the desired patch for the beginning of the next number. This would save me spending 5 minutes in between songs stomping up and and down my array of pedals to initialise everything for the start of the next song.

Trouble is, I really don't find the BCR2000 manual very logical in its explanation. I had the same problem with the foot pedal for a while, until suddenly the penny dropped and I understood the concept.

Anyone got any advice for a confused guitarist? Even if the advice is "don't bother" I'd be grateful!

I don't have any input, but welcome and good luck in your quest.

I'm just a simple blues guy who has worked really hard to keep the live rig simple. Technology is cool in the studio, but I like to keep the live show as simple as possible.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Axeman- thanks for the greetings. I like the sound of keeping it simple. Seems my rig has just grown organically to the point where it's in danger of controlling me rather than the other way round. I've 'rationalised' it a couple of times too (cut down on the rackmount effects). Maybe I'll go back to 12 string acoustic on the next batch of songs!