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Thread New - Pro Tools Question/Help

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1 New - Pro Tools Question/Help
Hey, just joined up.

Looking to get a new comp and getting a pro tools rig. I've got roughly around $2000 to play with and could up it to around $3000 within a couple weeks. I'm planning on getting a G4 tower, mostly because it's in my price range, I prefer macs and also do design work, etc.

I'd rather spend the money now on something that fits my needs that I won't need to really upgrade from for a couple years. I'd like to know if it would be better to just go for the digi 002 rack or just the MBox for this system.

The music I do is generally guitar-sound-scape stuff (shoegaze). I'm trying to get more advanced in doing beats, mostly trying to make fake drums sounding real, breakbeats/trip-hop, down tempo type stuff. In the past I've used everything from an old 808, to Mc-505's to Reason, etc. I figure nows a good time to take the next step.
I plan on going into studios to record a drummer doing various beats/ hitting individual drums/cymbals etc. that I need and taking them home to chop up in protools. What I mostly care about is the system/items I need to record guitars and bass well. I'd also like to play around with more solely electro type stuff. Should I go with the 002 Rack or an MBox?
oh, and I have a Roland 880 that a friend of mine told me once that I could use that as a mixer(?) of some sort in combination with a system like this.
I just bought the 002 control surface with pro tools 6.1. It has a pretty high learning curve, but it's the cream of the crop. It'll do anything your little heart desires and then some. I'd save your money a little longer and get the best. It'll never become obsolete and it's the accepted standard in pro studios everywhere
cool man, thx. iwas thinking that the 002 would probably be the way to go. are there still any major problems running between 6.1 and the OS X system? I recorded some with this guy who had a nice pro tools set up and he kept saying something like he had to stay in OS 9 because of some glitch in the protools6 software. That's why I'm thinking of a G4 with a dual boot, one in 9 and the other in X.
Also, could anyone point me to what other hardware I might need to make this fly? So far a G4 and the 002 rack. I've got good monitors and mics. I've got a Roland digital 8track unit, and from reading some other posts, I'm thinking I could really use that in this setup. But I must plead ignorant in that I don't know how or why. As a hands on mixer? For the additional inputs it has?