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Thread need help on software

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1 need help on software
I have a little home studio. I have a EURODESK 8000 mixer, 4 sound canvas, behringer virtualizer pro, midiverb 4, alesis m-eq-230, roland rsp550, alesis 3630 compressor, alesis ra-100 amp, sr-16 drum machine, digitech vocalist and a yamaha md8.

I use my md8 as a master only. I use the 8 in and 8 out through my eurodesk mixer.

Now I wanna use a computer for a master. Just bought a P4 2.4 GHZ with 512 Meg ram, 120 gig H.D., 128 Meg video card and I also bought a WaMiRack ESP1010 audio/midi interface.

This is my question.

What software should I use. A frind of mine can give me a copy of one of these 4 software: CUBASE 5 VST/32, CUBASE SX 3.0, CAKEWALK SONAR 4 OR CAKEWALK PROJECT 5.

Witch one is the best

Thank you

p.s. I know that all these software have effects ans virtual sounds in them so I wanna use both. The ones in the software plus my external modules.
I am with Axeman, BUY your own software. And there is no best, but Cakewalk is a bit easier to use than Cubase. And Sonor is much more powerful than PROJECT 5.
There is no "best". The best one is the one that helps you make music. You have a unique opportunity to try all of them.

Then go BUY whichever you decide to use.
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