Jack & Danny TL

TL, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Jack & Danny in the TL Series series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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CautionHot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Jack & Danny TL
Chinese manufacturing, a priori telecaster alder (I have a doubt about it), 21 or 22 frets, 2 pickups, one volume one tone, 3 way.

//! \\ HANDLE IS NOT POLISH! //! \\


Channel pleasant despite the lack of polish, so he will relic after 3 years .. Too bad.

Well balanced guitar, good access to acute. Note that it is imperative a new string sets this guitar because the strings are reminiscent of the origins of cable brakes on a bike ..


A guitar is versatile if you know make it sound differently. So, yes it is versatile. I play the CCR, Red hot but also with Malmsteen or Dream Thater. Pickups relatively noisy (Shielding copper expected to improve that).

"With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?" => See my gear.

I like the fact that for the price it was a real TV that twang, which proves to be very versatile in sound because the micro bridge has a good level of output.


After 8 months of use, I regret only one thing; the unvarnished handle. Otherwise its level, it has everything great for cheap. A guitar that I recommend for those who love feel different instruments.Bon quality / price, I would do this choice (and I also eyeing on Stratocasters ..)


dudeseb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good shovel ... but for the price"

Jack & Danny TL
a Chinese pure strain
telecaster copy so I will not dwell on the features.
Handle very little varnished (to ask if it is).
Key clogs breakneck speed ON like it or not but we need to know.
Frets of average quality but properly installed. Some finishing details not terrible on my model: large traces of glue near the heel and body in 5 parts anyway (it does not show too much and again for the price, it is very normal).
Pickguard ugly and cheap, if you can change.


Handle fairly large but very comfortable in the end. It makes you want to type on 2cordes bend. This is a guitar rock no doubt. Ergonomics is a tv so that again, you know where you put your feet :) (no chamfer!).
The tuners seem to me to keep the agreement.


I like the sound of the bridge pickup Twange that it is even used in the clear. My favorite. The handle is really too dull, undefined, yuck.
Considering the price, it is quick to get into it, have fun.


I post this notice to weight the previous (and does my model, it is very likely that the quality control gives mixed models).
This is a nice scratch, just to finish correctly (no more) and whose handle can be confusing (not varnished maple almost, it not run the streets).
The pickups are a decent quality (for the bridge, the handle to throw mine is).
I'll try to put him mics OCCAZ when I croiserai.
€ 89 to nine, you blow it, you start good and cheap.

Terch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Price / quality ratio stunning!"

Jack & Danny TL
Guitar made in China by the big factory which official copies (a priori).

- Bridge-type telecaster vintage 3 jumpers, jumpers changed for a 6 Warmoth.

- Hardware and Mechanical classic good quality, typical series of other plants known manufacturers.

- Maple neck, maple fingerboard, radius 7.5 or 9.5, 22 frets. This is also annoying because if the handle was a classic 21 boxes, there would be no need to disassemble every time it is necessary to remove the pickguard ... Finishing varnish on the handle slightly sensitive to wear, the more you play the better it is. Same for the key: the more I play the guitar better.

- Truss Rod hard to handle, he has to have an excess of glue when laying down, on my guitar so handle with care. Note that since I bought another scratch at the Jack & Dany (JD JM30, copy Jaguar) and I have no problems, so I think it is a little lottery ...

- Pickup Selector Switch 3 positions, one volume, one tone.

- Body in three parts, but the third is less than 1 cm above the top, so on the resonance could say 2. The assembly is perfect and very aesthetic, nothing to envy to the more expensive brands. Rather thick varnish finish.

- String-through (yes, even in the official copy base they do not do that ...).

- Pickguard cheap, change (personally I'll take a 3-fold).

Generally the violin is very good finishes nickels, at this price is amazing! It is much more beautiful in real than on the photos Music Store.


Handle: What to say ... Spent the first week with grattouiller, varnish is and the more you play, the more you want to play! Today I let her go. To enjoy a change of course provide ropes and general setting correct.
Ergonomics is classic like a 50's Telecaster, since there have been changes, but defects also provide all the charm, like the original. Access to acute perfect as on any telecaster.
The sound is the classic TV neck pickup, bridge pickup or both in parallel. TV sound is very easy to obtain.

Note the Volume and Tone knobs are not too concentric to change, as the electronics elsewhere (Included in next starts Moreover, when I shield the cavity).


The pickups on this guitar are amazing. Very very correct in all!

The neck pickup is fabulous: warm, open and flute, good dynamic for jazz, blues, pop, big PLUS guitar. The bridge pickup is it fairly standard, it twangue well and has this side sourish of Telecasters 50's, he did his job but nothing more, I intend to change it for the very good, since I tried a G & L ASAT U.S. had one bridge pickup fabulous bold, incisive but never aggressive.

I play with everything from amp simulations (microcube, Fender Mustang III), simulations (Amplitube, POD 2, Digitech RP1000) Laney LC50 tube amp, pedals in all directions, everything passes, the joys of the Telecaster!

The resulting sounds are typical of the Telecaster, they pass in all styles. Telecaster for me after a few mods it's versatile guitar par excellence.

Talking mods: so I changed the electronics and put a SuperSwitch 5 positions up classic 3 positions. So I added to the three existing positions (Bridge pickup, bridge pickup / neck pickup in parallel neck pickup) two additional positions: a position set neck / bridge out of phase for casseroles or funky acid saturation, and serial position handle / bridge which work both pickups as a system of two humbucker coils (the fat boosted by 3dB, great for solos live).

With this change, I go everywhere.


I use it for a year and a half. I bought it and told me that the price I'll use the body to change and basic DIY fittings, the handle for the Fender Custom Shop pickups, but eventually I hardly changed anything.

The handle is fabulous, the electronic medium, the pickups are very good, for 89 € is just unimaginable. On the site MusicStore the "real" price is displayed: € 239. What is funny is that dude specialist guitar not knowing the price I was costed around 250 € in terms of scale of quality, almost like a Squier Classic Vibe from home, which m ' hardly surprising. It is far registered "ghosts" in Stagg et al, which compared to the price would be equivalent yet.

All guitarists who try are conquered, those who cross my road gigs are surprised. I troll around (again, gigs, concerts, studio soon after shielding the cavity) without fear of damage or make me fly (Jack & Danny that nobody cares), a real guitar field. However over time I focus more on this guitar, so I watch out more ...

I have and I have owned big guitars (Gibson LP, Fender Strat + U.S. G & L Comanche U.S. Ibanez Jazz upscale) and tried lots of Telecasters in Fender (always disappointed by the Mexican, never by the U.S. ), I always go back to this little guitar, which became my number 1. Maybe in the future I will buy a U.S. TV, but nothing is less certain.

A quality / price ratio breathtaking. A real find. Perfect for beginners and confirm, modify some details to develop more professionally (electronic shielding, fittings and possibly microphones).

booBooJam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pleasantly surprised by the quality / price"

Jack & Danny TL
Made in China Yu CHERN
Easel type Fender "Vintage", 3 bridges.
Beautiful maple neck with 22 frets maple key also.
2 single coil pickups, the neck pickup is easily adjustable in height.
Trimmings for a classic telecaster, 1 volume, 1 tone, 3-position selector.


Channel satin with a touch flat. Personally I love my wife too.
The ergonomics of this guitar is really good. Balance is really well done, both in game sitting and standing.
guitar weighs 4 kg with an alder body.
Access to the treble is fairly good, as on all telecaster ...
Sound quality also depends on the guitarist's ears. For my part, I wound the neck pickup slightly to have a little more dynamic. Overall the sound of the pickups for me for my game ..


Being a "grandpa" of the guitar I easily found the sound telecaster that has rocked my 20 years ....
Its clear blues and jazz with the neck pickup with the side a bit due to the slamming maple fingerboard. This is exactly what I was looking into buying this guitar.
The bridge pickup is "dry" like a good Riesling, characteristic of the telecaster in general ...
The guitar is amplified with a good old Laney LineBacker 50 REVERB, Celestion 10 ".
Even the crunchy sound on this guitar are nice, the overdrive is not wrong with my amp. After it is a matter of personal taste ...


I have this guitar for a short week. Sure, it's just to have a definitive opinion really. For now this guitar gives me satisfaction and I reckon that the quality of workmanship is superior to my late Fender Stratocaster 1974 ... In addition to the time that Fender had cost me a monster that money is not the case with this guitar.

After trying a few more expensive guitar, I was not ashamed of my Jack & Danny. I just changed strings of DR Pure Blues 9-46.
the only criticism that will be for the 1-ply pickguard that is easily scratched. It will be changed for a 3-fold better.

After reading some reviews on this guitar I must say that the body is not an assemblage of 7 or 8 "sticks" but an alder body made of 3 parts.
More strings are through giving a very nice and long sustain for a guitar that was historically known for having a poor sustain.
I would do this choice without a doubt. Following is a budget issue. But for less than 100 € I have a very good guitar. This was not the case in the 1970s, when the entry-level guitars were real m ...
If I had had this tool 30 years ago I'll have wept with joy.

tedw@rigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jack & Danny TL
Origin China, 22 frets, vintage-style bridge (with string crossing) trsrussie copy of the original 60s. It is lgre. I prfre the Squier I've tried, yet I believe that is a Squier guitar REFERENCE cheap quality.
I put 10 with mcaniques and microphones, and the original 8.


The handle is trs enjoyable, much better than the Squier I had tried. I changed the mcaniques with Wilkinson $ 25 and the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan STL1 Used € 35. I have the sound I want! The guitar is trsrussie, SERIES certainly good!


I use a Fender Twin or a sound card + Presonus treatments VST Synthedit "house" the perfect rplique Vox AC30 (I got). I put 10 with mcaniques and microphones, and the original 8.


I've had two months, I am with it "is the srieux ..."
It does what I want, and with 50 € dpenses supplmentaires (see instructions), I have the Telecaster I rvais. This is not an original Fender!
It has no value, so not too much in inquitudes dplacements, plane, concerts ... ! I'm surprised by that mark, incredible quality price ratio.
I will try this brand again, esprant be so lucky!

Kingbykers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jack & Danny TL
Telecaster made in china (there is a autocolant back of the head of the guitar).
22 frets but we know still put a pickgard "standart Fender" ... I do not know why but I always just my pickgard colant.Les mcaniques are playable but must be changed (Check on guitar fetish) ... Apart from that there nothing nya "CACA" on guitare.Surtout finishes are perfect while nickel is no default.
Well, the bridge is like all the tele, or almost => a big metal plate and three bridges ... and a recess volume 1 tone and a 3 position switch 2 single coil ...
Oh yes I have black ... I bought 100 of a music store cologne.
This is my 2nd guitar (before I had a stratocaster). I've had it two months ... and especially soy does not afraid of the price it really is ... gniale 8 because of a pickgard and mcaniques.


Channel lgrement satin trs enjoyable but the key is bizare (funny touch / finally good, tastes and color ...) but it did nothing and affects gnant.Manche Saddle .
The ACCS in acute => it's a tele is not too much to ask (as head TVs) => Bolt ...
Ergonomics: it is a tele-CAD pais body well and we feel that it is an alder body, guitar PSE 4 kilos for you ... dire.AUSSI for the price it is the only tele that I found with strings through the body ...
Cot's, it's a telecaster => its full of super sharp and everything is claquant.Malgr a guitar with a lot of characters can not tt jou avec.Elle also a very s good sustain.J did it my guitar essay by many of my "friends grateux" and have me say well ... I even had to convince the Russian one of them to buy one ...


Even the pickups are rather balèze ds but you put the distortion of any amp and a boost (or pedal, etc.) there is a feedback coil tt cass.Single oblige.Elle his thing is the overdrive and / or distortion moyenne.Il trs is clear that this is not a guitar tt mtalleux ... But in my moment of madness this tele dmerde is very very good in large distortion (but not mtal) CAD: Proco Rat etc.
I play on a Marshall MG15 I modified and used as Harley Benton GA5.J pedals Behringer TO100 and DD400 Proco Rat distortion and Ibanez TS9 tube screamer.
-Bridge (bridge) a sharp bottom, super slam
Bridge and neck-snapping and acute
-Neck (neck) bass rather thoroughly blusy


I use it for 2 months I tried a Squier dja was 300 before and it seemed like no two poop from a mine ... The report quality price ... not G understand how the brand Jack & Danny could do the prices like that ... Well basically I just said avant.Avec experience I would do this choice? If I had the choice I would buy 10! In addition to me are my telecaster guitars prfrs, both for the sound to look.Elle is frankly amazing, a picture is beautiful, but once that is in one hand, it ' assurN is happiness "hsite not BOUGHT THE!