Harley Benton GA5

Harley Benton GA5

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GA5, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Harley Benton.

8 user reviews

Harley Benton GA5 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Harley Benton
  • Model: GA5
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 02/20/2007

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Harley Benton GA5 user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 1 user review13 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money :

mroc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton GA5
Amp lamps (1 Pramp and 1 output) 5w between, volume, Tone on / off and that's it ... D'after the literature supplied with, the copied circuit Champs Fender amps and other lamps "to study" of the 50s.
Finishing without blemish, it is a little larger than what is expected for power (the size of a Fender Pro Junior). But gives more space to the sound.


Two rglages, zero chance to be wrong ...


The sound is well-typed lamps, and there is no breath or hum. It remains clear almost until it stops (slightly crunchy after the First half if using powerful microphones). The are the 5w but no more (or it must boost enters with a pedal).
The rglage of tonality is of little use: serious cuts zero, then normal without progressiveness.
The sound is round and warm, the lack of ESG rverb not at all. But lacks a bit of presence even when, and with the neck pickup is pretty smothered (I mostly tried with Strato Fender Highway, the desti- nations most recently, great).
Without pedal it works very well with the pickup of a Strato or better yet a Tele: well presented without excesses perfect aggressiveness.
For more crystalline sounds an equalizer is required (Behringer pedal, max 23 euros). And we obtain the beautiful, well fenderiennes rhythmic, always dynamic and roundness of lamps: it holds the comparison with my Blues Junior.
For distortion sounds we keep (or not) the equalizer and added his pedal distortion / overdrive prefers a: Ibanez TS9 is perfect. Or any pedal according to your tastes, like the Fender tube amp addition, Behringer copy (again!) TO800 40 euros or Ovredrive OD100 / Distortion 25 euros are perfect.


After a few hours of testing I think I would keep it if I had no other lights or as a second amp amp (but I dj of "second amp").
It is obvious that this price it's a bargain, it sounds better I got the Ibanez (dry) and I do not know the Epiphone and nouvau Peavey (but most of cotent double) ...
The interest of his round is that you can modify it as describes above. While a sound is too dry rcuprer more complicated.
Buy it if you just want to sound blues with microphones easel, otherwise do not play without the pedals voked above, they give it for 2 balls all that lacks an amp for galer more expensive ...

AlfredM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton GA5
5w lamp, pure class A!
Between jack
1 volume knob and a tonestack.
This is the same as the Epiphone Valve Junior (found on the printed circuit of the amp).

Change brings: a gain knob (very large), a 3-band EQ + booster acute.
Multiple changes of some condos and resistances (see reason in "tricks") + soon change output transformer.


Over-simple setup ... a manual? or?
Son? No it was the problem in the original configuration, we get a clear sound very clean, but you have to push the bottom volume to saturate the beast. Hence the interest of adding a gain knob, to saturate low volume.


Frankly it's the slap !! Once the mods MADE, we get a sound very pleasant, a crunch die and maximum saturation of the lamp sound old rocker! Sharp attacks, very little breath, a clarity in the treble winded .. but in severe (hence changing the output transformer).
Coupled a Proco Rat, it sounds!
I'm not good guitarist, but nothing that I can produce sounds that make me want to play Seriously!

I play with a Fender Telecaster apartment, nothing to bring down the windows, but intertdcupl with mods. (Low volume saturation)
Why not add a third lamp? (See prsents advice on the internet and in the AF forum)


I use modified for two weeks and it is pure happiness, we will see with the change of the transformer but I will still win it (especially in severe that for now its low point).
This amp dvoilera his character with mods that we bring to it
88 Thomann, go ahead! :)dropoff Window

studiokid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton GA5
Combo two lamps
clean finish (the tweed hp is the same as the 30 classic old school!)
5 watt
December 1 in AX7 preamp
el 84 in an amplification

The appearance is rather cute and inspires confidence

a volume a tone that is useless and bringing more confusion than anything else on Neofiti

8 hp in 4 ohm


I am writing this post to calm the angry beast on the forums!
This amp is nice but not for everyone let me explain:

It is perfectly suited to the game room or home studio to see lil coffee config without acoustic drum light (impossible to cover even a feeble battery!
It's not a vintage fender field far away!

Regarding eq is catastrophic it should be set to 0 as it is out
The amp is perfect if you have an overdrive (overdrive belcat effective and cheap)
that will push him and have a gain and if you have a reverb or delay ptite
you will enjoy the cheap
Not bad for those who also have a preamp (analog or digital line typed 6 v ToneLab amp)

However for those who hope to live without his lights or preamp pedal go your way!


The interest of GA5 is to adjust the volume between 13 and 15 hours to cut the tone and make the volume and eq on your or your preamp overdrive and there you will have a cute lil amp that will give you bcp well pleased with lamps

Be careful though it is upstream (pedal or preamp) something that has a good capacity for equalization because the sound is very dull

The dynamics is correct but it neither a field nor a blues junior is not messing around anyway

I repeat myself but it's still super mat


Conclusion a nice all-tube amp very very crude still require a little investment (+ reverb pedal) to take full advantage

For those who do not have the dough and are looking for a lamp for 100 euros and no more behringer gm 110 is the most bcp Polivalente it will even play with a small battery


manson.reznor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton GA5
100% lamp - not a single transistor! Circuit clone of the Epiphone Valve Junior

5 watts in pure class A

Basic connection - between a jack - 1 x 4 ohms HP

Volume 1 and tonalitbr />
Mine comes with a 12AX7EH Electro Harmonix Sovtek EL84 and

Mainly lack of outlets 8 and 16 ohms


Hardly simple to use - no need to understand the manual!
One branch, one goes forward the sound and music

Beware the Tone is not really a! This is a filter that cuts low frequencies more or less bass. So do not expect to radically change the color with sound.
But we will not complain, the Valve Junior with this amp is a clone, do not even possde!


The most important thing for an amp, the sound!

Amp of non modifibr />
This is clearly orient vintage - it trsmdium hot stamp. The sound is clean with a Start up to about 13h knob. APRS apart crunch gradually with increasing volume. A base saturation, but we gain more volume.
Originally it is much of the good old rock and blues - but limit these styles ...
However, the addition of an EQ allows you to vary the color tone. The definition and dynamics are correct but nothing more. Not a pet blast or buzz.
In résumé: a good little bluesy sound good lamp. But my hand got in too fast and it's not empty crunch to get crystal-clear sound.

Amp with modification "Fender"

For about ten euros if you know soldering, you can "Fenderizer" your GA5.
And it works REALLY! For modif see link below or tips:

With this change + change by Telefunken EL84 is like night and day.
I really feel good to play on a Fender lamp. Dfine is, warm and dynamic. And I finally can be crystal-clear sound. Clean the volume is much higher - pushing the same shot below the threshold of saturation. What can I say except that the sound is excellent and rivals in terms of sound quality with amps that they are not worth 100 ... Compar a little amp prs equivalent, the Fender Pro Junior, the modified GA5 is suprieur. The modified GA5 Dfine is more crystal-clear and dynamic. The GA5 is just a bit less powerful than the Fender.
I also added a handy rglage gain.

Branch of a 4x12 cabinet Ibanez - Yes you read correctly, a 4x12 "! Is even better. Suprieure Diffusion good and a lot more safe. Unbelievable that this amp as well arrives driver like a 4x12 c 'silent a small bowl!

Question power compartment of the transistor, it is well worth a 25-watt ...
I put 8 / 10 because the amp sounds pretty unmodified original - but nothing special. Modified is different


I've had three days. I t dballage to some of its sound dull and not at all hyper dynamic lamp Class But I t surprised by the volume that is saturated in my opinion sufficient to keep a drummer too nag. As for finishing, it is excellent for this price - guaranteed vintage look!

So I started in the modification of this amp. Looking for a more typical Fender, the original did not have ...
So Premire thing diffrent test lamps. Winning combination for me and 12AX7EH Telefunken EL84. Then pass by my store to buy some electronic components. Let a dozen components for ten euros and 2 hours of work by going there alone. I do not regret at all that change. For obtaining a good quality amp with such a small mod is well worth going out and slamming the soldering iron 10 by calling. Moreover, for those that have INTERESTED, there are mods Vox and Marshall among others. They are as simple couraging!

To conclude:
If you only play Blues / Jazz, the original amp for you. But it is better prvoir its modification ds purchase. Only after that the amp is modified rvle.

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