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Touch tablets user reviews

  • Apple iPad Air

    Apple iPad Air - niconel's review


    IPad Air 32 Gb, A7 processor, OS7,wifi. 10h battery life Lightning connection. The retina display is what seduced me straight away. It is extremely light. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It's a very pleasant tablet because it has no bugs and it's prett…

  • arnova 7

    arnova 7 - "Low Price, but slow processor"


    I have used the Arnova 7 tablet a few times and at first glance it is a really nice looking tablet. It feels good in your hands and has a nice weight to it, but isn’t to heavy. It can support 720 HD videos and has 4GB of flash memory. I am not too su…

  • Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - "overpriced"


    The Apple Ipad 2 is a lot of fun to have. I must admit I spend a lot of time on it downloading apps and playing games. But that’s just it, its all fun. I really wouldn’t be able to do too many emails or writing on it, because it’s a touch screen and …

  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad - "Tablets are back"


    When I was a little kid I remember when Apple came out with the Newton. It was not very well received and died off pretty quickly. When the Ipad was announced many people thought it would be another Newton. There had been tablets on the market alread…

  • Apple iPhone 4

    Apple iPhone 4 - "Best phone yet"


    The Apple iPhone 4 is a completely redesigned version of the original iPhone that they released a few years back. This time, instead of the swooping back, it features a 100% rectangular design with beveled edges. This helps it be one of the thinnes…

  • Apple iPhone 3G

    Apple iPhone 3G - "The phone that put Apple on the map"


    While the original iPhone was the phone that brought Apple into the market, it was the release of the 3G that really bumped their sales to the point where they became legit competitors with RIM and the such. This phone features 8 GB or 16 GB of stor…

  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad - "The touch pad that started it all"


    The Apple iPad is Apple’s first jump into the tablet world, and they took an interesting twist on it. Instead of having a laptop that doubles as a touch screen tablet, they ditched the keyboard all together in favor of a lightweight touch screen wit…

  • Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - "Pretty pointless But cool"


    The apple iPad 2 is a very nice piece of apple technology. I personally do not see the point in the iPad other than playing the ipod touch games on a bigger screen. It is kind of like a macbook pro cross with an ipod touch, I am impressed with the p…

  • Apple iPhone 4

    Apple iPhone 4 - "A Pocket Studio/midi controller...oh yeah, its a phone too"


    The absolute best things about the Iphone's in general are the apps. With the touch interface and networking abilities, you can do unbelievable things with this device. Ok, back to the Apps. If you are a musician and you like to write your own com…

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