Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2

iPad 2, Touch tablet from Apple in the iPad series.

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AlanForPresident 05/08/2012

Apple iPad 2 : AlanForPresident's user review

« overpriced »

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The Apple Ipad 2 is a lot of fun to have. I must admit I spend a lot of time on it downloading apps and playing games. But that’s just it, its all fun. I really wouldn’t be able to do too many emails or writing on it, because it’s a touch screen and if you are use to typing on a convention computer than typing on the Ipad 2 will cause a lot of typos.

The Apple Ipad 2 is very easy to understand though, there really isn’t anything difficult about it. It is also very thin and light. I am scared that one day I will drop it when taking it someone where and then there will be no more Ipad. I just don’t think its built to take a beaten. One drop and that’s it! The screen is a good size on it and the quality is pretty good, I watch a lot of movies on mine mainly from Netflix. I received my Apple Ipad 2 as a gift and im glad that I did because I would never pay 500 plus dollars for it. I would rather have a PlayStation 3 because at the end of the day all you will do is play around on it and watch a few videos here and there. Which you can do on your phone now a days. I suggest going with the Kindle fire. You can basically do the same stuff play the same games and its a lot cheaper that the Apple Ipad 2. So I don’t see myself getting another Ipad if something happens to mine (which is likely because its not built to take a drop). Saver your money and get a regular tablet. You are paying for the name on this one. Apple has been overpricing products for years.