Ampeg VT-22

Ampeg VT-22

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VT-22, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ampeg.

3 user reviews
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Ampeg VT-22 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Ampeg
  • Model: VT-22
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 09/27/2005

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Ampeg VT-22 user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %

MGR/Anonymous's review"Ampeg VT-22"

Ampeg VT-22
Bought this combo back in 1976. Needed a decent amp that would support live work in local bar band. It was a previous year demo clearance, so I got a good deal-$350.00. List new was almost $700!! Rated at 120 watts, but I swear it's gotta be more. Tubes handle everything. Two channel w/distortion and bass, mid, treble controls. Spring reverb w/lock(Acutronics?). All birch plywood construction w/2 x 12" Altecs. HUGE magnets on these! The whole combo package probably weighs 130 lbs. easily. Good quality, overall.

The SOUND! Very tubey and yet, clean. So clean, in fact, that it's hard to overdrive without getting to volumes that kill small animals and must be listed as a WMD! VERY LOUD, even at low settings(2-3). Easily carries through drums and bass. Starts to get a bluesey feel around 6, but you'd better be in Shea Stadium. I used an overdrive pedal for push at lower volumes. Clean levels great for effects because the full range of the effect can be heard. Great for my MXR Phase 90 and Cry Baby sounds. Completely indestructable. Has fallen off stage once from 6 feet and was still crankin'! Face down, no less. All tubes intact and cookin'.

It's so G&* D@#% HEAVY!! Between hiking this thing to/from gigs and slinging a LP all night, I definitely stayed in shape. I finally got smart and made a castor cart for it. Takes a while to overdrive, making it difficult to get the advantages of a true "tube sound" in a small venue. Great for big clubs and open air.
Spring reverb is pretty sensitive and will SPROINGG if you're not careful. This was made before the advent of "Master Volume". One of these controls would alleviate most of the problems above. NOT a good bedroom/practice amp, as this was before headphone jacks, too.

As I've said...built like a HUUMVEE. I've had mine for years. It's played, been moved cross-country, been shipped to/from GERMANY, for Pete's sake! Never a problem. The tubes could stand to be replaced in the power section. Problem is, I'm afraid to change the tubes to 6L6's or something and change the original sound. Still pondering this. All birch plywood with tight dove joints. NO rattles. NO MDF in sight. Electronics tray seems to have some sort of shock absorber deal that evidently works well. It's a daisy!

I guess it's true...they really DON'T make them like they used to. I can see why the big acts of the time(Rolling Stones, Doobie Bros.) were using these. Stone cold reliability and great sound. I've seen a few of these show up in vintage shops and EBay and for the prices I'm seeing, they're the best deal you'll get. Maybe not good for GenX'ers to play their Nu-Metal crap, but for classic rock and even 80s hair metal, they're all you need. Add a few of your favorite pedals and develop your own nuclear deterant capability! One word of caution...if you suck now, this amp will not Hendrix you up. It will faithfully reproduce your suckness at incredible volume.

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wesontheflex's review

Ampeg VT-22
100w of all-tube joy (eight tubes in total, which are still the original ones, meaning it's sturdy!).
Two channels with separate inputs, one with a distortion control (what for? I'm kidding, you only need to use it with the right power).

3-band equalizer with the possibility to boost the desired frequencies (100 - 300 - 3000 Hz)


Possibility to connect a cab


It couldn't be easier, this amp is about 30 years old.

If you have no neighbors within 5 miles, you'll enjoy a great sound.


The sound...It makes me think of Pink Floyd, The Wall. It's as if you were there without the need of doing anything except plugging in your guitar!

However, the crunch channel isn't easy to handle if you want to remain within acceptable listening levels, but with a pedal it's great!


It's my first and last amp!!!!!!
With the v-2 cab it weighs almost 160 lbs, which I drag to every rehearsal, although I can still carry a les paul on each hand without a sweat!

domgt40's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg VT-22
. When we talk about "amp guitar legend", it really does not mériterait.Pour the recognition that the vast majority of guitar-only account names Fender, VOX, MARSHALL and ... sometimes a few others (for the more adventurous!) ... never AMPEG.C is, in my opinion, quite unfair! The VT-22 is a stage animal.! It is extreme animal. It is a wild beast, a real monster! It would even be the type to ruin eardrums for life!. Not to any individual normally be to live with this beast in an apartment. Once the volume knob more than 2 or 3 (depending on the size of the room, everything starts to vibrate and the neighbors call the police! is made for the stage and not for not for chamber music, it .. ny no Master volume: sound power tumbling with and .... it's much too strong! But yet it's delivered is incomparable quality crystal clear, and yet almost NO WARM distortion. The sound of the amp fully respects the nature guitars that amplifies (or keyboards), and this at a land-based power! Where others vomit an infamous boiled whatever you do to improve things! ONE of the two channels has a special knob to add distortion IF YOU WANT! and only if ... (also for the distortion, there are plenty of pedals or preamps on marché.Pas problem!). Result dreams become reality, the Holy Grail is here , we can finally have strong sounds or nickels in range of its multi-purpose clean favorite, The nature of this beautiful sound of the VT22 is the available power on stage is a true blessing. We keep the same sound when you need to push a little amp can volume.Peu fare, and we always reserve the Enora!. A marvel that is unknown to most guitarists. It is rare to experience this sensation, however, everyone has experienced the deterioration of a good sound to play when the need is felt stronger. The presence of a SEND and RETURN loop sometimes forget there is no master volume (including the installation, always possible, as in other 'veil' is always a little sound!). Finally, it is more than a consolation prize, especially these days! (A G-MAJOR Tc electronics in there, it MOOOOORTEL!) This amp is more "clear that full", like "twin reverb" but no offense to the purists, no doubt "the better." It's not my words but few fans, Keith Richards, Johnny Winter, or The Doobie Brothers, etc. then !....... second leading cause of unpopularity: The weight! Both the monster race is diabolically POWERFUL, as it is also heavy mammoth! HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY This further reduces his circle of devotees because without roadies, on a daily basis is not possible this thing here! simple operation, small filters and eq EQ and more (3 positions), and 120 .... A LOOP AT WATT WATTS. ... From the raw power but hyper classy


Two channels a clear and bright! Sounds AMAZING er, a clear and bright ..... slightly saturable with a Distortion knob ... how very rock keith Richards (for those who know a little) Bonus: reverb exceptional quality (Spring Acutronic).


Suitable for all styles, and I think even the metal (with additional tube saturated or not is beautiful ... .)... although the other guitarist is sure to make her cum becaufe Marshal two body at the bottom will be completely covered (hihi!) and we will not hear more! two 12-inch HP cashing very well and very clearly a LOW (besides this amp is sovereign for the slap ...) So I like all the sounds that come out of this thing!


I'm not a partridge of the year and I play music since 1976. In 30 years I have just about anything or had tried everything: Nothing Compares! However, if as I love the song, I really hate the weight of this dinosaur ..;;. But hey, it's a hate / love, you guessed it ...... I will never part with it (although I usually do not play live now, sniff!) This amp is too top ! too good, too good, too strong, too heavy, too expensive ... it's too what?

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