Crate VTX212B
Crate VTX212B

VTX212B, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Crate.

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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darkrise's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Crate VTX212B
- Amplifier Transistor
- 120 watt rms
- 2HP 12 "
- 3 channels: clean rhythm and solo
- In the true character they say fifteen effects but there are many who like to speak seven or eight, I've had almost a month and have always failed to see what the difference between the effects of a feather ^ ^ but these effects are rather good qualities, it is not worth ca on the right pedal but it's a drinking record.
- Pretty impressive I saw the pictures smaller
- A pedal to switch channels is provided and wheels
- A tuner very effective and useful!
and it has just about everything


To find a good clean sound simple c'st it down a little lower Trebble the middle o max and o 3 / 4 with the reverb nikouel for Titus is calm or sad music

rhythm in just having a beginner amp before and we benchmark middle treble gain and low volume, I have tried just about all settings yen for all tastes in the soft

and channel solo p: p ca perfect for metalheads is not biensur lamps but superbly imitated "I have hearts donf" ^ ^. métalleu for a faith that one channel has tried to solo it no longer wants the overdrive, it is found too soft ^ ^ thus there is an adjustment of breath (or spitting) gain and volume.

by against the effects you put a little time to find for newbies


For now I have my guitar I sold it to buy a little marvel which is the Ibanez Xiphos XPT 700 p p: p so I squat it was my friend who is a mockingbird Pitit bronze ... BC Rich humbucker micro c drinking!

In clean-as said before: perfect for quiet music Titus
-In rhythm: rocck good for hard rock and even see in baissan pti gain for a piece of clean mouvment likenesses with soupson IWHM of spitting in the most shaken!
- And solo p p p: pp: p nothing to say, though a very high volume (that is, one-half the volume) it's hard to remember the good but dull Feedback


I use it for a month
Jadore-solo on a clean or deu effects rendering vbrer bass makes the floor and the reverb
I do not like the uncontrollable Feedback and rollers from the front of which are poorly positioned Lampl which tends to tilt the amp to the front when it s'appuit
- This month, I tried a lot of a peavey amp come in and another 80 watt transition, and I find that the crate vtx212b really has the best sound of all those I have tried especially at high volume, He knows how to give contrast to the level of bass and there are many notes when playing at high volume
- Even when it was lightning in the cellar max: p the ground moves and these cymbals is I who has thrilled shot riffs!
it cost 460 euros I got to 380 p: p I thought it only happens to others! it's been a year since I saved for my amp and my future scratches and I am fully satisfied with quatlités great value / price
tt's what it takes to a cellar or bar! and with lexperience I do not fry it because I choi more money ^ ^ but great for a group!