Mesa Boogie Road King Combo 2x12
Mesa Boogie Road King Combo 2x12
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All user reviews for the Mesa Boogie Road King Combo 2x12

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King Combo 2x12
. entirely handmade in the USA
. 50, 100 or 120 watt lamps while
. for amplification: 4x6L6 and 2xEL34 (2x6L6, 2xEL34, 2x6L6 xEL34 2, 4x6L6, 4x6L6 xEL34 2)
. 6x12AX7 for the preamp (some sites overlook a 12AX7, but there are many 6)
. Adjust for: 2x5U4 and silicon diodes (1x5U4, 2x5U4, 2x5U4 + diodes, diodes only)
. 2 Speakers 12 "Celestion 90
. 4 channels, each with 3 modes
- Channel 1: Clean / Fat / Tweed
- Channel 2: Clean / Fat / Brit
- Channel 3: Raw / Vintage High Gain / Modern High Gain
- Channel 4: Raw / Vintage High Gain / Modern High Gain
. Settings for each channel: Gain / Bass / Mid / Treble / Presence / Reverb
- HP Output Selector (A, B or A + B)
- Switch on / off an effects loop (serial) effects loop and 2 (in parallel)
. Solo Level Control (boost that can operate on all channels)
. Selector 'Variac' Bold or Spongy
. Pentode or Triode switch for EL34
. Slave Output with volume
. 9 Footswitch functions included
. Casters
. Dust cover
. Weight: close to 50 Kg!

Question manufacturing, it's serious. The finish is perfect. Rolls of amplification!


Here it gets complicated ...
The Road King is not a "simple" Dual correction or Roadster. It's kind of amp "modeling" ... version, but Mesa Boogie. There's no emulation, but the use of digital circuits of some of the most important amplifiers! Mesa Boogie does not try to copy it integrates different amps on one chassis!
It is possible to choose the configuration of lamps amplification, the method of grinding mode and even a Variac (diet modification, so dear to Van Halen, the famous Brown Sound), which significantly changes the sound.
For example, channel 1 mode with Fat 6L6 corresponds to one of Mark in Mesa. For a more "Fender" channel 1, mode Tweed, and 2x6L6 on Spongy Variac. For a more English at Marshall: channel 2 mode with 2xEL34 Brit. Channels 3 and 4 joined on Rectifiers well, but not only ...
Add to this the sensitivity of the EQ settings, effects loops, the two speakers and non-assignable for each channel ...
In short it is not plug and play! Versatility is the appointment but we must seek in all its configurations.
Fortunately the manual (in English only!) Is very well done and tells us all about the handling of the amp but also amplification in general and how to do well Soner an amp. A manual that can be valuable even without having read a Road King (thank you to Randall Smith for his comprehensive article!)
I put 9 because the setting is tedious and requires much study the manual, but how can blame him given the incredible possibilities of the amp.


Right for your style of music? He can do everything! Can not find the sound you're looking (if taking the time!).
Especially it is interesting to experiment: it changes the amplification (6L6, EL34, both), the Variac, the gain modes for each channel, the grinding. The EQ knobs are incredibly sensitive and sculpt the sound alone.
It is a marvel to all floors, it has no weak question sounds.
Whatever the guitar and musical style, it fits and provides personal enrichment to your sound.


The masterpiece of Randall Smith! This amp is the high-end home Mesa Boogie, Brand itself high-end amplification. Not only the versatility of this amp is incredible, but the quality of each channel and each mode is by appointment. Not to mention the build quality and care given to every detail of finish. He can do everything, but mostly it's just wonderful.
Obviously this flexibility is paid by a tedious adjustment (as editable parameters!) But it is a joy to experience all the possibilities of this large jewelry.
The price of 3800 euros? It's expensive, very expensive. Twice the price, for example, a Marshall combo JVM410 yet flagship current Marshall (100 Watts, all lamps and also very versatile). So is it justified? In my opinion not completely, but you've got a Rolls of amplification, even when the Marshall would be a Mercedes S-Class

Knex31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Road King Combo 2x12
The chef is l!! No less than 5 circuits of lamps assignable to 4 channel (2 x 6L6, 2 * EL34, 2 * 2 * EL34 6L6, 4 * 6L6, 6L6 2 * 4 * EL34) dlivrant of 50 120-watt Mesa / boogie!
The connection is complte trs: effects loops in series and each parallle assignable channels, external switch for each channel and functions, triggers externals; 6 hp output. (For characteristics see more prcises Mesaboogie site.
Six of rglage knobs for each channel: master, presence, bass, middle, treble and gain.
spring reverb.


Trs trs simple to use but difficult argler! the possibilities are vast tellements argler pass the time is measured in days! The sound quality is of exeptionnelle (still love you it is the grain mesa!) Precision of a terrible ... it's wonderful!
English manual (not much!) But still readable.
Even if it's boring argler, I put ten because the sound is so good!


It is versatile trs. I use it for the orchestra and band. I play it with a texas special fender stat and a musicman petrucci 7 string. The sound clean, crunch, the saturated everything is good. I think there is no rglage impossible! For you have to play against high volume for better sound.

The hard thing when you're not used to it's precision. A ring with no effects, one must go!


I use it for almost five years, the only criticism I could make it its weight. Thats mega slap when going to marshall / at SansAmp ROAD KING. If you have the sub, run fast to order, if not attack the old, the fly in the parish or have a credit like me and you could buy it.