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All user reviews for the Vox AC4TV

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 32 reviews )
 17 reviews53 %
 11 reviews34 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Mark Twang05/08/2009

Mark Twang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">VOX POPULI!</span>

Amp lamps (1 12AX7, EL84 1) for a power of 4W, switchable to 1 W or 1 / 4 watts for s'entraner night.
Rglages: volume (in fact, gain), Tone (to add shine) and Output Level (4W, 1W, 1/4W). No effect. Output to connect a speaker into 16 ohms.
Dimensions: 35 cm x 21.5 cm x 37.5 cm. Weight: 9 kg.

The AC4TV is really cute. The Tolex and grill cloth crme Brown raised the Diamond logo are dor fly. weight exudes good quality everything is within reason for a transport arm's length on long journeys. The switch seems to good quality and the potentiomtres. Who would have said there is little that a Made in Vit Nam would look if fire? Be careful though, carpentry is agglomr finish and some points could be worked more, as fitting the Tolex bevel on the front grip or white plastic. I do not put that 9 / 10 because of these dtails. The rest is flawless.


Plug & play. Designed to be amplifier carrying any o.


I plug a Telecaster and I scratched a few chords. The key is l: the behavior of the amp reminds me of that of the normal channel of the AC30 CC dlivre a warm and full of characters. With the Tone at least, the sound is a little dark. Grows up, it becomes not as bright but still bright with the switch of his great ERRF. CONTRL is the gain with the volume knob: the overdrive starts at the del 1 / 4. It is progressive and is trs trs musical and full of harmonics on the race. Pushed back, the AC4 can even make a good studio amp for a vintage sound that is reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin albums. I am also sr fast it will be used for albums pros.
- Yield 4W: the volume 1 / 4, we have a clear sound with a lightweight dj breakup. It should decrease the volume of the guitar to find a pristine clean. I try a little Norvegian Wood: the performance is sufficient to support a voice powerful enough unamplified. I am delighted!
EDIT: I bought a deuxime. Splitter with a buffer, the diffusion of sound are becoming more, Dfine better, with more body. With a time limit Stereo and / or a tremolo pan in addition, it is really fun trs. The shadow of the Edge is looming on the horizon ...


The AC4 fills my specifications: a mini amp that sounds lamps, portable anywhere playable bottom Epargne ears of your neighbors and even those of your family thanks the att Intgr power attenuator. But it is also a vritable studio amp, you can also add sound small scnes (caf conc ') or use carrment live with a good sound and good returns. The AC4 TV is an instant classic that stands out as a (the?) Of the best choices currently available in its class of all-tube amp under 250 euros.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Assets:</span>
- The look TV Front, for connoisseurs
- The reasonable weight, the size limit of easy handling
- Design: The frame provides strong and closed much lower Submitted without parasitic vibrations, the power attnuateur handy for night play
- Plug and play design
- The HP 10 "Celestion that renders a well in all Dfine rglages
- A sufficient volume to be accompanied on vocals by his clear
- The characters: grain trs warm and musical overdrive encourages all necessary background and then dbrouiller potentiomtres with the guitar.
- The possibility to connect a cab externally
- Excellent price-quality report: This is not a toy but a vritable amp, study, travel, studio, and with good returns, why not scne?

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Cons:</span>
- No cover provided
- The Tone could go a little further into the bright.
- Outside the cab must be in 16 ohms
- We immediately wanted to buy more

EDIT: Hi-Fi for our answer to the question of the CONTRL Tone I will quote the test on guitariste.com Doc Loco: This tone is not used to sculpt the sound. It is used to find the high that you lose with attnuateur power and / or distortion. 4 W, it is useful to 0 1 / 2, 1 W, 1 / 2 3 / 4, 1 / 4 watt, 3 / 4 up the bottom.

Hifi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

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Ditto for CHARACTERISTICS: plug and play.

However, I would be more severe with the button tone: it has virtually no impact on the sound. A low volume and arpege, very clever man who can say if it's way to the left or right, unless my great age I do bf plays tricks at my cabbage ...

It is small, but bigger all the same as the Fender Champ 600. However, it remains quite portable.
A 1 / 4 w, there is not much more powerful than a folk guitar half body in which it would return a little.
A 4 watt, I think it possible to rpeter work with a drummer who plays the game (though you'll probably near the max of 4w, so saturated in forcmeent


I play rock and pop stars from Celine Dion ACDC.

Here's why I sought this type of amp and why it has won

I have a peavey 17watt transistor, a 70 watt fender rock pro hybrid, and a pallet and other effects line6 has amp simulation.

What does this and more the vox has all this:
-> Sound quality of saturated (vs. peavey)
-> Power module very practical (vs. fender rock pro)
-> A transportabilit (vs. fender rock pro)
-> Plug and play solution with a real sound rsultat (vs. all effects numriques)
-> The pleasure of playing on real lamps (vs line6)

Why not the fender and vox field? :
-> For modular power because even the fender is only 5 watts in a Parisian apartment, it is not possible to push more than a halfway.
-> The vox, with its 10 inches and despite the 4 watt, is of much more than the fender puisssant field of 5 watts.
-> The face of the sound: it is a vox, a saturation of the dog.
It is either a branch or a strat US piphone LP up Gibson in micro. I preferr with the LP, it makes more cohrent.


So the most:
+ The sound lamp
+ Balance of acute / severe
The portabilitbr + /> + you plug it sounds
+ The power of 1 / 4 to 4 watts with a 10 inch
+ Sound vox
+ It is rather cute this amp

-The tone used is not much, or should not be put in place a real one.
And no-clear sound is not crystal clear fender (is it a point ngatif?)
It has the sound vox (this is a point ngatif?)
In short, this amp will enhance your pedals, your guitars, can be used to go rpeter at a friend's bass player (rather than the plug on hi-fi system or you carry around a 120 watt you a metterez 1.5 and again)
You can play at home without being afraid of the brigade anti noise.
You can enjoy playing with the compression and saturation that "lights" and without 12 free digital buttons to adjust.