CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead

Plexi 50 1987 Lead, Tube Guitar Amp Head from CeriaTone.

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iamqman's review"Nice alternative to a Marshall"

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
This amplifier is a cool little throwback vintage style Marshall plexi clone amplifier. It is basically a marshal 50 W plexi 1987 tube amplifier. Everything from its appearance all the way to its features is straight out of the Marshall handbook. The only difference is that the components are slightly different and the name on the box says Ceriatone.


You have the same features as you would Marshall plexi such as the bright normal high and low can put jacks. As well as the bass, middle, treble, precense, and the two volume control knobs. This amplifier also features three 12aX7 preamp tubes into EL34 power tubes.


If you are looking for a good classic rock tone such as a tone from Led Zeppelin or AC DC and this is good to be a perfect amplifier for you. Even though it's 50 W of power is still extremely loud because of the circuitry involved where you can turn past one or two it's gets to be very loud. My favorite way of using these amplifiers is using a simple jumper cable to connect those channels to be in use at the same time. For instance the take a jumper cable plug into the low input of the normal channel and put it into the high input of the darker channel. Then you bring your guitar cable into the high input of the normal channel and I will allow you to use both volume control knobs to dial in a little darker in thumpy tone.


These are good alternatives to Marshall plexi 50 W amplifier. They're going to be a little bit less in price and there a good starting point if you want to get amplifiers modified for some super high again town. These amplifier's run new right about a thousand dollars which is a pretty good price for this amplifier. Overall it's a good buy if you want something that sounds great and hats for a great price and this is a good amp for you.

angus90's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
Marshall clone 1987, the famous "plexi" 50w (all tube, of course)

Point to point wiring by hand, good quality components.

I mounted mine with EL34 SED "winged C", "= C =" if you prefer.
The preamp section has 3 12AX7 lamps (on mine in V1: Groove tubes 12ax7c V2: electro harmonix 12ax7eh, V3: Sovtek 12AX7LPS.

Level setting is simple and effective: a 3-band EQ (not very reactive admittedly), volume per channel ("normal" and "bright") a knob "presence" and a PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) I added.

Then four inputs (a High and a Low per channel) used to bridge the channel.


Ultra simple: you plug a guitar and turn up the volume!

The EQ is not the most violent, do not hesitate to use the knob "Tone" guitar.

This amp incredible dynamics, it responds very well to nuances, it is a treat to play with the knob "volume" of the guitar, to pass a clean dirty just a good crunch families.


No secrets, it's the ultimate rock'n'roll crunch!
The sound of AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Cream ...
it respects the sound of the guitar is plugged in it.

With my Gibson SG standard, mounted in 57 'classic, we right in AC / DC, Back In Black album. A fat, hot, rich crunch, not aggressive, at least not as a JCM800. The PPIMV lowers the volume levels humans without losing what makes the charm of this amp. Well good on high volume the speakers do not react the same.
It lowers the gain, it goes neck pickup and presto! blues sound to fall!

With a strat, this is depending on the settings, Hendrix, RHCP, Blackmore ... Dynamics to lose his futal! I often boost with a Tube Screamer, he accepted very well.

Unusually for a marshall, the clean obtained by lowering the volume on the guitar is far from being disgusting, even if it is very oriented medium is not a fender either .. But that's not why you buy a plexi ;)


I use it for 2 years, and I will for a long time!
For me this is THE ultimate rock'n'roll sound.

Obviously, it is oriented crunch, it does not sound clean a Twin, and is not suitable for metal (anything with a good pedal in the face!) ..
But .... IS CRUNCH!

The price of the Marshall 1987X Reissue, if you are a little handy, there's no clear picture! The Ceriatone not ashamed to face a Marshall, it may even be just the opposite! (Best quality components, assembly PTP ..)

sully05's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The whole history of Rock'n'Roll"

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
Firstly, just to notify you that I did not buy the kit in the U.S., and yeah I have not bought at all actually, no I did not steal it either ... in fact our friends at Ceriatone having had the good idea to post on the site different "Layouts" for their wonderful amps, I decided to just order my parts on a site in Germany VPC (TubeTown) and launch me as a major in the melee, apparently I'm winner of jail Wuhu. All that to say that for those like me, do not trust the various transport services (no I do not denigrate) and are yourselfers, there's more than to guys. It scared me at first but the wiring of vintage amps like the Plexi are really amazingly simple for anyone possessing a minimum knowledge of electrical / electronicque and obviously on the risks, well yeah gaffe was still there has the pretty stuff in the voltage.

Time to get serious!

Tube amp 1987 Marshall Plexi clone 50W, 2 channels: "Bright" and "Normal" each with two inputs High and Low.
Level settings not superfluous eh: (from left to right) Attendance - Bass - Middle - High - Volume "Bright" - Volume "Normal" - Jacks "Bright" - Jacks "Normal"
Level lamps is the 12AX7 Preamp, 3 to be precise, for my part of JJelectronics and power level, forcing Marshall is the EL34, the number of 2, still JJelectronics for mine.
As I said earlier, my stuff 50W delivers "to die for", as you say he will have to invest, either in an attenuator (I did) or in a very isolated house at the campaign, and yeah "50W Marshall Tube AC ​​sends clumsy. You are warned;)
Level effect ...
at the back are: an impedance selector 4.8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs and two input cable from PSU.
To know that my grade for this part is 9 but hey everything is relative, for me the following rather like 'plug and play is perfect. Demand for scratch needing a variety of channels and incongruous settings, have to go your way guys.


For the config, well I think that 60 years of guitar amplification was not found better, just have a guitar and finger yeah ben playing the guitar more or less boils down to that, "the wise.
Found that the level of all groups of legends of the 50s, 60, 70 that is Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, AC / DC, Deep Purple and so on.
Obviously if you play jazz or metal, is not the best choice.
As stated Polakom, the settings are very interactive with each other, to find his own sound, do not hesitate to experiment with a maximum Quite why not add some pedals to him in the face, and a Start whawha and you find yourself at the end of the gig was fucking fire your guitar ...


For me, obviously that's great, the sound in my dream for some time, his legend!
The sound is warm, vintage, this slime is dynamic, it has bold wish, that's happy.
For the Normal channel: There's a lot of bass, it's very round, a little less focused on the crunch as the "Bright", the gain is still far enough, after all, very nice channel, j 'you confess that this is not the one I use most, a little too low for me, I try dailleurs with a low, well it is huge, careful not to abuse it too if you playing on a loudspeaker for guitar, in any case it is very fat and round, pushing the channel with a low you get to play Motorhead's "No problemo".
ON Channel "Bright" is by far my favorite, clean enough of a sweet singing overdrive and full of harmonics just turn the volume knob.
With a Start, it is round and hot desire, while slamming "as well, the sound of Jimi actually. Start + Plexi is a story that lasts for many years, I understand why now.
With a Les Paul, it becomes immediately heavier with little gain, claps well, still very hot, although the agreement can be discerned, a little sound to the Malcolm Young, if you go up the gain you get back has this wonderful fuzz overdrive limit that makes the legend of this amp, very dynamic, beautiful grain, to play is the top of Guns'n'Roses. Finally, to reduce the gain without needing to touch the amp, just turn the volume knob on his guitar directly and we end up with a good range of sound in the hand, for my part I manage to go from a sound "clear" by combining the two pickups sound "Lead" perfect for solos, simply by touching my volume knob on my guitar, just get in the habit.
With SG bin there there's no surprises, it is the sound of Angus Young, now you start to run and you roll on the ground by repeating "Let there be rock". The crunch is beautiful with an SG and it happens to have a gain TREA without adding a high boost.
It is a perfect amp for rock and roll, hard rock and blues.


I use it for 6 months now, I love it, I think I found the amp of my dreams, what attracts me most is its simplicity, is connected, turn the volume and is party. What one can blame him of course, is the minimalist settings or the failure to use only one channel at a time, although qu'avac an A / B box must be able to do well, but when one chooses what kind of amp, usually you know what to expect.
I just followed my instinct to get into this project, I liked the sound plexi but I had never heard with my own ears, so it is with a lot of apprehension that I decided go for it, as you say that the crucial first instinct of power is almost religious, so now is stressful, and that's when the magic happens, sound, and what his friends, much more than a simple satisfaction of having completed a project, a real accomplishment.
The value is daunting, I paid about 500 € for the amp complete with finishing the box etc. ...
I ordered my different parts as I said on the site TubeTown for the chassis, I got good pieces of aluminum that I have bent to the visible face of chassisj'ai simply paint alu golden color with a bomb, found in hardware stores, then print a "faceplant" on vinyl sticker and hop. For the box we bought the wood in a crafts store, the Tolex on the internet and just roll up their sleeves, it took me about 2 months of study and 2 months of editing to make my plexi, as you say it is not time wasted, 500 € and a little elbow grease to copy Ceriatone cons € 1300 on Thotho for republication of 1987, the choice is quickly made.
I also use it in concert, as you say that no pad is impractical if you want a distortion, unless he stick a distal input, but the charm of a good amp it is a slightly decrease. FYI I use a Weber Mass attenuator 100, the result is impeccable.
A word!

polakow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

CeriaTone Plexi 50 1987 Lead
Marshall Plexi 50 Clone W Model 1987.
Amp head lamps (3 * + 2 * 12AX7 Tungsol EL34L DD).
Cablge point by point by hand. DIY or even delivered mounted.
All dlivre a power of 50 Watts.
Basic connectivity era of late 60 'with 2 channels (Normal and Bright) who have 2 inputs High / Low. The rglages are Volume 1 and 2, Bass, Mid, Treble and prsence. Note that the channels are bridgeable via a cable tool or A / BY box (I use). No effects loop or master volume (I have added a rear facing). Hp two outputs switchable 4, 8 and 16 Ohms. 1 and 1 standby power on.
Vintage clone in the true spirit of the era.


No presets, no bla-bla. The vintage. Plug and Play Loud!
To obtain a sound, do not combine hsiter SETTING THE DTMF volume and cable as they cascade. They interact with each other in other words.
No manual. It is up to or even self-assemble. A good vinyl Hendrix, Red Hot PERIOD Blood sugar can hound's ear.


For sound, it's really vintage Marshall. Low mdium, bold, dynamic ... With a team of Lag Roxanne Seymour Phat Cat, it sounds rock ... wish We play the old with the guitar volume to saturate more or less the amp.
The normal channel sounds round and blues, while the channel above mdium Bright sounds even more acute gain. Personally, I changed the capacitor of the channel to make it less sharp. Got issue ....
Pop rock, noisy pop, metal 70, or no metal (dpend the grate, effects and settings) ... No limit. Graduation is not about being tightened High gain and ultra compress ... It's not a Boogie!


I use it for 2 months. Perfect for scne and rpeter. SOUND I rvais. In addition, it is trs "PDAL like" which increases the posibility. When you see the exorbitant price of hanwired marshall, we say why not Temte the exprience!
If you're handy, even better. I pay (taxes and Twann including VAT) for 570 Euros (without the cab I prcise) instead of 2000 for a repeat. No picture is ..